happiness Formula

Remember the movie with the same name?In fact, as well, if someone came up with the following formula: learned - and happy!But flying days, years, centuries, and people are looking and searching for happiness - some alone, some in pairs, in the family team.

Argue psychologists, sociologists, sexologists, looking for common characteristics of the family happy and unhappy, trying to take the necessary and sufficient condition to achieve harmony and prosperity in the family.Likewise, his formula of happiness every family is looking for, from the first to the last day of its existence.

Interestingly, the findings are the most unexpected.For example, the Italian psychologists claim that men sexual performance significantly decreases with increasing professional success his wife.According to scientists, this is due to the fact that for a successful career demands women to have sex increases, and the man in this situation feel depressed, gets nervous and, as a consequence, no longer cope with marital respons


According to the observations of psychologists, especially strongly inhibit sexual performance of men successful ladies, journalist, teacher and managers.But in ancient times, when the ideal woman was "a pregnant woman, barefoot and in the kitchen", no one complained about the low fertility and impotence ...

But there is another point of view.Many psychologists say that the easiest way to spoil their existence - is to force his wife to give up personal freedom.And, as an argument, it is the simple truth - the forbidden fruit is sweet.After all, without freedom, the wife will always crave it, dreaming of inaccessible Flirt, novels, lost forever fans.

Women's nature requires an understanding of what will still happen, will happen, flash, burst ... Then the woman until old age retains the charm and sexuality, she is a woman in any circumstances and cherishes it a state of mind.And the feeling of being more in the future nothing will happen to a woman turns stress into accusations ruined life, indifference and even hatred of her own husband.

Experts say that the nerves are free in all respects his wife's stronger character calmer.She hardly ever cries neither children nor her husband.Feels free woman is always on our toes.It closely monitors the appearance, takes care of the body, follows the fashion, goes to the beautician and gym.

Tell - a serious difference with aging well-groomed, smelling the smells of cooking wife, forever fumbling with washing, cooking, children and other household chores?Moreover, the woman in a tone much less likely to complain about the poor state of health and other ailments.

And, besides, feeling free, she and her husband are not limited to the strict route - "work-home", knowing that he could be friends, interests, hobbies.

Who would argue - certainly more pleasant to be free, well-groomed and in good shape.Much nicer than the barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen forever.Only here the experts could not explain, and who then will be in the kitchen, in the washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, with children's notebooks and other concerns?Those who speak from the heart with your child, arrange a romantic dinner to her husband, see to it that everyone had clean clothes, take care of the parents, the purity of the apartment?

A day is only 24 hours.Of these, most of the leaves for work, on the road to sleep.And what remains?4-5 hours "on everything - about everything!"And during that time you need to run to the store, cook lunch and dinner, to wash dishes, wash, clean the apartment, work with children, pet, sew, mend, listen to children, husband, parents, freshen up and have a lot of small things thatand case no one believes, but, at the same time, do they still need.During these 4-5 hours to feel toned and free woman, you need to squeeze fitness and other activities, meeting with friends, trips to the theater, exhibitions, hairdresser, manicure, beautician, reading, music, hobbies, and so on.

you tried?No, if the family is financially secure more than good, the children work out nanny or governess, lunch and dinner in the restaurant, cleaning and laundry, and other household will housekeeper.That is the time to be a free, fun and always in good shape.

And if the family budget so that paycheck to paycheck only enough saving mode?If you look at the restaurant on TV, all in the mind, how to cook, and so tasty, and inexpensive?If the husband is not in a hurry to help, and even wash the dishes or test lessons for children - he also has a need for freedom?And if all time is lengthened, and the authorities did not object, because the crisis - will be fired in a heartbeat?

And then, in addition, as psychologists say, there is a feeling that all the best in your life is over, and ahead of only old age, and this vicious circle of concerns, from which there is no escape.

and women look at the pictures in glossy magazines, as in a fairy-tale life that somewhere out there, on another planet.And remember your girlish dreams of happiness, which is the formula and have not come up with even the most intelligent scientists until now.

And man wants to see his wife, a mysterious star, when you look at that as the wedding day, starts pounding heart stronger.And I want a woman at any age without fear to look at her reflection in the mirror, happy eyes beloved and loving.Maybe the formula for happiness - it's for two?And the conclusions it must be based on two components, rather than for each individual?

Do I need a wife or husband the personal freedom?And from what or from whom such freedom?When it comes to some of their interests, free time for their own affairs, then there is no dispute - is needed.And if we have in mind the freedom of each other, then what it is - a family?And what about the children?From them, too, need freedom?

In a family where there is respect and understanding, love and warmth, not reason or argue about freedom.There are all together - and business and leisure, and care, and entertainment, and sorrow, and joy.And the formula for happiness they have, for sure!Its, own heart bred and built with their own hands.