Once the self-assessment

psychological tests, advice, training one-day surprise.For sure, deep down, everyone considers himself a psychologist and do not skimp on the advice of relatives and friends.Only for some reason the number of psychological problems and turn to psychologists from year to year grow and grow.

Maybe people realized that to solve problems with the help of professionals safer and easier than stew in its own juice?And, perhaps, professional advice, and even from the much more objective, more useful and effective than whispering girlfriends, for their own sake?

particularly useful and important these tips can be for people with low self-esteem.First of all, experts will help you to understand that self-esteem and all kinds of complexes on the existing shortcomings - are two different things.The difference between the complexes and self-esteem is that complex a person grows and nourishes itself, and self-esteem is formed around him.

Our systems often come from childhood.Many of them blame the parents, who, wi

th the best intentions, fear once again to praise the child, but do not miss the occasion to note, and even punish, scold for some failures, mistakes, errors.

With regard to self-esteem, then listen to the word itself is enough - so we value ourselves, that is, agree with the status quo.Our imaginary inferiority, that is, low self-esteem, can be based on someone else's envy, unfriendly, anger or desire to those around us, to look better on our background.

Want a simple example?Your girlfriend strongly proves to you that you have an ugly figure, but because in this dress or pants, you look awful.Do you believe and diligently drapiruetes in baggy clothes, at the time, as your friend on your background looks like a model on the catwalk, though, objectively, it is no better than you.

Of course, there are disadvantages of each - perfect does not exist.Even recognized beauty still finds errors in their appearance, which wants to eliminate any cost.So what?Ask yourself the question: have you ever were treated worse than a person just because he had a long nose and a bald head?Of course not!Then why did you, after listening to "good advice" and found in the mirror bunch of "imperfections", think that do not deserve a good relationship?Why do you compare yourself to the standard of beauty and suffers from inaccessibility of the ideal?

Surely you do not know one example where, from your point of view, it is an attractive woman looks very untidy, is not interested in their appearance and always something shy.She dresses in sombre mantle tend to accumulate grease, which can not be understood, if she has at least some kind of shape, do not use cosmetics, wear granny hair, despite his age.She may be married, and for a man, much inferior to her external data.

It was with a woman I once met.On closer acquaintance revealed that she finds herself, almost ugly, and adores her husband, who "blessed" it to their attention and married her.At the same time, my new friend had a university education, and good paying jobs and highly developed intellect.

Say, that reminds "mymra" of "Office Romance"?Well, yes, but in the movie "mymra" turned into a beauty thanks to the love and life, the husband, not wanting to lose a convenient wife, persuaded her that she looks so unattractive that it should behave and look like you canmodest and inconspicuous.

This attitude husband superimposed on education in the family.Strict parents instilled from early childhood the girl that she should learn, because its appearance is unlikely to be a success, and therefore need a career.The girl was not taught to dress, use cosmetics to emphasize the dignity of his appearance and hide flaws - my mother just did not have to care.Here it was that her husband was the first who began to take care of it, and called marriage.A mother also pushed, they say, you will not find better.

And surprisingly, intelligent, educated, well-developed woman never wondered not thought about why the surrounding highlight its shortcomings, why do they do it?After all, to correct such comments as a deficiency can not be, as constant reminders hurt.

is clear even when parents tell a child what needs to be hinting that you is far from it.But they did it with love, trying to stimulate your development, not print in addition, as the end result.And if your girlfriend is constantly pokes you in the eye with your shortcomings, why you need it?And whether it's a friend?If the husband constantly tells you "your place" and recalls that he chose you, "type, made happy," think about it, he loves you, or uses.And if you need a life ?!

Firstly, each person has his own, personal opinion, and not under all rigged - it is quite clear.It is engaged in soul-searching and samoedstvom we ourselves consciously poison life.If you think that the awareness of his own insignificance, so that's self-deprecation, your sacrifice is necessary to someone, you are sadly mistaken!

man and wants to be happy, regardless of what his nose shape or body type.And go on about other people's opinions and suffer about their imperfections - is an attempt to justify their laziness and unwillingness to change something in their lives.And in fact many will agree with this, while thinking to myself that this is all true, but I have something very different circumstances and reasons for low self-esteem.

Surely in your life have been people who have tried to convince you that you are not only not the worst, but in many ways much better than others.But, for some reason to believe these people you do not have the strength or character.Indeed, low self-esteem can be changed only when you yourself have come to realize the need for this and, moreover, are ready for some action and effort.

In this case, without the help of well-intentioned people can not do, but some of their words and beliefs will not be enough.Necessary actions that prove relevant to you, in fact, not in word.Change your attitude toward yourself is difficult, and it is not done overnight.But, think about low self-esteem, too, is not a single day had come.

First of all get rid of "well-wishers" who "regret" you are convinced that you are wretched, miserable, clumsy, unlucky, ugly, and so on.You - it's you!And other such in the world do not have!And you deserve to be happy, even if you do not have the ideal proportions or have extra weight or a bunch of other imperfections!

Forgive all the flaws and imperfections and begin to love yourself be what you created Nature!You will see that you will succeed, and, one day, when he saw himself in the mirror, you will be surprised how transformed.The main thing - do not delay, but start today, right now!