I'm sorry ... ( letter to the editor )

once studied psychology.Gone from the third year.Not mine.It seems everything is clear: a loving husband, family, children.What to study?Example of parents - that he was there.All my life together.Well, quarreling, and immediately reconciled.

I am a teacher of mathematics.Accidentally hit on your site.I read the article about the family, about family relationships, real member, visited the forums and flooded ...

How many people, so many opinions, and they are all different, emotion, resentment ... divorce.She ran to the bookstore to buy something on the psychology of family relationships, but remembered that his student years should remain literature.Here it is - a panacea for all occasions!I read in one gulp.I visited a number of sites on this topic, visit the many forums.There were all sorts of doubts.

And that struck most of all - it's a huge number of complaints, grievances and general dislike of girls, women, wives to "strong floor".And some timid attempts to men, "former" men resist this press

ure.If there are forums for comments on any article or participate in the "skirmish" that, most often, it is the last "cry from the heart."

There are exceptions, but it only proves the rule.But we are different by definition, in the same situation and perceive differently and feel ourselves in these situations, conflicts in different ways and go in different ways.A try on to that only their "feminine" feelings and emotions: he does not love me, he was not supposed to do, he does not understand me, do not appreciate, I told him to "give" his best years, I'm all for him, and he ...We

in their judgments, acts more violent than the male population.For years we can carry a concealed insults and throw out all at once.And proud that we did it, they defended their honor and dignity.But is this true?

You know that writing this myself.For more than half a year, as a split with her husband.All is well: feminism, emancipation, self-esteem, independence, business-woman, a private apartment, car, respect for colleagues, friends, acquaintances, and at home - the loneliness!After all it does not replace the warmth and tenderness, care and love, even if at times a kind of beloved husband, man.

Do timid attempts to restore the destroyed family relationships.Hopefully.Everybody happy!

No one wanted to offend.