White stones on a dark blanket ...

When Tanya for the first time received the two, mother, angry at this offense, said: "You will so learn, go to the farm as Sanya, the tails of pigs twist!" Tanya laughed, submitting lanky figure of an old hog woman that no one in theirvillage and a woman is not accepted.Very much I look unattractive image of Sanya, wandering in the broken shoe covers on the muddy street after rain.Rural kids loved mimicking its plant in tone and drawling monotone: 'Wh-at-x "H-at-x !!."So Sanya convened collective pigs in scattered along the ravines and coastal TALAM.

Sanya, apparently, have long ignored the sidelong glances, smiles and banter villagers.It did not bother huge, in the eternal pimples - to match the grenadier - beetle-crusher.In the spring and fall to the very cold weather, she went barefoot, and as soon as the snow fell, until the first thaw sported rubber or canvas boots the last size.No boots on her leg does not fit, and it seemed that she did not feel the cold, damp, penetrating wind, which often blew

in autumn nepogoditsu with Vyatsk dale.

Sanya do not pay attention to his clothes.Usually, it sported a dark, coarse cloth of a long skirt sborochku, unpretentious, in small peas or flowered blouse untucked.Grey braids covered an old shalenka that color is not kept, and everybody wants to get off to the side.Sanya on this vexed, all threatened to go to the men's hats.Actually, in general, a little of what she was eating, drinking, resting, whether on holiday went, had some special significance for her.She was obsessed with the most important sense of her life - work.

Sanja was full mistress of a small pig farm.In addition to her work here lame watchman Peter and forager, Leonid, as with all other matters governed by one Sanya.Apparently, therefore, the class in which she studied Tanya, and took the patronage of one of the groups of piglets.Once a week, after school third graders washed cells fed babies weak broth nettle and peppermint.With the guys

farm hostess talked more staccato phrases, commanding what to bring, where to clean, sweep.Once Tanya listened to her grumbling over the cage with newborn porosyatkami and a lot of surprised, opening a secret door vulnerable and sensitive soul of this strange woman.Leaning over the machine, it is Basil, trying to sound soft and gentle: "I do Uzho this mischievous and shaloputam not give up.Weak you have me, she go out of her nipples vypoyu nurse and put your feet.And now I prepare litter that perinki soft. "And, indeed, to their favorites Sanya and a cannon shot did not admit volunteers - all by herself and by herself.Tanyushka seemed that she never gets tired, so rarely Sanya sitting down to relax, take a breath.

Here are their neighbor - Uncle Lenya Krapivin, Tanya thought, - is another matter.Finished to split another batch of grain, he habitually sat down on the bench.Resin cigarette but makes fun of Sanya.Laziness and lift him up on the truck food squealing farm dwellers.Seeing the cart, he immediately transformed.I whispered to the driver, pile on a couple of bags of regrind, taking from the hands of something sparkling and immediately ducked furtively into his cubicle.Usually at such times Sani was not there, and she did not see how departures left food intended for her favorite sows.But, noticing the loss, like a man spat in the direction of Krapivina and silently began to pour into a wide yellow-white apron medley.

For life Tanya remembered the following scene: the door swinging appears the figure of Uncle Lenny-forager.The teeth had a roll-up, a grin on his face.As if he accidentally touches the toe of his boot zahlestanny Sanina hem skirt.Unkind and evil laughs.Tanya sees that Sanya is struggling to ignore these humiliating taunts.She silently, with angry sniff drags Crushed, purposely loud stomping on the boardwalk.When finishing its work, with disdain and looks at forager muffled throws in his face: "You're here, show yourself the last shit.No wonder people say that you IOHE guy gave to the Germans, to save his own skin. "

Uncle Lenya face is white, slowly rising from the bench, he hisses threateningly: "Oh, the pig litter!Who is you could say, to report?Yes, I tvovo zasratogo hubby saved from hunger!There was nothing in the activists climb in parteynye-ideological commanders.That paid for our consciousness.And I have nothing to do with! »

The fact that Uncle Lenya, while in captivity, the Nazis gave his friend and brother-Alexey Kudryashov, walked through the village is only a rumor, but no he did not mention it in his eyes, in addition to Sani.As a soldier, Leonid Krapivin continuously elected to the presidium of the kolkhoz meeting, but the irony here is inviting and advanced Pig Alexander Kudryashov, a soldier's widow.From the principle of Sanya never in the red table and not sit at meetings preferred to stay in a secluded corner.

For each holiday to her as a prize for excellent weight gain and safety svinopogolovja otrez handed the coat, the colorful, glow burning cashmere shawl, then anything from obuvki.The hall ran a laugh, they say, as the foreman Andriyanych father Thani, had managed to pick up the best Pig desired size.

Sanya took awards without a smile on a dark and weathered face, and certainly, especially without the words and promises of better work hard to justify the trust and care of native government and the party in the bargain.Update from premium cuts she never sewed, medals are not worn even greater victory celebrations.But Uncle Lenya, never parted with the only medal obtained to some anniversary.Neighbourly Tanya saw that the job he always wore a tunic, though old, but the white-stretched and carefully darned Aunt Pauline, his wife Krapivina.And it belongs to the front fame tinkled at every step, when the forager flashed in his back room, falling asleep the barley, then zatarivaya GEL Crushed.Sanya fastidiously kept looking at this everyday farce turned away when noticed a smug smile of his subordinate.

... On this day, the case of disputes on the farm as ever.Rekordistka Zinulya safely Farrow - brought a dozen, clever!Immediately the children gathered in a circle cells, admire the kids.The hostess hurried them - go home, and she zasobiralas.He returns with its courses only daughter Taya.Before sunset, we had still to gather under canopies grunt herd distribute in grass feeders, pour the water.Uncle Lenya in its kutushke fumbled at stalled motor.twice he times his runs, but the crackle immediately calmed down, and then the evil materki tipsy forager poured it on someone's mother, is a god, then all at once ...

Sanya did not fit to the crusher, even though we had a couple of baskets sypanut indistant cells.But, overcame her, she still looked in the closet and surprise froze.Spread-eagled on the floor, without a single krovinochku face, lying Krapivin, and nearby lay a bloodied stump of the hand.As it happened, no one has ever seen or even heard scream.

Forgetting insults, Alexander rushed to save his enemy.Pulled off a head scarf, she pulled it tight arm above the elbow.Dragged the wounded away from the snarling machine, rushed to seek first aid kit.Tanya, the stood with fright, shook lightly and ordered: "You have, my daughter, the speedboat run skorenko for Dusya, medical assistant".But when Tanya rushed up the path to the captivity of the mountain, at the foot of which was medical assistant's point, Uncle Lenya suspended his young neighbor: "You'll have time.Call me Sanya.We need to talk.Suddenly, I shall die, and most importantly do not have time to speak. "

When Tanya gave this unusual request, Alexander suddenly stopped, stunned eyes looked at the girl: "One, I'm not going to talk to him - somehow choked voice spoke ona.- You devonka, stay with me, since there was such a need.And I for Dusya for reliability also tvovo brother Nikolka sent.Chat cope alone, without you. "

They went into the semi-dark room.Uncle Lenya, leaning against the bed, groaning, rocking cult, pours a handkerchief scarlet flame.Without opening his eyes, he spoke in a hoarse, broken voice: "Sanya, oh, Sanya, you me, crazy fool, I'm sorry for everything.For the taunts, silly jokes, and most of all for the fact that did not save tvovo Alyosha.Grub we were not given on two consecutive days.Many fell to the ground, asked for the death, on the wire under the current rushed out of desperation.I am a stronger, still held, and your entirely passed.And here in our Sonderkommando barracks tumbled, they say, who are commies - il climbs come out from under the bunk, still there will die here, there ... They, as we understand, recruited a new batch.For some experiments.So I pushed Alyosha - consent, can survive. "

Uncle Lena was difficult to say the pain spasms ran down his face, to mangle the body, but he lost in a hurry and make all that for so long kept in his war-torn soul and memory.Petrified face Sani seemed no expression.She lowered her heavy, swollen nodes veins hands, her hair gray mats huddled together at the back, on the wrinkled cheeks streamed with tears.This old, tired woman was somehow outside of time and space.

- Well, then what !?- Barely squeezed Sanya.

- What - sobbed hysterically Uncle Lenya.- Took them, poor thing, and where - God knows.Maybe on the way to another camp he died.Maybe he paid on life experiences.Only Sanya, do not blame me briskly.Do not blame, the Christ of God I beg you!He's in me, as the living: the voice, a smile, a laugh, even his songs heard, though a number of lives, and the only one I know that he's around.I svovo son named after him.

- And you tell me, Lenka, in the heart of a pity not push - Sanya spoke sternly.- I News from Aleksey was.Before the end of the war.One word in his letter alarmed and hurt, that's feuded with you so.

- K-ka-to-th word?- Zaholonuvshim of foreboding voice asked Uncle Lenya.

- And so on."Judas sold Christ for thirty pieces of silver, and me, my dear Sanyushka, for the ration of bread ...".

- But how is it that he is able to write to you!- He drowned in a scream Uncle Lenya.- We ... Yes, I'm the solder stuck in his pocket.I do not even touched.Maybe this piece while it and saved, and you ... Oh, Sanya, Sanya, how could such a napridumali.Do you think I could sell drugasha svovo blood !?

Tears streamed down the face of Sani, and they streamed across the face of front-line friend of her deceased husband.Fighting back sobs, Tanya, wiped his palm cheeks, trying to grasp the meaning of the unfolding tragedy in front of her.Out of breath from the fast running nurse Darling, it seems nothing special had not noticed, except the stump and Sanin not quite clean handkerchief instead of dressing.She shook her head disapprovingly, quick stitches, bandages, made a shot and strictly commanded:

- All Krapivin, dobalovalsya vodka yes samogonochkoy.Hey, guys, guys!death have spared war, but do you yourself do not regret their rushite families, orphans.Get ready whether that car is waiting.In the area you have to take.God forbid from such unhygienic contamination happens - and she looked accusingly at Sanin shabby appearance raskudlachennuyu head, broken arms and a dark work, to tears streaked his face.

After this story Krapivina from the village left.In one of the cities of Orenburg their trail was lost.Sanya several years in charge of the farm, motherly care of the numerous offspring collective sows.Here she finally grown old, it carried with honor well-deserved rest.The only time she appeared before the honest people in all their labor regalia.Sanya embarrassed her festive look, do not know where to hide calloused palms, lips puckered, his shy smile.And all of a sudden notice, she is doing well, with a kind of inner dignity.Especially attracted her blue eyes did not faded over the years not lost their youthful glow.

gradually began to enter Sanya oiled rhythm of rural life.Most began to appear in the store, and when the neighbors organized to help, responded very first.Along with all the kneaded clay, smeared the walls of the new hut or barn, sat down with all the tables, but never alcohol not treats, and only put before a faceted glass with vodka, cover crust of bread and something softly whispered like a prayer: "This- Alyosha.Let his soul angel will walk but rejoice Housewarming with us. "

Once put in the club youth concert.On October festival invited all the villagers.I came and Sanya, the new plush zhaketke, downy shawl and polished to a shine as giant shoes.All and gasped when he saw her, dazzling elegant, stately, with posvetlevshim face and thick gray comb-over, as snow, the hair.Sitting in front of the stage, she curiously watched the girls and the boys preparing for the performance sensitively listening to the accordion-busting Volodya Lesina, a rustling behind a velvet curtain.

When the choir sang "Orenburg shawl", Alexander started, sat up and sobbed piteously, but then shrank into herself, embarrassed burst their feelings.Besides singers, no one seemed to have seen or noticed as inconsolable crying our Sanya, remembering a distant youth, my love, beloved Alyosha, who was killed on the last day of the war.And other women, too, could not resist the tears.Even the brave accordionist Volodya glistening eyes, trembled voice, accordion and bass sighed.So someone who, as he was well aware of what it means to a good emotional song for mothers, exhausted by hard and difficult life.

Then read poems.Tanya chose "Hands toiler" David Kugultinov:

worked all my life, but old age and weariness came and brought the last hour of death.At the hospital, with relatives she now said goodbye, then, as if suddenly angry, with a smile the country, with a smile parting glance at his work-worn hands ...

Hall hit a thunder of applause, cries: "In the second place on .." Tanya had found his eyesSanya and her alone start again:!

Goodbye ruchenki, time for you to rest, do you, nimble, work, happened, and how much joy because I used to know you "- ckazal old with excitement and longing.A hand accustomed to move, lay like white stones on a dark blanket.

After the concert, Sanya had found Tanya and her muffled voice said, "Again, devonka our tropinochke agreed.Thank you for the poems and songs.What a holiday you arranged for me, and even birthday IOHE Alexei. "She bowed with dignity, in Russian, at times, slowly walked out of the club, in the vague shadow of an autumn evening.

Sanya woman lived alone.Daughter and grandson Shura visited her, but great care not to complain.For a while, the mother Taisiya replaced on the farm, but that once strongly opposed bitter repetition of their own destiny.Having sent into the city, hoping that her daughter learns, marry, and go to her children, the old Pig, is what to do with himself in his declining years.But my daughter has gone to mother nature.Hard-working, robust, hardy, proud, she did not know how to fawn, to adapt.Life it is not successful, here she raised her son alone.

All summer her tomboy Shura was visiting her grandmother.His peers, the same as he, urban grandchildren coming to the village, it seemed that the boy is shy Babkin shabby appearance, because dichitsya, does not lead us to the kids.Only Tanya was able to reach out to the boy, again through Sanju Baba.She brought books together, and they were read Jules Verne adventure.

... Sanya was dying woman quietly, without departing breath and tears.The village gossips knew otsulila Sanya considerable sum for a monument to her husband, Alex, and the rest of "wealth" - a couple of cuts, shawl, medals - took Taya, distributing on neighbors a few things - remember my mother.

grandmother Matrona, a distant relative who cares for Sanya in recent days, told me over lunch in tannins home: "I do not believe it, but our Sanja before his death, like the Virgin Mary has become, it's God, do not add!Face bright, light body, and hands like wings swan ... That miracle is a miracle!All their zhilochki eyed, but slowly as if the verses echoed.Now I remember: "Hands my ruchenki, time for you to retire."Yes, it read like a prayer. "

And Tanya suddenly imagined how great is forgiven hard worker and indomitable woman with the world and life, asking the eternal question of all: "Why live, what benefits brought myself and others, which are now rushes my soul is sinful?Is there me my Alyosha Waits? »

Everyone in the village, from the least to the old, her name was just Sanya, and rarely by name, patronymic, or even Aunt Sanya.