Lies or diplomacy ?

¬ęDo not you dare lie!" - You scold the child and then in front of him asking her husband to say that you are not at home, not wanting to talk on the phone with his girlfriend.And the child is lost, not knowing what is a lie, and that someone is allowed.

Surely at the hearing and categorical statements such as "I never lie," "she do not lie, and others will not allow", "lie not trained," and so on.But we are faced with constant deception, deceiving themselves, listen to someone else's deception, not giving it any importance.

In the UK, a survey was conducted an interesting - how often people cheat each other and for what reasons.According to the results it turned out that the average person lies 4 times a day.Thus men often lies (5 times a day) than females (3 times a day).An amazing statistic that probably will force many to rebel.

And yet, it appears to cause a person to lie to you, it is enough to ask him a simple question: "How are you?" The answer is "all right", "All right," the most likely fals


second place in the list of the most common frauds took the phrase "I'm glad (pleased) to see you."Followed by: "Sorry, I do not have any money," "I'll call you," "I'm sorry, did not hear you calling (called)."

By the way, the phrase "you look great in that dress", "you are a very" etc. -. Usually also are not true.Not by chance they took eighth place in the list of lies.

In addition, in the list of 20 most common false phrases were the following statements: "Of course I love you," "My cell phone is dead," "delay, as the stand in a traffic jam," "I have a cell did not catch", "chimesyou in a minute "," I incorrectly recorded (recorded) your number "," that's exactly what I've always dreamed of (wanted). "

However, according to representatives of the company that conducted the survey this unusual, special crime in all this lies not.Most people lie in order not to upset the other person.At the same time, every fifth of the surveyed men said that often lies to his wife or girlfriend to get away with friends in the bar or quietly watch football.One in four admitted to cheating on his partner when he says that she looks good in a particular dress.

As for women, they prefer to lie about the price of clothes bought by them (so do 44% of respondents), or about the amount of alcohol consumed (30% of respondents).

Overall, about a third of respondents constantly lie about their weight, a little less than a third - about their sport and a quarter of those surveyed prefer to hide the truth about how much money they loan left to pay.

It turns out that the time and we are all the time, without thinking, without feeling guilt or remorse.So why do we get offended when we feel cheated?Apparently, each person has their own list of moments and situations in which he wants to know the truth.That is, if this is important - need the truth, and if not, then we can palter?

But all people are different and, consequently, such a list, too, everyone has his own.And how to be in a situation where you lie with the best intentions, believing that it is in favor, but for your buddy right now was vital to hear the truth?

is believed that there is a white lie, a lie out of pity, out of kindness lies - but you never know acquittals points to the unwillingness or inability to tell the truth ?!So what to do - to lie or not to lie?Maybe it would be wise to leave to the discretion of each case's own conscience, that is, to determine what you really want to hear from people - bitter frank words or words of encouragement, inspire hope?But what exactly is important - it is able to tell the truth so as not to injure a person, and listen to it, if you do insist on an honest answer.

But when the children better to be honest and consistent.Kids are not yet able to understand the adult world, they lack flexibility and do not feel semitones.Bewildered baby just, but what happens then - you also disentangle.