Grandma the truth

Minutes revelations, they are both in males and in girlish.More than once heard the stories, painted bright scenes rasproschaniya virginity.For someone it is inevitable, and until marriage.Someone from the surging emotions.Who on the right moment, or just out of interest.More by excess drinking.Kind of like the unconscious.All the nuances of what is happening is difficult, almost impossible to describe.I'm the one who understands all.And in any case, does not condemn.Each has its own story.This is the individuality and uniqueness.

But his parting with virginity, I will never forget.I could probably name a fragment of a generation for whom the word "virginity" was the key to the moral code of the girls.But, to be honest, some of my peers carelessly reject all there locks, keys, and my mother's warning, considering all this prejudice.I came from an early age a tight rein on his mother, who was able to invest in my children's little head hard monologue titled: "Take care of the honor of his youth."

This is my mother's warning to directly stuck in my not very branched convolutions, and I proudly carried him through his youth.And while many have told me that I'm beautiful, my relationships with boys were formed on the basis of friendship.I worthy friends with the male sex, and the grain of my girlhood was - one, most - best friend.All the familiar boys really respect me.And, if the stag skiing, playing chess, even drinking the evening - was invited from female just me.In short - your kid.We see the word "friend" was able to justify.

I did not know how to drink, and this fact, in my opinion, to stop and rest.The guys next to me shy richly expressed, and if something slipped picture, immediately sounded:. "I'm sorry"I was for our boys, as it were, "straitjacket."Frankly, I had kissed a couple of times on the cheek in a fit of friendship.And her future husband forever be friends if he did not insist on marriage.

The appearance of the groom's grandmother found out, the existence of which I knew by hearsay.Immediately she rushed out of their regions - and immediately on the attack.I think my mom told her that showed up on the horizon gentleman with the Jewish name that spurred my granny - keeper of the good life.Yes, I did not introduce you to the details of my background - I was a Jewish girl of Soviet reality.In fact, this fact none of my friends are not shocked, but just not interested.It defines me as a Jew, writing in the passport in 16 years.But the grandmother, having lived a long life ahead knew that only a Jew you must link its fate: "Do not imagine, darling, how horrible when your husband, for example, after the wedding night will declare that you - Jewess.This is the most offensive.Look to your boyfriend.He - your destiny. "

I mother's mother's words, that is my grandma, they went and strengthened me.Now I do not know how to himself - a thoroughbred Jew treat - everything asked and asked, but did not find the answer.It was necessary that his grandmother priperetsya of Dnepropetrovsk, and so my zadurachit quite girlish head!

This groom, according to my calculations, and a third did not pull a Jew.They had been only the father and then, with the German name.All my friends, rollicking fun, smelled the men: cigarette smoke, sometimes vodka.All of them loved me, appreciated, respected - more than any Russian, because I quarreled even fought.And I really enjoyed being at the center of these events.And "my" - smells compote and vanilla.It's too delicious!But he will not tell ... (see. Grandma's prediction).And these certainly expect very different - the who, what and when to throw - and so tried to convince me grandma.And they began to attack me from all sides: on the one - two moms, on the other - the groom and his close Jewish family.

I seriously thought about getting married ... Okay!Though in independence will come in and be free from two mothers.And so, as the next - it will be seen later.I'm sick of Mamochkin iron shackles.They hung me not only on the hands, and already right in the neck.Everything, just married, that is, th-th go!Two months later, immediately after the execution of the 18th anniversary of the wedding!And I still could not get used to any groom nor the need for it.

At the wedding, well walked!I was just beautiful with a long scythe wheat-colored and gray eyes.This looks at me with a birthday preserved.We walked fun.And when they started to disperse after the first day of the wedding, came up to me and my dad out of habit (time pick) says: "Well, my daughter, the holiday is over, let's go home."He takes my hand.And I'm very grateful to him was - already so like home.And then suddenly my quiet groom on the passport - a husband, compote and vanilla-scented, rose ruffled cock between me and the folder and says: "No, she's my wife!And it will stay with me! »

folder We rushed into each other's arms.It was like a farewell before the execution or on the threshold of the gas chamber.We wept bitterly.My tears were able to roll hail.One can see the entire folder into me - I saw the same tears in his eyes, like a reflection in a mirror.But my husband took me to my father ... papules with bowed head, without looking back, walked to the door.I've been banging his long eyelashes, but a word in his resolute not solved, because the passport and confirmed the fact that my half-Jewish affiliation.

husband took me to the prepared devyatimetrovku - our bedchamber.White sheets gleamed blue."The honor of his youth, honor, honor ... honor ..." - totally fixated ringing in zabubennoy little head.I pulled my hand out of the clutches of the new - husband on the passport - and faltered: "Wait, wait.Early.We still know very little of each other ... Let's at least until the New Year to make friends ... Where hurry "(A Statement quietly think: shame to spoil the glowing sheets?).

He stopped dead in his tracks.His eyes just froze on these sheets.Suddenly he clapped eyes: it was evident - something he chose.And I like a broken record, all the twists and turns, "Friendship, a-ru-Ms-m ..." Here he is, if by "all clear" command undressed and was in bed.I know that in the army for 45 seconds - very quickly undress.So my fault, that for 7 or even 5 seconds - in the Guinness Book of Records has to be there, if anyone spotted.Clap and in the bed, leaned to stenochke teeth and quiet.Little standing in thought, I reasoned to myself, "After all, the wife of ..." - and quietly lay down on the other edge.In the morning rose.He gave no sign.As if it was all right.

began to prepare for the second day of the wedding.In 10-00 all-all who were yesterday, and came today.Again, it was fun.Who thought it necessary, and he asked softly in your ear one question: "Well," Even long hesitated folder and all the coughing was looking for the words: "Well, that daughter ... you know ... become ...wife "" More - in the Palace of marriage "- I said slyly.The pope did not specify how, when and how he did not notice that.We see waste!

I stayed in all thoughts.But what next?I heard that the bagpipe is delayed for a lifetime.Lord, how to prepare for this idea?I'm just not ready to be a wife first ... - I'm afraid: say, which is very painful.Second - I have him as a little used to it, almost not used.And this seems a good half-Jewish.And on the other hand never hurt and will call ... grandmother's promised word.All keep an eye on the table for her husband, and he and I have not seen.Shot glasses, one after another sent a - a hair's breadth, as some of my friends."His man" - I thought.When everyone had gone, we dragged my husband to our bed, still sparkling blue.He slept peacefully through the night.I sat on the edge of the bed and waited and waited, and when he starts to stick, without ceasing to repeat his speech.Attempts never happened.And in the morning, and I had fallen nearby.

third day of our marriage was held once in business.In cleaning.In examining gifts.The calculations donated geldochek - (in Hebrew), and in Russian - denezhek.

- Buy wall!

- No, it is not enough.Only in wardrobe.

- And it is not three-sided, but only on the butterfly.

- Yes devyatimetrovku other and do not need.

Satisfied planned acquisition were ... in our snow-white bed.

I opened.The whole day was preparing myself to the process of becoming a woman ... "Here he passionately kisses me already ... I bet distracting, cunning, and he nakinetsya ... and all?!?... Oh, it is terrible, - rushes in gyrus updated old, has not erased the text of a new life.- Oh, it is terrible ... I'm afraid.Want?I do not want.Like already and I want to ... "And again, the winner is the inherent since infancy monologue:" Take care ... Take care ... Well, what's the hurry .. just before the New Year ... almost 2 months ... to make friends .. it ... »

?... Then he pushed me away from him, apparently, wanted a better view, with whom he was dealing.After all, "face to face - the person does not see" - apparently, Yesenin had a similar situeyshen.My husband stared with excitement yellow eyes in my right eye and without blinking, hissed: "You're acting like a real Jewess!" I almost do not voluntarily fell on waiting for my third night bed only diagnosed with - myocardial infarction, ie,rupture or anguish of heart.And she began to babble, babble ... navertyvayuschey with tears: "A grandmother first-in-ri-la ..." That's it burst into tears.But the sobs began to move into other sounds - xx ha (may take offense and jerk home?), But the laughter ran over my resentment: - "And you then who?" - He thought for a second.Here we have the two point-blank gazed into each other.Perhaps pondering - who he is, who am I?

peered.Studied.Come to your senses.And then both laughed bitterly as the right team.And - the truth of who we are?He Russian passport, but Dad Jew with a German name.I am a Russian soul, and passport and parents full-blooded Jew.And then I saw that he understood me, penetrated my soul - good or not ... for someone and incomprehensible.And he took me for who I am.Got it, believed that it was not a sham, not a hoax, but just something Jewish, that should be taken.And we, hugging, woke our third wedding night.The most native.Read Night.It can be seen, the friendship was held.And where will get to rest ..

We lived together for many, many - as many as 32 years.We have two sons and some!?!More three grandchildren - a boy, a boy and a girl.Now there is no next of my half-Jews with a German name, but I it is lacking ... I remember my grandmother with her naive prediction with the word - "Jewess" in the mouths of half-Jews sounding more ridiculous than insulting ...

Yes-ah ... do nota life made up ... And here she runs with incredible speed.