Men's jealousy and friendship of man and woman ( letter to the editor )

My husband and I often began to quarrel.I think the problem and talking is not necessary, and he says I'm being indecent.And all this is because I have many friends of men.And there are real friends among men.

My husband and I have one and a half years together, and love each other.And I chose him out of all, no doubt, that I would be happy with it.But after the wedding, he began to say that a married woman friend and friends to anything.What now has a husband and a family, and all the other things distract and go in harm.

And especially it proves to me that in general there is no friendship between a man and a woman.But I have always been friends and not think about flirting and what has and what has changed now?Really, if I got married, so for me already, as a person can not be treated, but only should all see as a sexual object?

He asked me if I wanted to, that he was friends with some women, chatted with them on the phone for hours, met secretive.Well, what's wrong with that?It all depends on whe

ther he chatted and secretive about.And I have secrets from my husband is not - I tell him everything.

But I'm friends with a guy from childhood, since kindergarten.We have gone through so much together, he trusts me, and many times rescued me.And that, I now need to give it up and not talk?And love is not no, but a real friendship, because we have never even a hint of anything else was not for all these years.

I girlfriend says that her husband just jealous, but he used to, even when you do not get married, do not seem to be jealous of me.At least I have not noticed.And now there is someone from acquaintances of guys to call, so once interrogation: who called, for some reason, and so on.

And I think that throwing friends just because I got married, it is a betrayal.Why did my husband does not understand.But on the other hand, we began to quarrel about this, but I love him and I do not want us to have been all bad.And how do I do that all was well?Is it necessary to choose between her husband and friends?And absolutely no other way?