She knew what was !

Not so long ago having a baby out of wedlock meant that the father promised to marry and lied to, that is, it turned out to be a scoundrel.From a legal point of view, a man in such a situation was invulnerable, but the surrounding saw him as a deceiver, a scoundrel.The attitude of others to it was appropriate, as a single mother evoked sympathy and pity of others, although it blamed for carelessness, too.

now not the case.And not because that we have become less demanding of respect for moral norms - rather the contrary: the change in views reflects the increasing respect for the woman, her right to be a mother without any conditions or reservations.Now the birth of a child without a father - business as usual.

Many women held a not very well developed personal life deliberately give birth to a child "for himself", not to be left alone and have a loved one close.But in such cases, a woman really knows what is coming, and is aware of the fact that all the concerns about the education and the content of

the baby fall on her shoulders.

As a rule, it is women who have wealth, devoid of illusions and all accustomed to seek their own.Is it good, bad if children in such a single-parent family - it's a moot point.But, nevertheless, the women taking such a step.

But very often happens and so that the desire to have children is strong only for the woman and her husband - an official or civilian, strongly opposed, insisting on abortion.What happens is in quite affluent families in appearance, and in those where the relationship was given a prominent crack, and the appearance of the child taken a woman, as a way of preserving and strengthening relations.

As for the second option, then there would do well to heed the advice of experts who, based on extensive experience monitoring in families, say that the birth of a child can bring joy and to strengthen relations in the family where there is love and respect for each other.Then the total joy brings more husband and wife, and helps to overcome all kinds of difficulties and challenges.

And in the case of a categorical refusal to have a child by one of the partners, is unlikely to be reasonable to insist, because children should be born to parents who are glad they are waiting for and happy with their appearance.The child has two parents - father and mother.And that the two must decide whether they want children, ready whether the appearance of the baby, there ripe to great responsibility of being parents.

But I would like to say about the moral responsibility of man, his moral duty to the young man to whom he had given life.Yes, the wife, the girlfriend decided on their own, did not consider the opinion of a man who does not want to become a father.And the man walks away, leaving not only a woman, but also unwilling to accept the child.

But surely he can not remember not to think about it, do not ask how he is, the little man, as it grows, not a curse it?And at the same time to live in peace, with a clear conscience, to build a new family, to give birth already wanted children, educate them with love and care?Is this normal?But the baby but the father does not want him to know there are also grandparents.And too much depends on their position.

... A colleague at work was beside himself with indignation.Her husband left her with a child when the child was 4 months.All these years, he did not want to know about the child, confining penny maintenance, which has also come irregularly and ran smoothly on the day of maturity.Not once did his father did not want to meet with his son, or at least ask how he lives.

But now received a summons to court - with his son, a young entrepreneur, a father trying to collect child support.At trial, he stated that he is entitled under the law, as it has helped to raise the child financially.In the courtroom, the father and son met for the first time.It was found out that the same requirements of this father put a cuckoo and the other two children, he also threw in childhood.And because the law is on his side - alimony paid properly!

Apparently, there are people who have a conscience or even silent, or spoke in such a low voice that it is not audible.Or maybe something has changed in our world, if the parents do not consider what will be living in the world baby, abandoned by, which did not want to?Only the mother alone to raise a child knows how much effort, patience, and most importantly, love required for this.And the happiness of motherhood is such work, because above that there is no joy.But being a father - also happiness.But who will teach it to understand?