Bride of the province

people Natasha flow carries farther and farther away from the love, warmth and well-being.Moscow subway in an instant become a haven for unfulfilled hopes, silly naive thoughts, memories.It is with some masochistic pleasure plunged into a crowd of Muscovites, it pushed, brushed bags, breathing in the face garlic fumes.It merged with the faceless masses, has become an integral part of the gray crowd and was immensely glad.

Who would have thought that life will make a zigzag.Six months ago, Natasha went to work in the sleepy subway car and thought about their bitter fate: there is no joy in life, no husband, no their own homes, do not have children - so many things there.And like a simple female happiness.As there, in the song - "... would be pretty close"?

well to this charming and had a car and a tent in the form of flats, and at least average, but income.How did it at the time did not want to shake in the metro, and cute cooing in the cabin of an expensive car, inhaling the smell of the leather inter

ior and a refined aroma of male perfume!Ah, the dream!Well, what these soplyachki, which is taken every night with a solid work exchange, better Natasha?Although perhaps the one advantage they have - it's age!

Years fly.For the first wrinkles and scattered rays of the eye, and no miracle creams did not hide the early signs of, no, not the age, but rather the female wisdom and experienced difficulties.So thought Natasha, looking at his reflection in the car window murky.Straw curls, blue eyes, white marble face, a mole on his cheek."Good!" - She smiled and buried her face in a black knitted scarf.

But thoughts again avalanche covered the young woman, and to replace a passing joy came very obvious question - how much of the youth and beauty is left?Well, maybe, five years is enough, what next?It did not want to think.And then Natasha promised myself - get married, why would I not worth it!Patience and a little effort.The main thing - to believe and act, then everything will turn out.Decided, and in half an hour completely forgot about his intentions.

cycle and eternal vanity at work.In the evening, in a small rented flat chatter with his girlfriend on the phone, cheerful correspondence in ICQ, meaningless flirtation with a young kid from Kiev on Skype.Sometimes, of course, stood out, and going to the theater, and no non-binding dates in the cafes, and walking through the evening the city, but without the lovers sighs and continue.The ordinary life of a young woman.

Fate knocked at the door, and Natasha, as always, was not prepared for its surprises.Came back late one evening, a bit tipsy, from friends.Head slightly circled, and she decided to catch the car.Stopped silver foreign car.The driver did not bargain agreed to ride the subway "University" for a nominal fee.Inside, it was warm, woman, worn out, and she fell asleep.The driver turned out to be considerate, to talk not climb, but occasionally looked at a random fellow traveler."How old is she?- Stas thought - well, on the strength of twenty-seven years, though ... makeup works wonders ... Cute! ".

Well, then, as in an old movie, the man refused the money and asked the phone, and Natasha, a little embarrassed, left a number to a stranger.The next day, Stas called.Invited a coffee, wander through the Old Arbat.The woman agreed.

can not say that Stas loved Natasha: large figure, despite his young age, beer belly, receding hairline, weak-willed chin.But it's the little things!Is the exterior is decorated with these men?The beauty of a man in his actions.But actions speak for themselves.Roses, compliments, gold ring, plans for future life, care and all - a bird caught in a cage.

Now Natasha seldom traveled by subway.In the morning Stas drove her to work, pick up and in the evening.What a joy - not to push in a stuffy car!And the wedding was promised a present nine brand new (it is until the driving experience, will continue to only foreign cars).Her friends were jealous - lucky!

Natasha flattered by the attention of Stas.Muscovites, graduated from the prestigious Moscow university, the only son of his parents, a car, an apartment and not the average monthly income was not married, had no children - is not the groom ?!But sometimes something alarmed the young woman in the expression of green convex eyes in sweet speeches, from which at times became sickeningly sugary.Tossing insomnia in bed, she kept saying - just do not like.In the morning, shared experiences with a friend who laughed at the stupidity and responsible - not sorted out!Marriage is time!

After a month of communication Stas invited Natasha to the country - his parents wanted to meet with the bride's son.Mom was kind of the power and cunning.Father seemed limp and around agreed with his wife.Natasha, accustomed to honest and sincere relationship, trying to behave naturally, but felt like the interview or interrogation."Natasha, so you're not from Moscow?And where do your parents live?What mom works?Dad retired?How much old is he?You're the one child in the family?Which institution has?You work in publishing?Very interesting, and the salary is at least satisfied with?Of course, of course, the pleasure of work, too, should bring, and money are not redundant.What about housing?Rent an apartment?But Stas their homes either, grandmother lives in the apartment, so you can say you're almost on an equal footing "- mother smiled slyly and bored girl his piercing eyes-boring beetles.Natasha could not believe his ears.How can you compare?She

- provincial, accustomed to seek in all their work.She studied and lived in a hostel, then worked constantly proving their professionalism and diligence.I have an apartment, saving, helping their parents, have time to read, go to the theater, visit exhibitions and, in spite of everything, to dream.

Stas also grown under greenhouse conditions, the university gave Dad, Mom provided the comfort of home, the army otmazatsya, after graduation, went to live in her grandmother's apartment alone.Parents are helped to find a job.

Stas did not enjoy success with women - was a little bit greedy, believed that care for Muscovites expensive.Another thing - the girls from the provinces, do not require anything and dream of marrying.Of these, you can twist the rope with the right approach and can not grovel.Important first splurge - gifts, promises, and then everything goes like clockwork.In addition, he chose women much older than himself, those who do not need to prove anything, but relations are mainly held on sexual attraction.

Natasha, they were the same age.After talking, Stas thought that a good wife get out of this young woman: will not be capricious, not a girl, but his ambition shove, far away for the Moscow residence permit, preparing well educated, attractive.Yes, and it's time to get married.The main thing to protect yourself in the material sense.

It was immediately noticeable that Natasha, like all women who want to marry.However, she was not spoiled, happy any favors, believed in the promises, the impression of disinterested and respectable woman.In case of divorce, will take the same time, what came, get nothing.Stas really take care of it.Natasha did not even guess about the "wise" thoughts of the elect.

«I think that adults should be self-reliant and independent, so that it is quite normal to start from scratch, to rent an apartment, build on its strengths" - retorted the woman.She would never be able to fit into a family where the conversations and thoughts about money, where the fear of the property does not allow to see the most important thing - the human soul.

She sincerely hoped that Stas little resemblance to their parents, and they will live separately.It turned out that the family is not poor, two apartments in Moscow, one in two cottages, each member of the family car, and a bank account at a round sum.Greed mother Stas surprisingly combined with a desire to show off to a poor provincial town.There was this evening intimate conversations about the ties of kinship, about hobbies, memories of childhood Stas.

conversation waned, Natasha smiled, nodded, and helped clear the table.Noted - Stas behavior changed.In the presence of his parents, he behaved stiffly and indifferently towards his girlfriend.They returned to Moscow in silence.Near the entrance Stas simply said, not looking at his beloved, and off into the distance through the windshield, "Tomorrow'll come at nine, go to the registrar, submit your application.Sorry for the behavior of mothers!I sometimes think that she will not be able to accept my choice.So tomorrow!And it's decided! "Natasha silently out of the car.

next morning, filed an application, and in the evening decided to celebrate their engagement.Stas came with flowers and champagne.All looked like a play in the theater of the absurd.What was absurd, Natalia could not understand yet, but something was clearly wrong.Any girl who came to the metropolis in search of happiness, dreams of such an event.Only here Natasha did not feel happy.Per lay heavy stone.She felt - be unhappy.

mother learned that her daughter gets married, she said: "Do not hurry!Unless the soul is not worth it.You now have the chance to meet a loved one, getting married, a chance not to be. "Natasha loved his mother, a smart, modern, delicate.He and his father lived for more than thirty years together.A major role in the family well-being of parents played loyalty and diplomacy mother.Natasha sighed - Stas in the family it was different.

This evening there was an unexpected conversation.First the groom raised his glass to their betrothal, and then mentioned that Natasha lucky enough - she was able to "drag" it to the registrar, should therefore appreciate his selfless act.Then the conversation gradually moved in a different direction.

Stas said that parents are against their relationship, it will not turn out to live in the grandmother's apartment.He asked where their children will be registered, offered to arrange a marriage contract.Natasha listened and could not believe my ears.Stas imperceptibly touched in the conversation of the family budget, it turned out, his wife would have to learn how to save and spend money carefully.During the evening the woman did not hear a single word about love, but did not find fault.

following days flew by in a blur.Stas put forward more and more new requirements and conditions of their life together.Natasha felt Dowry.The head crept into the idea - it simply want to use.Sometimes patience is not enough, and it is frustrated, saying that all this was not for her.Stas, feeling the fighting spirit of the bride, quickly folded conversation, tried to translate everything into a joke, coaxing promises.

Natasha ceased to sleep at night, trying not to think about the upcoming wedding.At work, I wandered like a shadow, once again failed the mission chief.Colleagues looked at each other in amazement - like life began to build, but that's not happiness eyes glow.

Stas came home late, had dinner, talked about the upcoming wedding of expenditure proposed to save.Natasha is still alone pay the rent, buy food and feel satisfied by close family life.She did not have enough air, she choked on the smell of an unloved unloved man, from the dust that covered their relationship, from despair.

Everything just asserted that family life should not be rosy and like a fairy tale, and she just wanted to insert earplugs in his ears to drown out the voices of imaginary friends.And they constantly repeat - to be more cunning, calculating, think about yourself!Not a girl already - almost thirty!Well, where did you even meet this?And it was starting to get sick of this talk.

She tried to defend themselves and to explain what I would like to meet spiritually close person with whom it would be possible not only to speak, but just keep quiet.Stas is not able to keep quiet, he kept saying something.Truth wisdom says: "In the loved one likes disadvantages, not the favorite irritate even dignity."Recently, Natasha did not notice the advantages.

She agreed to sign the marriage contract.I think - all right, she does not need anything, even a Moscow residence permit did not appeal.Working in Moscow it is possible, with a temporary registration.And they will earn an apartment, take a mortgage that no one from the family Stas, it could not be accused of self-interest.In a word, Natasha, used to be an independent, ready to share all the burdens and worries, but the groom's behavior is increasingly puts it in a deadlock.

Stas did not spoil the bride neither flowers nor restaurants, conversations often become slip the phrase - "there is no money, but I do not print them, much cheaper than dinner at home."If you happen to call in to the supermarket, Stas followed the price of products and tried to choose cheaper.

Natasha became sad - even with his small salary by Moscow standards, it no longer looked at the quality of the product, rather than its value.About the car, promised to the wedding, the groom is no longer stuttered.Natasha stopped to chat with friends, Stas controlled every step, and after the work had to rush home to cook dinner, iron the shirt.

requests to go on the weekend out of town, go to the museum, take a stroll in the park, went unanswered.Stas Sabbath day spent watching TV or in front of a computer.On Sunday, I went to the parents, one, alluding to the fact that parents do not want to see Natasha.Sometimes Natasha did not have enough money to pay, but ask them to have a future husband could not.

Once he chided her: "You have many years in Moscow, and nothing gained, you have a heart for nothing!" The woman choked with indignation: "Have you ever tried to give half his salary for an apartment?And you want to, and to dress decently and spending on cosmetics, I'm not working as a janitor!They did not help! »

two weeks remained before the wedding.Natasha haggard, under-eye dark circles lay down - results of sleepless nights.It was Monday.Outside, the drizzling rain.My heart was wet and nasty.Natalya sat on the bed, covered with a warm blanket.She was determined now not to go to work, said he was ill.He begged the chief of three days at his own expense, unplug the phone, drank a sleeping pill, and in the evening woke up with a heavy head.Someone rang the doorbell insistently.Natasha decided not to open, even though she knew exactly what it Stas.It definitely talk to him, but not now, maybe in a couple of days.

Three days later, they met in the "Atrium", we decided to have a coffee in the "Shokoladnitsa".Stas was calm, as if nothing had happened, thinking it just whims, and the relationship will improve.Natasha knew - did not work out.I understand that have not fallen in love with this man, and the first stirrings of her love were ruined actions Stas.Natasha held out the ring box:

- sorry!I will not marry you.

- Why?- Stas was surprised

- I have long thought.I do not want to make a mistake.I could explain to you what is wrong, but you're afraid you will not understand.Just accept my decision.I wish you happiness!And goodbye!- Natasha stood up abruptly and walked to the exit.She felt free, but it was sad.Sadly, that is not fulfilled her dreams, sad, that one again, sad obscurity.And, what's next ?!It is sad, but not fatal.

been three months.Life went on track.Relatives and friends tried not to think about the canceled wedding.Friends, of course, gossiped, have twisted his finger to his temple, and calmed down.

Every day sweltering subway crowds, the constant hum spetsefichesky smell ... as usual.So this time Natasha was in a hurry to work that morning, at the exit of the subway something thoughtful and literally almost knocked someone man.Sorry.Their eyes met, and for a moment the world stopped.

A year later there was a wedding, a quiet evening with the closest people.Sergei gently caring for his wife, stroking his rounded belly favorite.Natalia thought of a fluke, how great that day Sergey car broke down, and someone pushed them over each other.And that true love knows no conditions, it just believe as you believe in God - just know that he is.