"Black " band in the life

Outside the window the spring sun is shining, and you have on my heart sad and gloomy.And, the truth, something to rejoice: health is not very good, but on vacation for a long time forgotten, the work is not like it because the swine colleague and head of all the reptile, personal life is a failure, rather, it is completely absent, friends ran away, do not call and do notappear.In general, life is a failure!

It's not like you?Then all very well, but if you know your own mind, then you urgently need to take care of herself!"Black Stripe" on which you sin, will never end if you do not take urgent action!Ultimately, the "life - that is what we think about it."I do not remember who said it, but amazingly true!The more we have negative thoughts, the more we become irritated, the less we have in the life of joys and amenities.

But perhaps unbridled optimists life is not so much, and troubles, problems and difficulties are all people.So, if you somehow support this, know that the "black band" - is not only y

our personal pain and suffering - this all happens.But some are able to experience this state and come out of it quickly and without losses, while others suffer and suffer, torturing and with others.

When you have everything in life is going well, you all are happy, relax ... and stop doing anything that allows you to maintain this state, that is, do not move forward, and relax and blazhenstvuete.But life does not forgive!If you understand the state of contentment, that is to say, "white band" - that's what you've created, struggling with "black bar"!

In general, all the good and the bad that surrounds us today, it is the results of our actions and behavior yesterday.And only our inattention and unwillingness to look a little ahead, calculate the consequences of our actions, or, conversely, inaction leads to the fact that, sooner or later, the problem came down on us like an avalanche.

Judge for yourself if you feel unwell, you will surely begin to take some measures to ache at all.But when you feel some tension in the relationship with your loved one or a friend, it often does not try to give it value, thinking that everything will resolve itself.

This is the main mistake!If you feel that you can get into some trouble, feel tension, change their mind and take concrete action, then you have a chance not to fall into the "black band" or go to its edge.At the same time, if you treat yourself that way, we can develop intuition so that you will become less and less exposed to unforeseen circumstances.

course, error no one is immune, so do not despair if you did not used to be the most optimal way.It is necessary to draw conclusions in the future not to repeat their mistakes.To recognize the onset of the "black bars", you need to remember the signs of its approach.Psychologists are always ready to come to our aid, and therefore offer to those who wish to get out of their own crises, take the following steps.

Approximation "black bars" you can feel from the fact that you start an acute shortage of time.To counter this, you need a good organization of life.You need to make a list of necessary and urgent cases with deadlines.In this unpleasant, but it is very important for you to do, do it immediately, without postponing.On the one hand, delays in such cases can only worsen the situation, and, on the other hand, when they are behind, comes the serious sense of relief and satisfaction.

This is useful for the assessment of its own load, and to ensure that in the hectic miss nothing.And, at the same time, so you will spend the analysis of their cases, some of which on closer examination would be not so necessary.At the same time, marking made on your list, you'll enjoy your own organization and work efficiency.

When the soul chore beset sad, painful thoughts, disturbed sleep and in the morning all the problems exacerbated by the poor health from lack of sleep.Before going to bed, try to dismiss all the problems, to walk, to read something relaxing, not stimulating, drink tea with honey and herbs.Good sleep you need be sure, and time passes quickly when you're sleeping, and, therefore, "black band" will be over.

not panic under any circumstances!From any position output there.It is better to invoke the aid of loved ones and analyze all possible and even impossible solutions to the problem.Surely things are not as bad as it seemed at first - it's just "Fear has big eyes"!A sense of humor will help you out in different situations.

solving any problems, do not delve into the past.Do not lay in a heap all the failures that have haunted you for years.You should think about what is happening here and now.Do not forget to enjoy and relax in moments of calm and relaxation - you still need power.

not refuse to help their friends and relatives, referring to the fact that you have worries for themselves throat.By helping others, you strengthen your self-esteem, knowing that was not miserable and helpless, and to solve other people's problems is easier than your own.A sense of pride and self-worth will help you and your business.

¬ęBlack Stripe" will start and end, and all you get better.Most importantly, do not roll down into a rut eternal failures when you reconciled to his condition and blame their own problems of others: family, colleagues, bosses, friends.In people with similar attitudes is neither "black" or "white space": for their whole life - a "gray band" without victories, achievements, joys and successes.That this state to go immeasurably harder than to pass a "black band".

Remember the wise Solomon said: "Everything passes.And it will pass "?No matter how hard evolved your life circumstances, you always have to remember that it must pass.It is true, as that sunny day always replace the blackness of the night!