And my little window the sun shone

happened to me a tragedy in his early youth.From rural hooligan knife killed my favorite.And there was I, wingless, with a lost soul.Years passed.There were boys: someone sweeping gesture gave flowers, perfumes, and offered his hand and heart.Someone boasted of the vehicle and the passbook, and someone promised a lifetime at the hands of wear and, in the village, we say yes to wash the legs to drink water.

But something stopped me at the most crucial moment.And it usually happened after I mentally imagined contender for my hand and heart of the flashing before my eyes every morning and evening ... But still to come and the night, and you have to be gentle with your elect, loving, affectionate.

a word, not any thicker than water suitable for drinking.No, I was not fussy, and "blue-stocking" Nobody believed me, but, you see, my happiness departed with the young years.And I left all hope to find their polovinochku.

almost all of their time devoted favorite work at the school.Kids - my love is undying.Su

ch a funny man - and all need me.That was spinning with them till evening, to mute yearning for the failed hearth and home, take care of their kids.

slowly began to get used to the role of a spinster (phew, what nasty words!), But could not come to terms with the pitiful arguments of my friend that live alone, which Artemisia chew.

I, of course, in a good envied her eternal mess with restless kids, the husband, who was in her fourth and most restless child.But I never aloud about it did not tell anyone.Afraid even thought that really want to have someone waiting for me, and it would be at night for someone to run on tiptoe and pressed to his chest hot body crying baby.

But one day I saw him.Like me, the lost, the lonely, rushing about in despair.I do not know what he did not hit his wife, but after a quarrel she took the children and drove off to distant relatives.By the time we met, he was staying Valentine "on the side" for about a year, her husband's threshold is not empty when he tried to see the kids.

having taken offense, angry, he decided then to arrange his personal life, and the most urgent order.I guess it is, and, thank God, that immediately made it clear that someone else's misfortune and spat could not take advantage.How many lonely hearts broken in such here a minute.But I managed to keep Sasha from the fatal step.He wrote the woman's parents and asked him to help the spouses establish their relationship.

took several weeks.In one weekend I saw from the window laughing Alexandra, surrounded by his children and smiling Valentina.Having paid off the smile, he stole yet looked at my windows, but seeing my figure, turned away.Then, after some time, he called me and haltingly tried to thank me for the help and returning to the family.I listened to his own voice, and wept quietly.So say goodbye to the dream of true love.

Once received a letter from a longtime childhood friend who remembered me, it seemed to me, not only for the sake of "Hi-answer".His wife left him.There is a growing son, but it occurs on schedule with him.Meet with other women start Arkady did not want to - not the age, and family tragedy fragments still hurt the soul, the heart.Need I - the one who once secretly sighing about him, and maybe a spark of sympathy still remained, still warm, because we have so much in common, like ...

I Realized that poorly Arkashka without a family, without a dream, worries about his son, but there will be easier if I show up in his life that he forgot to twenty years?

invited me to visit.Is preparing for his arrival as if something important needs to be solved, that would change my life radically.Even in the beauty salon she went and made a new hairstyle.

our meeting, unfortunately, did not take place.Seriously ill son, Arkady, and he dropped everything, ran to the other end of the country to save his krovinochku.So, for the second time trouble reconciles and unites the couple quarreled.

By postcards and rare phone calls, my childhood friend, everything is now in order.Even better was than it was before, and in a letter to Arkady admitted that if not for my admonitions, advice, their union with his wife and could not be saved.

So I became the guardian angel and savior of foreign families, as well as my colleagues in the school and then turned to me for help when in their families there were warning signs of discord and divorce.

to know my friends, that I myself would probably never did as I usually advised.And "attributed" in such situations, the most simple and, in my opinion, means trouble-free: in quarrels not niggle and concede in a small, winning its position in the main.Advise always easy, but to fulfill?But oddly enough, but many of my recommendations helped.Only one for me, no one had the right advice - how to find his only polovinochku?

... Vladislav left the family after his wife said she appeared in her life true love.Daughters have vzroslenkie, zanevestilis, so that the cost without much parental care.For the mother, they will always be closer to relatives, well, my father would have been better "does not get in the way."Wanted in the heat with their children to speak frankly, but seeing from them some unusual estrangement, cold, wilted, he retreated into himself.

Six months later, the life of Lena began to seem somehow endless black day.In girls - their interests and hobbies, his wife - secret meetings and perpetual irritation at random from the spoken word, a smile, a gesture.God knows, he was trying to save his family home.But how he had changed over the black six months.Something snapped in him, and what happened to the confident, calm, a desire to be close to Lena.He has closed even to friends and acquaintances.It was only once on holiday, met a friend and were treated to a fresh beer, Vladislav admitted to him that on the personal front, his complete defeat.

- And you find another - advised a friend and immediately offered a dozen candidates for their friends and divorced widows yearning without male affection and support.

Vladislav laughed bitterly and desperately waving his hand, he said:

- not a boy, so that the bride suit.If I find one, once and for all.Yes, to me and to draw was!

After a memorable holiday we met.Accidentally.I went to relatives in the city, and he - about their business on the same route, and found our seats

next.We talked.Long Road somehow miraculously to a revelation.He told me about himself, as if in confession was in the church at the priest.Reopen the soul, some undercover area it said pang of understanding, sympathy and trust.

Our meetings are like a dream, filled with quiet joy of getting to know each other, happy glitter eyes, gentle touch of hot hands, gentle kisses, of which I have, as in the distant girlhood, slightly dizzy, and his voice became melodious and deep, andheart like a swing, then go up, breathless with happiness, then beating frequently-often fearfully warning that all good things must end, yes.

my ill Vlad.Long concealed from me their sores, the doctors did not apply and one "first" took him to intensive care.Not his wife, not a girlfriend - who am I to him?And to help get out of trouble if this stupid barrier stood between us, and I had to explain to the nurses, doctor, why I should certainly be with their favorite series.But our Bolnichka precinct and is seen before.Gossip, patients, nurses, gossiped in the village - on and calmed down.

After recovery, we formalized their relationship in the registry office, and in a few weeks to visit us pay a visit youngest Vladislav.We met and once the move liked each other.Lida - the eldest daughter - came to our house, when he was the bride together with his chosen one.Now they are - frequent and welcome guest in our country.

All is good, but lately pesters us with phone calls Lena - the first wife of Vladislav.It is difficult to live with her daughters, and difficult to Nicholas, who long ago left the family for their first love.But something is seen, it burned them.Recovering himself, he rushed in pursuit of lost happiness, and it is, as the Firebird, is now in my hands, but most of all - in my heart.It is worrying it, worried, but I do not show mind though Vlad guess what I'm most afraid of.

sake daughters favorite, he is ready for anything, but whether it would be "for" the benefit of the family, which gave a crack?The answer to such questions will be painful life itself, our feelings with Vlad.And let's say that one piece of not having eaten, another choke, I still believe in my lucky star.I thank my lucky stars that I've got my Vlad, and he met me at a time when much and wait longer.Such a gift "Lady Luck," the most expensive and valuable, but because it cherish it and cherish them, I'll Forest of his life.