Choice ( female psychology )

car sped around the track at high speed.Wife wanted to accelerate and take off into the sky, so that only a small dot flashing in the clouds ... Tears filled his eyes.From Leshina words she knew - he loves another woman.Jack did not know how to go on living.It's difficult to breathe.Tears choked, and found no way out but could find no way out, and she did.

sharp headlights.Screeching brakes.Only now, Jack noticed that flew into the opposite lane.She did not even having time to be frightened, withdrawn from the emergency vehicle and said to myself: "All stop!»

Jack stopped on a deserted unlit road.No one sees her treacherous weakness.The girl burst into tears, like a child with howls, smearing tears on her face.Prorevev, she felt relieved.And immediately he fell asleep.

awakened by cold.The clock showed 4am.Drizzling rain."That's all what I can do?"- Eugene said: - "rushing headlong, not knowing where, sobbing violently, like a little child?So you want to wave a magic wand, that was all, in my opinio

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feeling that started up inside the bomb, did not leave Eugene."Tik- tock, tick-tock" - pounding in my head, counting the hours and minutes before the explosion.It is necessary to go back and talk to Lesco.Her Lesco.

wife thought that he and she will be together always.They loved each other.And so it goes ... Mina inside exploded.Jack is no longer heard the "tick-tock", and the only noise in the ears.It's like flying in an airplane.

She turned the car around and slowly, deliberately delaying the moment of meeting with Alexei, went home.How sad that she would prefer another.After all, she, Jack, because she loves him.And he!"All men - the goats!I thought you were different, Leszek.And you are the same kid! "- Jack decided.And yet ...

She drove into the yard, put the car in the garage.He entered the house.It was still very early.Leszek sleeping in their bed, as if everything between them still."Maybe I dreamed all - she thought:? - Maybe he loves me and is not going to leave?»

She did not wake him.She closed the bedroom door.And she went into the kitchen, where a basket sleeping cat Yasha.No, kotyara Yasha.Many lazy creature that even lazy meow.Instead of the usual "meow" What he says "Mmmm ..." "Oh!Yasha, Yasha, "- Eugene began to stroke his soft furry back.It is responsive said, "Mmmm ..." and stretched out at full length."Good for you, Yasha.No you have mad love, passion and affection.Although you never know?You and the day can not live without kitiketa ".

Jack curled up in a chair.Tears streamed down his cheeks and dripped onto Yashku.The cat loved mistress.He sad eyes looked at her, and seemed to sympathize and understand."Leszek, Leszek, all was well with us.I could not think that everything will collapse in a moment.It now remains to say - goodbye ... And this is so hard on the heart.She's better than me?Prettier, smarter, sexier?Why, Leszek?For what?I can not replace you with another woman.You have the right to love and live with his beloved.But I thought, Leszek, that everything will end well. "

Jack heard the sound of footsteps, his footsteps."Alex, let's talk!- Suddenly blurted out the girl.- I mean, I understand you.You are a living person, and you stopped loving me.I let you go, though, and even love.Important for me to be the one and only not for you, but for myself.Because I can do.I will live.Just without you.I have met your soul mate.Maybe I'll ever fall out of love and want to leave.I do not blame you for anything.I am grateful for all that has been.And I'd be happy if this happen again, albeit with another man. "

They cried together.It is - how it was with him well and wanted to stay more.And it is about how he loved her, and now wants to leave.Eugene stood, staring at the Lesco and thought: "That's all.I lightheartedly letting you go.Be happy".