In the grip of fear or how to strengthen faith in humanity

Finally, the day was sunny!In the morning it turned out to be so successful, if God himself has blessed, they say, live and be happy!And yesterday did not believe that summer still come, and it seemed that the long rains just let the fly come into its own, because they began to pour from the date of its occurrence on the calendar.And, what can you do, but almost completely resigned that summer did not turn up this year.

- Well, right what they want, then they are doing in our unpredictable world ...

- I do believe no man ...

- Oh, and do not say, still cheated ...

- We see the Lord himself deprived of his blessing onthe arrival of this summer ...

- that's how we are all guilty before God!

These phrases I expressed not only the thoughts of all the residents of my city, and she also reasoned to myself.And this morning, is not it, the Lord Himself said, "here you are!" He said and gave, as if to order, and once all like winning the lottery ticket: - "On!On!You, my friend, and you, my friend!Take,

grab a good, rasprekrasno weather and use my gift! "This morning was the first state of happiness, and the second, a gift from my new friend, leaning already afternoon.She, unlike other female friends, did not promise to visit my country house, and without further ado me company, and together we went to my cottage.

Oho-ho!Poor dacha!Prior to this visit, it nearly all summer standing alone in a dull, until today because never once met his own mistress.And we are so tired of waiting for a dacha that probably "thought" their sad Dumka: "When will like this unfeeling, I mean me, abandoned to visit her and bring her at least some no order."Dachku poor thing, I suppose, had forgotten who she still belongs.

Oh-oh-oh, forgive me my dAchurka!After all, I do not specifically have not forgotten you, just your mistress - one is a warrior, not suited alone embarking on serious cases.Society Bring it!I remember my mother saying that I'm the one and bread do not know how to walk, "You always need people."One can see already my mamulechka enough seen enough from heaven to the daughter's antics.

But all my podruzhenki allowed (yes, yes!) Gave an oath that certainly will go to the country with me, so ardently convinced of this, asked that I did not sell and do not give up.

- Let us, and we become the masters of it!And certainly all in a heap upon her one day and put things there is such an order that ... - vied with each other in naiyarchayshih colors painted all the charm of its grandiose plans:

- Oh, there'll be more like a vacation together!And kebabs!Oh, and otorvёmsya heart's content!

- And More pokrichim at sunset songs and your favorite songs, and shansonovsky Hit!

- And sunbathe!Let every one, and mulattos, and chocolates!

However, the word is irrelevant prishёsh.In balabolok-girlfriends and the hostess was not the time for an abandoned cottage.And then there's rain damned!And who is to be accused of negligence?In general, it is clear: constantly in some cases and contingencies."Yeah, apparently, not fate!" - So we usually say, when something does not work.

And then - and difficult to imagine!In an instant lucky acquaintance with his girlfriend once and hostess, and dacha!Girlfriend Nadia was wholeheartedly honoring useful work - a sort tselinnitsa-shestidesyatnitsa.And when all this is, as it were, spontaneously suddenly manifested, we had and managed to break away, so to speak, the full program, plunged headlong into the work, and, thanks to this same country, in one fell swoop parted with all its sorrows, which each missed.

And how productive passed our first day!Nadya from the first movement hoe weeds on the backhand, if all their black energy lost.She zealously tirelessly weeded, gave herself like this without giving a residue.And I could not stop: a hoe at the ready, I attacked on a vast piece of neglect, pulled hard across his chest, his body all plied.Neither give nor take - a warrior rasseysky!Obviously stoskovalas of the work - so I flew along the beds.And-oh!And off fall rhizome thistles, to the left and to the right with a fat lump of earth.And-oh!And from the furrows, turned inside out, flies to balk jaundiced bush dandelion.Hard-boiled, hard-boiled so babёnok to work!This is where it was pleasure to watch.

I feel with every fiber of the soul as this work ennobles me!In this process, we are upgrading Nadia excitedly rang skirmish fun anecdotes.As in the game of tennis, tennis ball flying from one to the other and back again.And from these sparkling masterpieces of the oral tradition was such laughter that a thin brittle stems of currants bumblebees flocks shoots up.I wish all these jokes, I like to be, I do not remember.However, clearly remembered this: - "Should the new Russian in front of a mirror, carefully examines himself and lamenting: -" Lord, well, what I have a huge belly!Oh, what legs curves, stubby and tonyusenkie!Yes, they'll have me, like sausages hang from a leaky pots.During her womb and his manhood to be seen.A head-the head - well, no one volosinochki.What kind of bags under the eyes - ui-ui-ui!Yes, at such and such bags can be five times already become a millionaire!Then it looks into the bedroom, where the sleeping young beauty and a deep sigh, moan:

- Oh-ho-hoch!And it should be the same as love money!?! "Again struck our friendly laughter.

That's the way we combined the useful with his girlfriend with a cheerful.But, finally it came to an end a difficult work day ended and strength.Utterly happy we trudged home.So, again, all the emotional turmoil themselves decomposed on the shelves, drawing a new state and a certain languid complacency.By the way, precisely because it happened manual labor.And when my friend realized this, both lightning made the discovery: work not only because of the monkeys made man, but of us, desperate and completely lost faith in life, happy people did.

and happy, and truly free, we feel ourselves returning to their reinforced concrete box!I sleep in the day fell very late.It would seem so tired that tkni - and knocked, but no!Apparently, many received energy that I could not wait and do the cleaning in the apartment.Brought luster to the house itself put in order and looked in the mirror, she left him very happy.In this state, and I flopped into bed, feeling tired wellness.And almost fell asleep, well, right, on the last yawn, hitting himself nogotochki somewhere close at hand, cringed.Interestingly, this is it ??It was time to sleep and, but suddenly somewhere in one of the hemispheres of the brain clearly sounded a warning comely morning television announcer: - "... this year, especially the cases of tick attacks ... the danger of their greatly increased ...".In its report it mentioned something terrible about the rampant outbreak of encephalitis.

All these words have become her again and again to scroll through my mind: "You have to carefully ... Note danger ... beware !!!".And even some crap associated with the same klyatyh mite.Snatches, like a broken record, spun and spun in his head, and had already begun to feel that the whole brain zasizheny these same ticks.About them because for various radio and television programs doldonit incessantly: "Beware of so beware!»

my rest was completely broken, the dream suddenly evaporated.Once again, I went to the mirror, but now in order to examine and feel the entire themselves from head to toe and back.My attention is drawn to only one place with black dots.It was really terribly interesting, who clung to me?Yes, and how "he" could?And when?I put on glasses.I find a huge magnifying glass.... Something is not clear exactly chёrnenkoe see.But what is it?No, I can not identify!The time is approaching for two nights, and I all stared and stared at himself.Finally I decided to call in the "ambulance."

Yes-ah really!If someone wants nahohotatsya heart's content, I suggest to call this very

«ambulance».This is where the best humor to colic, until blue in the face beyond recognition itself.First and foremost, the humor begins with the fact that you, at least for 15 minutes to be tedious and a studied to say, "Wait ... wait ..." And then you will hear the following: - "Busy ... busy ... busy.The line is overloaded!Call Me! "Now I can not accurately convey all the very long telephone rants since turned to this" aid "eagerly and constantly

Now, now ... Now I skorenko remember how had I call this" fast "for her granddaughter.Yeah, I remember!It was like this: one day she, three-year girl, suddenly the temperature has risen to 38, and neither I nor her parents unhappy then it was not a laughing matter.As they say, the full tragedy was planned.I keep ringing in the "fast" a dozen times, no less, but, alas, did not wait a full clear answer.We were all in despair.Lord, if it is, this aid had never provided our baby ?!Help our baby still won, but only after I was driven by a sense of grief and despair, went to the police.

Police just remember now, I have somewhere very far away, "sent."However, what I "fast" report did not, but just sinister them hissed into the phone about an appeal to the authorities.And then some "aid" has decided to hurry up, but even then the ambulance came to the little one is only four and a half hours later, when she, the poor thing, has already cramped legs cramp.Later they told that we still terribly fortunate that the ambulance arrived at all, because I was so familiar, and who does not wait for this "assistance".Apparently, very much it was very busy at that time, or those who are in the service of the work, for a long time decided to spit on all those in need.

It turns out when it becomes bad, not better call this "fast".Call her at a time when you would be unbearably boring and want to simply "pinned."I promise the best humorous story than your dialogue with an employee of "ambulance" for you, no, even the greatest humorist not write - it just fantasy on this will not be enough.

(To be continued)