Compliments for men

«A kind word and nice cat" - the old adage is not cheating, but we remember it more often when it comes to ourselves, when we suddenly notice that our men - husbands, friends, fans really do not hasten to lavish us compliments andassuring to the most tender feelings, love and respect.

And we ourselves?How often do we talk to our men compliments?Do not assume that listening to pleasant - the prerogative of women.Men also love it when loud highlights their best qualities and skills.But to hear that they have to often.

The dictionary says: compliment - it's a beautiful word or group of words that can be spoken by one person to another, with the sole purpose to make him understand that certain of its qualities you love or the man you likable.Everything is so simple - to know the person that you like, enjoyable.But a compliment - it's not only a recognition of merit, but also a powerful incentive to action, that is, it is the force that raises man above all, in their own eyes.

remains quite a bit - to lea

rn how to make compliments.It seemed easy - to tell people nice, but sometimes even slightly ironic tone or wrong chosen words can turn your praise to mockery, mockery, and therefore cause a backlash.

If you are, in fact, decided to tell your loved nice things, you should not switch to compunctionate tone and, of course, leave the irony."What you're done - I fixed the faucet, less than a week!" - It is a guarantee that the next time you need more than one week to convince your mate to repeat such a feat.

to you to compliment came to the soul of your men, one must know his habits, character, strengths and weaknesses.If you know what the quality of your men are very important, it's almost a guarantee that it will respond to this praise is its advantages.If a man coped with the case, which never dealt with, and you have noted its successes, it is wonderful - thus you confirm your faith in him and his abilities.

Almost every man is very important assessment of his professional abilities and accomplishments.(The fact that the assessment of sexual talents especially important for men, any woman knows!) Very appreciate men, when women admire their mental abilities, skillful hands, even if they are not too often show their talents.

These side character and actions should emphasize and magnify, if you want to encourage a man to further exploits and achievements.But do not forget that you are doing a compliment to the man, appreciating his masculinity!

Do not lavish compliments all the time, because people quickly become accustomed, and therefore pleasant words will be perceived as a matter of course, and will cease to be the driving force on which you expect.

If your man is silent and does not know how to express his admiration for the words you and your talents, your compliments can teach him to be more talkative and spare no kind words to your own address.

Sometimes you can do without words.Suffice to smile admiringly look at a loved one, to touch, to kiss, to whisper in his ear something comprehensible only to the two of you ...

not know what experiences the cat from the addressed her kind words, but your man will appreciate a sincere admiration, respect and recognition of his services.So be generous, do not regret deserved compliments.Believe me, everything good will come back to you a hundredfold - appreciation, care, tenderness and love.