Dating Site : the place where dreams come true ?

Find a loved one on the Internet is no longer difficult.Chat rooms, forums, blogs - all of which are designed to communicate and make new friends.Thousands of people communicate on the network every day.Meet as possible and in specially designated areas, such as dating sites.Many refer to them in the hope to find love.

I decided to find out first hand whether it is possible to meet your soul mate and that's what came out of it.The first question - how to hang photos: stern, or with a touch of frivolity?Attracts the audience for disposable pleasures did not want to and I opted for a strict photo made in the walls of the native office.

first man who wrote to me, was a stern-looking and quite rude.He immediately wanted to know if you can invite me to her house and refused, swore.Strange, because the purpose of love in my questionnaire is - friendship, but it seems absolutely not taken into account by local gentlemen

following three offered to meet in the evening, when one of them was married, and two o

thers, judging by the photo, hadvery unsightly.Married dating site turned out to be most general, that I was very upset.They all had the goal to find a lover and jumped right off the bat.

I decided to write myself vending young man chose himself, in my opinion, pretty, and threw a couple of lines with compliments in his address.The young man did not answer at first long, then languidly inquired, if I have my own apartment, but then wilted and eventually stopped responding.Apparently, he does not like office ladies, I thought.

Then my goal was to hang himself in a place called the "Hall of Fame", ieI see my photos on all pages.As many as half an hour, I'll hang all on display, will certainly something interesting.Take the money and sending SMS, I appeared still on the board, and once the interest in my person at the local suitors increased significantly.That's just this interest was sexually-consumer nature, nobody got to know just so, or has been married.

young and not very men wrote compliments and invited to visit, offering sponsorship and still called for a visit.Some more or less serious interest to him, I never saw.

Having spent online a couple of hours, I realized that to meet a loved one in a stream of proposals will not be easy.Or maybe I was just unlucky.Probably, my man did not know what I'm looking for it on the Internet, and is not paid for the traffic.I turned off the computer and smiled at the handsome colleague, who for several days calling me in the cafe after work.I wonder if he has a profile on a dating site? ..