I'm sorry , or why men do not apologize ?

We offend, offend us ... Then we cool off, reflect, realize that they were wrong and apologize.Everyone knows that to forgive is much easier than to ask for forgiveness.Sometimes, even with full awareness of its being wrong, guilt, we experience great mental suffering, if necessary, to apologize to someone, aloud admit their mistakes.

But many people do not consider it necessary to apologize, confining playful remorse, flowers or gifts, and even in general, behave as if nothing had happened.This happens for various reasons.Some believe that it is quite enough of their internal recognition of their mistakes, while others really do not understand the importance of an apology at all.

most often neglected men apologize.Even in cases where they can not shirk, they often choose such language, as if doing a favor - "I'm sorry if I offended you", "if someone is offended because of my rudeness, I'm sorry."That is, the word apologize sound so that do not imply sincere repentance, but are a mere formality.

Did you know that there are more than 50 options, like "I'm sorry" can say in Japanese?And in general, in the eastern countries, made to apologize on every occasion, and without cause, but it is - rather a tribute to the tradition of social, rather than true repentance.

Yet why men are so difficult to pronounce the words of apology?Traditionally, educating girls, parents teach them to be kind-hearted, considerate, caring, affectionate and so forth. And the boys from early childhood to explain that men do not cry, do not show their feelings and weaknesses, prove their case not by words but by deeds, and so forth.

and, it turns out that to admit out loud to their mistakes, apologize to the men - almost an admission of weakness and lack of courage.Think of the history we know that the men were even easier to shoot in a duel than to admit their mistakes.It is clear that there are now dueling, but psychology has changed little.

explains a lot, and scientists are studies that show that those parts of the brain that are involved in emotionally charged situations, almost 8 times more developed in women than in men.And in women than men to produce more of the hormone serotonin, which affects the ability to empathize, to understand the feelings of others.This means that men usually simply less sensitive.They do not realize that sometimes such a simple word - "just" change the situation where both faster and easier than expensive gifts.

No family quarrels can not do any one, even the happy family.But the happy and different from other families that are able to correct and quarrel and make up, and admit their mistakes and apologize sincerely and time.