Do men love to bitch ?

The answer is simple - love!Only here's the thing - women and men in the definition of "bitch" put a completely different meaning.Women call someone a bitch - anyway, that curse, so a negative connotation is the word for it.But the men say "bitch" perhaps with an admiring gasp.

If women bitch - it is a nasty arrogant lady, who passed them on the path of life, and even laughed, the men see in a woman's independence, inner freedom.Their fortitude and draws looseness, confidence and the ability to solve all their problems on their own.For men, the bitch - woman of mystery, which frightens, but at the same time irresistibly attracted.

What is it really - modern bitch?Why is it so differently perceive it, men and women?As for women, they are not difficult to understand, because they see the bitch fortunate rival, and, fortunate absolutely everything.As a rule, a bitch - a successful, self-sufficient, financially independent woman.

Often she made a good career and secured a lifestyle that is unattainable f

or the average married woman and burdened with children.Moreover, the habit of self-discipline, the ability to achieve their goals teaches bitch always look their best: they take care of themselves, watching the figure, health, etc.

bitch knows how to attract men and manage them..Good knowledge of male psychology, possessing a perfect flirting techniques allows it to be always appealing to the representatives of a strong half of mankind.

mistaken who thinks bitch impudent and boorish.Yes, it can be and is - cynical, peremptory, despised conventionality.But no less a bitch are "white and fluffy" angels who, demonstrating docile nature, weave a rope from men.How do they do it?

Remember how developed your relationship with your loved one, as he is called, "I did not sit on your head."That's right, fall in love, an ordinary woman trying to do for the man she loved everything in her power, and even more than that.In order to meet all the whims of men, women allow themselves to be manipulated in the future, that bitch will not allow in any case.

Another difference: a woman in love for the sake of a loved one is ready for anything.It is available and reliable, the most "ordinary", which is saturated with men so quickly.But hunting bitch understands the nature of men and forcing themselves to achieve, then closer, then pushing, but always challenging.It keeps a man in suspense, not giving him relax, make yourself to achieve every time, just like the first.

What bitch lose the other women?That bitch is not to get bored.It is unpredictable, unusual.She is sexy and attractive, she, like the coveted trophy as a sign of man's differences, which can boast in front of others, if you can suddenly win it.

But why bitches usually not arranged in his personal life?Apparently, because men are tired of the constant voltage.Again, someone like when they are constantly being manipulated?And, most importantly, men also appreciate the sincerity in relationships, openness, trust, honesty, understanding.For them, chat with a bitch - a kind of standing on tiptoe, balancing, and after a tense rhythm of life requires mandatory rest and recuperation.And because so many men have lost the head of the bitch, returning to their wives.

Every woman dreams about his beloved, understand and right next to the person.And the bitch is no exception.Her behavior and efforts are directed precisely to the conquest of the most cherished goal - the success of decent men.Only now she uses techniques such which are not capable of each.Lack of moral barriers, the reluctance to take into account anyone's interests except their own impudence and cynicism just give the word "bitch" a negative connotation.

But, nevertheless, at the bitch has a lot to learn.Especially if you want to be for your beloved mysterious, unpredictable, always new and desirable.If you are looking to maintain interest in themselves, do not put all their lives at the mercy of the whims of men.You must have your own circle of interests, hobbies, activities that are not worth the sacrifice.

If you want to make a career, you should not stop halfway because your husband wants you to meet him in the evening at home with slippers in hands.Do not rush to fulfill his every desire, every whim, especially if it is detrimental to your interests and desires.Respecting and loving your man will not require the unnecessary victims, on the contrary, it will help in career and home affairs, taking over part of the duties.And if this does not happen, you should seriously think about what awaits you ahead.

No matter how you find it difficult, as if you do not suffer from a lack of time and energy, not to dissolve, take care of yourself, your appearance, figure.It dropped in the near future wife irritated and bored husbands.Save inner freedom and independence, do not try to control your man in everything, even in the details, as well as do not let him do it and.

not arrange hysterics, scenes and shootouts, all their displeasure or wishes to speak quietly and without unnecessary acrimony and recriminations, and, look for this time and place.Learn to be above circumstances, maintaining a sense of humor and dignity.Respect and love yourself, only in this case you will have to love and respect others.Having learned all this, bitch you will not, but to save a loved one and to make their lives happier and more interesting will be able to score.