Age crises in our lives

When we are ill, there comes some kind of crisis in life, then we look for salvation everywhere.But life is not without crises, so all you need to apply a force to overcome them, rather than on trying to dodge.

Many were tortured during such moments one thought only bad luck haunts me, all the problems are enclosed in myself, a loser in life.From these experiences it becomes even harder to get out of stress.

Psychologists say that age crises can not be avoided any man, however, they are all in different ways, depending on the nature, attitude, lifestyle and pr. kakoy-to The degree to make life easier in times of crisis helps the awareness,it happens not only with you, but also with other people.Many have heard about the midlife crisis, about a transitional period in children, but about the other age crises, we know much less.

Problems arise in people with his appearance in the world.Experts-psychologists have compiled a list of age crises, starting with the first year of life.About children's crises,

help overcome that child may have his parents to know is especially important.After all, a child is formed view of life, the ability to withstand difficulties, responsibility, perseverance, and more, that is the basis of human nature.From the child will perceive yourself as a child depends on what kind of person he grows up.

Many objected incredulously, saying that any crises may be babies ?!This is the basic parental mistake - lack of understanding of what was going on as they grow older your child that he is concerned about how he perceives the world and the people who are close to him, including, and parents.

What crises lurk child?In the first year of life little man decides whether or not the world should trust, and associates - love.He produced the general attitude towards the world.In the three years shown stubbornness, because the child becomes aware of himself as a person with their wishes and requirements.

Age - 7 years - the time of birth is considered a social "I" of the child.At this age he or begins to feel the crown of creation, or gets an inferiority complex.At this age, he goes to school, that is, comes from a family where his love, protect, cherish, in the world of other people.How it has been prepared as adapting your child in this world depends on you.

In 12-14 years, the child is already a teenager.He begins to struggle for independence, for their rights, for the opportunity to make a decision.Moreover, in this age, he first, fully, aware of their belonging to a particular sex.When executed

18-20 years old, the child undergoes a final farewell to childhood.Now age crisis arises from the fact that there is the desire for independence, the struggle for a better place in life.

What age crises lurk adults?When it is time to end the student, the first steps in a career in 27-29 years time to maturity begins, and a person has to connect together the dream and the reality.During this period, the person usually spends recent radical changes in work and personal life.

In 35-37 years, begins a midlife crisis, when a person puts into question all the achievements, and there is a revaluation of values.Midlife crisis is usually heavier than men suffer.Perceiving his age as a critical, they're trying to make an attempt to "jump into the last car" leaving his youth, and it often brings problems in family relationships.And then, as the family will survive this crisis, largely depends on the woman, her behavior, wisdom and patience.

53-55 years - the crisis of pre-retirement age.Man afraid of changing social status.Many women worry about the loss of its former appeal.Keeping the young at heart, they can not bring together your physical age with the psychological.At this age, the disease starts, and the deterioration of the physical condition, and a decrease in strength and capabilities is very hard on the psyche responds.Well, if kept happy family, successful Happy children, grandchildren, then lived life does not seem in vain.And if loneliness?

crisis 65-67 years - it's preparation for death, or "nodular period", when a person collects in a bundle all the achievements, there is, as it were in two worlds - here and there, it takes a lot of freedom in the preferences, creativity, love ...

Few live to 100 years.At this age, people feel tired of life, a feeling of emptiness, he has a death wish ...

All people age crises are different.Someone does not notice them, someone is going through particularly hard, making mistakes, suffering and tormented.Once Epicurus said, "always works.Always love.Love your wife and children more than himself.Do not expect gratitude from the people and do not be upset if you do not thank.Manual instead of hatred, contempt smile instead.Have always in the library of the new book, in the cellar - full bottle in the garden - fresh flower. "Whatever has happened in our lives, no matter what it is not shaken by crises, we live and move forward, and to a great extent depends on us, we will get pleasure from life or not.Let's try to be happy?