When the family matriarch

often happens that a fairly successful and it is held in the profession at home men are totally helpless in virtually all cases.And it's not that these men did not know how to cook, wash, clean and look after themselves, they just have not tried and do not want to try or learn to do it.However, they have no need for this, because before marriage was in charge of all the household chores my mother, and after - a caring, loving and skilful woman.

fact that it suits the man - definitely.But this state of affairs suits and many women, because such families, they feel especially important, independent, responsible, they do not have to wait until my husband would solve all problems or to ask him for money to spend, because they themselves are able to provide for his family.

And it turns out that the head of the family - a wife, a mother, which brings not only the children, but her husband, sincerely believing that she knows what's best.Mistress of the house, a woman can indeed make optimal decisions alone,

to implement them and to bear the responsibility for all this.

This family structure has its advantages.Firstly, as mentioned above, the woman feels important, necessary, and it is very important for self-esteem.Since the decisions are made by herself, she does not have to correct other people's mistakes.Even if she makes a mistake, she is nobody to accuse, blame did.Secondly, it does not depend on the mood of a man and his material possibilities, as she not only solves the important family issues, but she also earns.If the husband in a family takes on the part of domestic duties, then my wife there are additional opportunities for self-realization and development of, for example, in promoting the service.

In families with a strong leadership of his wife, as a rule, their husbands have a mild accommodating nature.Such men are gentle and affectionate.They are happy to deal with children, not to notice his wife's shortcomings, always eager to compromise and mutual understanding.

seems almost idyllic picture.But even the most powerful woman in the depths of the soul dreams of the support and protection of a strong and reliable man beside him.About the man who will take care of all support, encourage, solve all the problems ...

Even the strong woman gets tired of constant responsibility for the family, exhaled from the need to always be on top.In fact, a woman, a substitute for the man in the family, but it does not go unnoticed.It becomes rigid, categorical, losing femininity and softness.

If you have a strong character, and your husband on the other hand, is soft and indecisive, still do not try to take on everything.Divide the load family concerns among all members of the family, and be forgiving of their mistakes, because we all need to learn.Do not try to control every step, every action - sit back and relax.

you will see that the sky will not fall to the ground, the world will not be destroyed, even if not all will be as it would be if everyone did yourself.On the contrary, never do for her husband that part of the work that he can do himself.Do not count him helpless, otherwise it really will be so.Believe in him, and give him a chance to believe in themselves.Even the most gentle and indecisive person probably has some talents and strengths.So find them and try to develop.

In a family where the wife really loves and respects her husband, she does not become a substitute for a man, and will make every effort to ensure that he was a real master of the house, the husband and father of a family.