Mila - Mania

One summer days the inhabitants of our hostel vahtershi learned from Aunt Luba, that to us - at once on all four floors - populate released on free settlement zechek.Even the word itself sounded frighteningly like the hiss of a snake, and could be heard in this warped abbreviation something humiliating and, at the same time, threatening ...

course, no such neighborhood was not happy.Of harm's way, but most of all, the unwanted settlers, removed from dryer sheets, and even working shoes, jerseys, overalls were prudently hidden in cabinets close our small rooms.


And only I, frantically getting ready for the session, did not pay attention to Abraham, arranged by my neighbors.To quickly put a suitcase, hung postirushki the window to securely attach clothespins.Underneath our room already in full sway new settlers.Unusually loud and shrill, they argued among themselves about cleaning floors.

I thought with some relief: - "Thank God, the month I will not be here, and during this time the new nei

ghbor will get used to the new way of life.We made friends, everything will be settled by itself.Well, what if they had the fate of this ?!Each can happen.From da scrip from prison, as they say, do not promise. "

But my whole-hearted mood vanished in a jiffy.The same, when I discovered the loss of my dresses, sushivshihsya outside the window, the breeze.Down on the track adjacent almost to the fence of the stadium, I did not notice anything that would remind me of my stuff.So, they "flew" up to or below the floor.

half an hour left my bus to Samara, three - Kazan, and deal with thieves, I had no time.Vsplaknuv of resentment and anger, cursed himself for carelessness, I frantically left in bags and old platishko trot rushed to the bus station.Somehow I'll manage!Consider, ladies, I gave them to you for good.

returning from the session, a fairly good estimate, thinner because it saves on food (but bought a decent Czechoslovakian trouser suit), I did not immediately notice some changes in our common home.Erstwhile a warm and welcoming atmosphere changed to some oppressive and suspicious dregs.Our boyfriends simply because the room is not passed, and we were called to watch over the duty.All dryers have been locked up, like the kitchen, which watchmen closed after 23 hours.And if people come with change or return from the meeting late, not every key confided to heat up dinner.

All new settlers were now placed on the second floor, and teacher Nina would sit in the evening and night in the neighborhood, in lenkomnate.Every now and then here and there flashed the police, and the inhabitants of the hostel at the sight of them tried to form quickly hid in their secluded cells.Things!Right barracks, not a girl's house for a general rate.

new clothes

On payday, having bought a few cuts of bright Indian satin and Japanese silk, I decided to sew new clothes, but in the company of all for three months ahead, and I go on vacation.And then, to my delight, the services offered to one of "those" ....

«Mania" - politely introduced herself and invited me to a close "dvuhmestku".At the window perched foot machine, colorful pile of rags hanging from the table and the window sill.On the shelf located skinny stack some books.Measurements of my grown thin "size" Manya assured that within a day or two outfits will be ready in the best possible way.

... Peacefully tapping machine, humming a song on the tile maker, and I did not want to leave so quickly this cozy corner.On hostess offer to drink tea, I immediately agreed, especially because in the bag I have a pack of cookies lying around.Well than not a meal for two lonely hearts?Quiet conversation, a bit of sugar and tea warm fellowship

Manh said nothing more, but I'm bored by an interested interlocutor shared his impressions about Kazan, student life, told with a laugh as classmate managed to pass the exam the formidable professor of literature textbook for Grade 8.In a word, he threw an appreciative listener to all their emotional charge.And suddenly she quietly sobbed, then smashed into a handful of rags, he began to cry bitterly.

Confused, I did not know what and how to calm her down.Manya silently crawled under the bed, pushed the suitcase and took out a beautiful, golden embossed album.On the first page sported a photo at the time a popular actress Konyukhova, vaguely reminiscent of someone's image.I looked at Manu and gasped, eyes, smile, hair color, eyebrows bend - all as in the picture, but muffled, as if, blurry time experiences adversity.Through tears Manh smiled and said sadly: "I am - only its weak reflection.It ruined me and ... »


turned out that we Manya almost colleagues.She also studied at the istfilfake only university she was a famous Moscow.Studied history, fond of foreign classics, loved to read a lot.After the acclaimed film with a famous actress suddenly all began to say that it is - "spilled Konyukhov," and why not try to audition on "Mosfilm".You never know, it may be too late to go to the Film Institute, or in some theatrical school.Mila - so then it was called - has decided to pick up the documents and headlong rushed into the world of the unknown, alluring and treacherous for trusting and not spoiled girl.

One of the writers who labored in the training of civil defense films, has promised to arrange Mila VGIK out of the competition, but for it demanded to give him some service.As in the heat, not knowing what was happening to her, fueled rave reviews about its external data, Mila without any hesitation accepted the terms of his "benefactor."

«And they conclude is this: - extinct voice told Mila - had to go to one of the apartments of my former friend and screenwriter to take some things, supposedly belonging to him.In his naivety and gullibility, I did not notice that Stas someone called up for a long time I instructed how to approach the door, so that no one saw and did not notice in the diagram showing where everything is, and how to leave. "

So she made her first theft.Blackmailing, threatening, Stas became forced his girlfriend to go to steal again and again, until one day she got into the hands of a strong and quick to master the violence.It did not help resemblance to a famous actress, tears, prayers, vows and pregnancy.Manya was behind bars.

In the five years of his release Milla became a Manu, as evidenced by a tattoo on his fingers.Zone taught her purely feminine crafts - sewing, knitting and ... at a glance to recognize their own kind.The prison environment occurred and theft, and murder, and terrible vengeance, and wild jealousy.Through all this hell-Mania I took Mila and miraculously survived.However, the beauty of it, under the harsh prison A perfect boot, and tender, trusting faded, it seemed, forever.Lovely lines cut through the early appearance of wrinkles, delicate eyebrows rise replaced angry break, bitter creases at the mouth is not uttering a dazzling smile.Flying gait turned into a heavy tread mortally tired woman who, not having anyone to love, seemed to hate the world.


Thus began our quiet and short-lived friendship.I brought her collections of poetry Asadov, Dementieva, her beloved Robert Burns, the volume of my beloved Charles Dickens.And after a trip to Samara concert Yevtushenko late we read and reread in the "Youth" magazine of his new poems dedicated to northerners.

Returning from vacation, I found the missing clothes on her bed.To my surprised look Mila smiled: - "Know the necessary places where hide stolen our shustryachki".

Once Mila disappeared.I was worried: Does not sick, maybe a vacation to his Moscow released?She worked at the construction site of the shock, it is always mentioned in the team, and trust.But it was much worse than all the assumptions.

One of the officers of the special settlement decided to treat their fellow colleagues from the neighboring district of "fresh" girls.From the first moment of an urgent call to check, and then the hasty departure from the town, Mila guessed that the "entertainment" was waiting for her and the rest forced girlfriends.And when zapyanel boyfriend, hit him with such force that he almost did not give up the ghost.

Furious ofitsernya sent a rebel cell.They made the report, accusing him of stealing and attempting to resist law enforcement officials.Mila term was coming to an end, and everything could turn around so that she could sew another term, and, sending the colony.After learning the truth about the incident, the girls who had come with her to settle, rebelled.Together we wrote to the regional Department of Internal Affairs complaint, setting out in detail everything that actually happened to our Mila.

court officer's honor harsh, but just punishment of the policeman, depriving him of his rank and epaulettes.A day later, Mila was on the loose.At home, at work outskirts of Moscow, waiting for her sick mother, seven-year old daughter Tanya.Somewhere in the attic gathering dust history books and a certificate of completion of three years of university.And she was able to fine stitching, cut, knit, cook, read poetry, contagious laugh, becoming an instant copy of Tatiana Konyukhova, films which participation Mila never looked.

From Moscow, the first time it came from a short and warm news.My daughter went to school, my mother was sent to a sanatorium to heal.At the garment factory where settled Mila, she met a good man, and even managed to recover at the university.Life is slowly improving, it went into oblivion shameful pages of her biography, which, as noted, saying goodbye, Mila, to rewrite the fair copy is no longer possible, as well as applicable.All that was with a man once, though bylem become overgrown, but not for a long time disappears from memory and heart.