Virtual suffering or guest from the past

But my husband really believed in something that can be just a friendly chat, even friends families go to visit, to remember the past with a smile.I originally understood that the past is in the past, and should remain, but somewhere deep inside, too, hoped so, hoped for the mind, age, social status, in the end.But miracles do not happen, you see.

My husband 25 years ago, there were many, to put it delicately, close friends.Now some of them were found in the "Classmates" and "My World", on a site which, unfortunately, became interested in my husband.Having met on the Internet, these ladies are not satisfied with the virtual communication and the memories of the past.They broke into our real lives.And my life turned into a nightmare.You yourself, try to imagine it!

So, one of the former husband's "girlfriends" calls from Volgograd, and hysterically proves that our marriage with him twenty-two - a mistake, and it was she - his only love.Another, from the Siberian Ust-Ilim, makes me and my husband it sup

posedly grown up without a father's daughter.On the third, it seemed to me the most appropriate of all, I tried even "friends" ... The worst thing is that, at least three "ex-love," My husband has not yet been found, but I seriously fear that they are about-Here and there will be something, too, "surprise" us.

To make it clearer that I was so worried about, I'll tell you more.One of my husband's friends announced name Svetlana youth.A former school friend, she could not believe that her husband was registered on these sites is not to look for what the love of adventure, and just wanting to find old school friends, to know who, where, and how life has developed, etc..

Svetlana Memories of the events of 25 years ago have been turned upside down, are equipped with details that even under hypnosis could not recall her husband, and, most importantly, it is particularly carefully told about their love, which happened many years ago.And, I do it with details of: repeating the words he never said, telling about where and when he was with her, and so

That's nothing, but, after some time, Svetlana became literally demand from mine.personal meeting her husband, and then he dumped her to the sea, and even better organized foreign trip ...

Moreover, she has a family, a husband, with whom she lived married longer than we with my husband, adultdaughter of great challenges and son - teenager 13-14 years.Svetlana's husband, fearing for the development of the situation, decided to talk to my husband, and the conversation began roughly, and, having understood what was happening, almost pleaded with him to understand and to cease all communication with his wife.

second lady, who decided to refresh the memories of youth, related to my husband, also named Svetlana.To avoid confusion, I'll just call her light.She lives in Siberia, teaches at the university, looks good, is much smarter and more cunning than his namesake, Svetlana, but ... Her plans and intentions issued the same exorbitant molestation, God damn it!

confess about anything, I was fidgety no less than the first, Svetlana.Imagine: there is in our life a woman who eagerly tells that gave birth in those years, a daughter, which did not know his father, and starts hard to introduce the adult daughter with family "father", in particular with our daughter (again"thank you" to the Internet).Next - even more abruptly, for example, she tells my husband at three o'clock in the morning that he became a grandfather, and much, much more.

All occurring prompts me to hold so-called "investigative journalism" is not taken away a lot of time.But, comparing documents, the date of the location of her husband at any particular time, I had a simple and clear picture - time communication Sveta with my husband in any way with the date of birth of her daughter is not married.Even if we take the proverbial seven-month birth, well, still does not fit!

And her husband, despite the chaotic relationships in his youth, understands that it is now expressed youth, lit like Lohan.But light does not pay attention to the facts, but begins as the first, Svetlana, to insist on a meeting, and then everything according to plan - sea, sun, money, travel, etc. Moreover, it literally requires:. "All or Nothing, dear!"(her words).

third girl named Elena.Student husband's friend who, honestly, even like the first.My husband told me that Elena and he had nothing but clean comradely friendship.For this he did and respected.Faced with her husband on the Internet, Elena tried to get to know me, too (to which, of course, did not aspire to all the other "friends"), and we are pleased to communicate the three of us, but a closer look, invited her to visit.

Elena long doubted modest, but summer still come.That was when everything changed.Looking ahead, I will say that it does not keep the evil, we still occasionally chat about trifles on the internet, but guests are no longer invite exactly and my husband agrees with me.

Elena stayed with us a few days, and the entertainment program for the guests we have thought in advance: familiarity with the house and the city, beach and friends villa, a trip to the beauty salon, a tour of the company of her husband, a boat trip, etc. For all the days.Elena has stayed with us, she never was satisfied, would not say elementary thanks.But claims fell in abundance: and something is wrong and it is not.

I did not realize that the rest of Elena - a violent drunken "Veselukha" in a large company.And the men were, with which you can dance slow dancing, flirting thoroughly.But as they say, "I'm sorry, we do not grow bananas."We have a lot of family friends, and take a walk, we can too, but it's not something that needed to Helen, because our men value their family, cherish the nerves of their wives, beyond measure is neither alcohol nor all that forthis is followed.

But that's all right - everyone in their own holiday presents.But Elena, take a moment and when I was alone with my husband, burst into the memories and for some reason began to argue that he was her first man.The husband, who remembers exactly what their relationship, not just a surprise, it was just a shock, stupor, although the form, of course, he did not show, turned everything into a joke.In general, and this experiment friendship with the ghost of the past has failed.

But that strange, Elena was not interested in anything about us: how and what we live, how do they live 25 years.There were only attempts to voice some awkward memories of the past, half of them too, to put it mildly, were unknown from whose life.

Why I wrote about everything in such detail?Did I mention that all of these "one-class" contact order complicate my life.And there is a complete misunderstanding of the situation.All three ladies in question, in fact, were not close friends of her husband, all three at different times, do not even know what to call it, had flashed, insignificant moments about his then vsamdelishnye friendships, loves, passions.

My husband, for the year naobschavshis enough with the aforementioned friends, have a good laugh, "shared memories" pretty tired from their molestation, bordering on stupidity (if not tougher), and to delete their numbers from the phone, I changed the e-mail address and went tosocial networking sites.

I will not lie, this year has been very difficult for me, my nerves have suffered a lot, but having gone through and analyzed what happened to us, I unexpectedly became more confident, raised their self-esteem.There were also other issues and conclusions, which I would like to tell.

Women, of which I wrote, belong far from the working class (forgive me for classification), we got all the good higher education, and some more than one.They have a family, all on two children - each of these ladies - a son and a daughter.Only one of them divorced, and it is not adrift and financially supported by the ex-husband.They occupy no small job.

And I've got a misunderstanding, big as an elephant, or a herd of elephants.How can this be: do not offended fate of women, with the fate, have achieved a lot as they can stoop to such - to lie, be intrusive, cheating husband, even children, to bring discord into someone else's family?

not understand how you can in the fifth decade of having a family, children, adults and not very good, without looking back, his head sink into his own fiction, then what was not, and is not?Even if he is my husband, once I had fun with them and have not thought about it a quarter-century, then what they are now being asked: - "And I'm dreaming?Do you remember me?Do you remember ...? "This is nonsense!It is not necessary to be a rocket scientist to understand one simple thing - when a guy 17-18 years, he does not care with whom, where, and how to be just to much and nothing.

But no, these ladies do not want to include the head, they are willing to destroy the left and to the right family life, his and that of another person in fact, do you hear, someone else's!Especially because he is your idol, even more than it was many years ago, openly toying with you, making your lovely phone revelation joke that you can tell an infinite number of times in the men's gatherings,

Do not laugh at this, yoursurprisingly, only one person, it's me - the wife of your idol.Do not laugh, because I have all of these have appeared in our life "friends" of the present, like a woman so sorry ...

But my husband really believed in something that can be just a friendly chat, even friends families, go toguests remember the past with a smile.I originally understood that the past is in the past, and should remain, but somewhere deep inside, too, hoped so, hoped for the mind, age, social status, in the end.But miracles do not happen, you see.

It is hoped that this was the end, I hope that will not have after some time to sit down again at the computer and continue the story, because of the "turbulent past," my husband does not "surfaced" has at least one light,Katya and Olya more.Next in chronological order, already I go in his life, Alice, and, last and only hope, because it is very much in love with my husband such a popular and never cheat.