Men's tears - myth or reality?

Until recently, representatives of the male sex were associated with my brave men, and at times impenetrable.Stiffness in the character and unwavering resistance in any situation is always positioned the men in my eyes, like a solid wall and a support in the life of any woman.

Those young people tearfully reproached himself in his own competence is not complaining about the blows of fate or cruel and gratuitous love story, I belong to the category of persons tearful, unable to think clearly and adequately.

However, not so long ago, I realized that even the most persistent and courageous representatives of the strong half of humanity, not only can truly sympathize, but do not hesitate to throw out all that has accumulated in them, at times, closed and inaccessible hearts.

man of my dreams, that I wake up every morning the last 6 years, has long ceased to be a mystery to me.As it seemed to me, in his behavior and conversation I have, after all these years, could foresee any fines and described his mood

in detail.

tears from him I have never seen, even in their most unexpected fantasies could not imagine my favorite with a wet face and bloodshot eyes.Over the years, in my mind it is perfectly able to create an image of a stable and solid macho.

This image has existed as long as our life together has not appeared the third - man.On it there was a sudden my horizon.Girlfriend a secret from me, decided to bring us on a date in the blind.And though that I live in a civil marriage is not the first year, she was well aware, this has not prevented friend to solve the problem of finding "the prince on a white horse", which it believes is best for me.

harmless and awkward dinner played a role, and a little later learned about it all, including, of course, and my lover.Yes, the world is not without good people!Storm, played out between us, stopped only when he slammed the door, and the last time I watched the back of his head on the stairs.

By the way, my jealousy man suffered a long and incurable, and, I would say - with the aggravation, and this episode is no exception.In his act, I did not see anything unusual - a shout and the sound of a typical love squabble between us, and little by little I got used to it and, but that's out of the house under any circumstances, and he never left.

At that moment I was really confused, and after a sleepless night has lost all hope of that ever again see him again.However, fate decided to bring us side by side on the next day in a roadside cafe, where we often dined together.

To my surprise the man of my dreams appeared before me in a different light.His lost look, kind of tired and unhealthy complexion betrayed him real anxiety occurring.Faced with me face to face, he frantically clutching the edge of my coat, and led me into the street.

In the daylight I could see his tear-filled eyes, trembling lips and awkward gestures.For the first time he appeared in front of me so vulnerable.Realizing his foolish and unreasonable jealousy, he swore to me in infinite love.Then I saw for the first time as his cheek tears rolled down.

Now I can say with certainty that man, too sensitive and emotional people who are not alien to such a display of emotion as tears.Is this not proof that you are for him means more than just being the person next.You in his heart - the most precious thing in the world.