Enchanted Prince or Beauty and the Beast

Do you think what happened to Prince Charming?Or they are "bewitched"?It seems that it thinks most of the women in our country with you!Yes!Yes!It is our country, because in no other country, women are not afraid to lose his "enchanted prince"!Many refer to the mentality of our women, and the most important advantage, before which even foreign princes can not resist - is patience Russian women.

Let's look at an example: Every little girl as a child told stories, and parents are not just talking about what it is - a little princess who one day will meet her only handsome prince.And the little girl grew up with the conviction that the day will come and meet her prince charming!

Unfortunately, the majority of adult women in the choice of his handsome prince guided by one of the famous fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast."Somehow, when it comes to our time, we all forget the "Snow White", "Cinderella" or "Princess Frog", which on the contrary, the prince helps the beautiful girl to spell it, so he gets her h

and and heart.

We are with you remember the fairy tale, in which the protagonist was bewitched, mind you, is not an evil witch (as would harm) and the good witch !!!(The good) which bewitched evil, spoiled prince, so that he could realize his mistake, change for the better and earn the love.

Alas, Russian women do not explain that "monster" can be loved only if he is outside the "monster" and not inside.We wait, we believe it is our duty to be with such a "monster" until its "transformation" into a handsome prince.

But !!!Contemplate the essence of this tale is "a monster" did not save from death, "beautiful", until she looked at him and saw that his heart and soul are changed and become not so cruel as they were before, she could not love himalthough it did not happen overnight.

And what do we, the women in real life?We tirelessly, with amazing perseverance and conviction that can not be otherwise, just believe in yourself, in your strength and your patience, which, in fact, except for ourselves no one needs in a series of issues and events!After all, if the "monster" like "monster", it is no longer necessary to change it, and so fond of.

We spend a life in re "monster" on barren expectations of its transformation into a handsome prince.And often unfeasible realize their hopes too late - out youth, beauty and health.

We are waiting for miracles, we want fabulous transformations and a handsome prince, which we were told as a child.But we did we grow up, and tales of childhood and remain in our memory.Re-read them again and allow yourself to become a princess, let me save myself, and only then you will see how many around you are real heroes, princes, descended from the pages of those stories that you have read as a child of your mother.