How to build a marital happiness?

This question, of course, care about every family, even those who seem to live happily.Unfortunately, neither the school nor the parents have not taught the basics of family life.Similarly, a husband or wife is rarely seek help from psychologists and specialists in family relations.

main source of our knowledge of how to do that in the house has always been peace and prosperity, how to act, to love does not become a habit, and many other issues of concern - it is someone else's advice, women's magazines, books, and, of course, their own experience.The only pity is that this same experience occurs after the mistakes, some of which are difficult, if not impossible, to correct.

Bad and the fact that many of us are in captivity stereotypes about family happiness, so carefully trying to fit their family relationships under steady myths that are implanted in many publications.What is it about?Here are a few examples of such stereotypes.

Many men and women, getting married, believe that harmony in private l

ife - is the key to future marital happiness.What it is in reality?What would be important for the family had no close relationship between husband and wife, they are not able to replace everything else with which to face people living together.Moreover, lack of understanding, a mismatch in the principles and views, inability to compromise will lead you to the fact that disagreement and begin a sexual relationship.It is unlikely that a husband and wife will experience together the desire and tenderness at night, when during the day they are constantly quarreling, not choosing expressions.

married, many couples are influenced by popular opinion, opposites that attract.And it turns out that people with a different temperament, outlook on life, habits, grew up in families with a different mentality and so on., Very little to do, so the relationship is certainly possible, but they are unlikely to be durable in real life.And marriage is very important to have common interests, views and even temperament.

getting married or having decided to marry a man or woman is often close their eyes to any shortcomings of the partner.Like, as long as it does not matter, but in the future it will be possible to re-educate, to change, to inculcate new habits and attitudes.This is a serious error, which cost a considerable number of happy couples.

Transform an adult is almost impossible, especially if he does not wish to, and strongly resist - you can break it.But more often it happens that people break not only a partner, but also his own life, guiding them in a constant struggle.

can teach the husband to put socks in the basket for dirty clothes, and his wife - not hang on the phone for hours.But what is the basis of nature - it is unlikely you will be able to change.And why?Do not be wiser to when choosing a companion for life, to take it in its entirety - with all the habits, attitudes, principles - that is, as a person having the right to be yourself?And if you can not do it, not worth the risk - it is unlikely you will find marital happiness.

unclear who said that fights do not happen in happy families.Then you will not find one happy family!Quarreled all, but loving and respecting each other's spouses are able to quarrel in a way that does not offend them, does not humiliate human dignity and even strengthens family relationships.

But if the couple does not quarrel at all, it is possible that these spouses simply nothing to discuss.So what happens when a family already settled indifference, lack of interest in each other, that is, the relationship went on, "no."

Living and registered, and unmarried (especially women) somehow believe that having a baby will strengthen the Union.But this statement is not entirely true.It will be correct to say that if love and harmony prevails in the family, the child will make her even happier.But if there has been a crack, it often happens that a baby is able to strengthen the opposition and lead to rupture.

are going to start a family or caring for creation in the building of healthy atmosphere of understanding and shower room, it is hardly worth trying on their marital relationship the stereotypes that we are trying to impose.It is better to listen to your heart, to common sense, to the feelings and desires and act in accordance with what they suggest you!