Marriage after divorce or remarriage

The number of divorces is growing, and, accordingly, increased the number of remarriages.And to the usual family problems added new in the newly created family - those drawn from the past spouse, who visited already married.

The fact that divorce - this is a serious decision, nobody doubts.In making this decision, each person experiences stress, and the error is to assume that he went unnoticed.Moreover, the decision to divorce is terrible and it is difficult to take the first time, but in the future ...

you are going to marry a divorced man?It is possible that your marriage will be successful and happy, but only if you are doing with your eyes open this step and realize what you have to face.

Besides the effects of stress, to remarry, your husband will bring a kind of "dowry".These are children from his first marriage, and former wife, with whom he will have to communicate if he cares for the children and does not shy away from fulfilling his father's duties.

way, if divorced man does not want to

hear about their abandoned children and does not help them, it is serious reason to think - where did you get the confidence that he just does not go with you and your children?

Also, your future husband on a subconscious level to compare with his ex-wife.Well, if this comparison will be in your favor, but if not?Especially because the passage of time from a bad first marriage erased from the memory, the first feeling is usually delayed for a long time.

If you have a trusting relationship before deciding to get married, then you know your man's problems in his first family.This is good, because you have time to assess whether you will be able to meet those needs of your future husband, with whom did not manage his first wife.

If not, and your man scolds his ex-wife, considering it the devil incarnate, but it does not say anything specific?It is hardly possible to believe that that for a long life with another woman, which he himself chose, and even gave birth to his children, your man was not happy.But if he so quickly forgot all the good and now blaming only it is necessary to think what would happen if suddenly you also deceive their expectations.

Too often we think the former wife of her husband's personal enemy, blaming it for all the ills and tribulations, consider an obstacle to true happiness.And if you ever wonder what life was like that of the woman cheating on her husband, and, in the end, threw the children?Maybe we should look for and guilty man who reneged on their wedding day promise loyalty and love?

If you were the cause of the divorce of your man, then what is the basis your confidence that you can be his only permanently?It is no secret that there are men who are simply not able to be faithful to one woman.Even the brightest love with time they cool down, and again these men are ready to search for new sensations and experiences.

But it is true, anything can happen in life.It happens so that, having lived for some time in a marriage, people realize that they are complete strangers.And, so as not to exacerbate the problem, they agree on divorce peacefully.If this is your case, you're in luck.You can come to her man and her future husband that same partner, to which he sought all his life.

It remains only to make the jealousy of his ex-wife, children from his first marriage, to the past is not poisoned your life and not become a cause for quarrels and scandals.Psychologists and experts in family relationships are usually advised not to take the initiative and not to interfere in the relationship of husband and his former family.Let him decide everything himself, and you should do what he asks you to.

Remarriage - it does not guarantee that all errors have been committed in the past and stayed home.Moreover, in this understanding of marriage, patience, endurance, love and care is needed even more than in the first.And you have to understand all this before you say "yes" in response to an offer made.