Irritability - how to fight it ?

you constantly irritated, pluck over nothing, you do not like everything, and in the morning you wake up with a bad mood?Clearly, this is not like your family, but hardly like and you too.

Why irritation appears?The first thing you must understand, is not your irritability consequence of ill-health.After all, it can cause the flu, the common cold, premenstrual syndrome, abuse of alcohol or drugs, stress, diabetes, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, thyroid disease, stroke, brain tumors.In this case you should immediately consult a doctor to determine the exact cause and treatment.

irritation may cause some conflict, you can not solve and "pounding" in depth.One can not help coming back to it, you do not find the exit, so annoyed at everything that surrounds you.The way out of this state can only be a solution to the conflict.Therefore, resort to the help of others, will be examined in all detail, get out and take action.Relief, which you then feel will be the best reward, even if you suffer some loss

es.Remember, that's going through the children who committed an act that deserves punishment.They suffer as long as do not receive "deserved", and then immediately come in a good mood.

But our irritability is often a consequence of wrong perception of the world and contradictions between what we want and what we can afford, between our desires and the need to act contrary to them.And the smaller the chance to influence the situation, the greater the irritation.

A simple example: in the morning you feel does not matter, and you have to go to work.The mood is spoiled as long as you do not decide to take time off, take time off from the chief - in general, looking for some legitimate opportunity to stay at home.Once you find it, you have the mood improves immediately.

But the next day the situation could be repeated, but the possibility to change it will be gone.And then the feeling of irritation will increase in proportion to the inability or failure to influence the situation.As a result, one has a choice: either accept the circumstances in which he found himself, or pursue further efforts to bring the situation in line with its internal needs and desires.

But people who never irritated, probably not at all in nature.This is understandable, because we have in everyday reality, at work, on the street, even at home, in the family, with relatives to restrain, to be polite, tolerant, balanced.We keep their discontent, resentment, sometimes we swallow other people's rudeness, unable to respond or stop.And permanently restraining and hiding their emotions, we thus ruin their health, their nervous system.Therefore, there is nothing wrong, if we cease to hold back sometimes, and get angry at others.The most important thing in this case, does not afford superfluous and control themselves, their anger, their emotions.

Much worse, if the irritation has us completely, and we lose control of their words and actions.To avoid this, you need to learn self-control, for example, do not be annoyed by trifles.If you are nervous, are not able to change the circumstances, then soon neurosis is provided to you!And, that's when your irritation will be so great on every trifling occasion, which will turn into a serious problem for yourself in the first place.

It is very important to learn to take life as it is, with something to put up.Remember how Zhvanetskiy said: "I will never be high.And beautiful.And slim.I never fall in love with Michel Mercier.In his younger years, I'm not going to live in Paris ... "Yes, we must calmly accept some realities of your life, such as not only the absence of the prince, but also a white horse.But you have a loving and dear person next.Well, what if your kids - not geeks ?!But they are healthy, happy and bring you much joy.If you learn to think so, reconcile yourself with the world around them, and, therefore, will be close to the harmony in the soul.

And yet, every time you start to feel irritation, analyze and find its roots!Then it will be easy to remove the cause, and to regain a good mood!It all depends on you - who is better able to understand you, in your soul, but you most ?!