probably has astringent beauty,
amusing brain, completely intoxicated -
to a cult to build your personal courage,
Noble courage denying the other.

distorting history, city and the world
Announce sacredness stinking fate.
... obligatory busts in all apartments.
area - monuments, museums - picture!

Seminary - the one from which plucked,
Destroy, priests shooting without a doubt.
and tested half-blind enthusiasm,
Canceling religion - pseudo.

Drinking wine the best brands, brandy and Madeira,
quails goading patients teeth.
And in science to use any scope,
glorified expensive words.

Duhovidenm black, having skillfully,
Venture contact with the dark force,
refusing for a time from a decrepit body
and Earth do not have the prospect of dreaming.

To find the birth of the mutiny to
enjoy the distant places, and - speech,
absolutely false in a magnificent coffin,
where the river overflowed profusely human.

And in the morning, when the palace grand
flare meal, serve, and - suddenly - General
fried - watching nervously,
stunned fellow, not recklessly.

on a tray - ally, nuts and herbs.
- Help yourself!- Guard appeared in the doorway.No arrests
associates will be lost
Even a sunny day, gold, multi-faceted.

But late at night for a walk led
Wolfhound huge il Doberman.And the moon
call homely bun,
and talked with the Lord, rude and zealously.


peyzazhik he painted, flowers
for a bowl of soup - not art.
on their street selling.And the feeling of mature
Protest - against poverty.

lived in the attic, who returned from the war,
Okopnaya moisture taste ingrained in the consciousness.
For once the man rumble
Demonstrated courage?- We though henna.

Here he stands in the street.Go
Paintings weak ... and flowers, like,
trampled with canvases - and become creepy.
Café roast, beer and comfort.

But something is brewing in the air, and that's
ordinary-looking man enters the party.
Thumbsucker philistinism aria
fulfilled.Someone pronounces it.

Oh, yes, to the speech-making talent
a man open,
Once inattention mutilated
world to Himself.Already the owner of the area.

a crowd listens.Many moons
ago, it was recalled,
Today in the palace, when he reads
hit list - a magician and a liar,

Mozglyakov, cunning, the darling of the crowds, and so on.-
He firmly into the soul has moved the night.