Fidelity - the best lighthouse

When you read some of the letters and statements, it just amazed: many women suffer because their husbands in the sweat of their toil from morning till night and did not pay enough attention - in the cinema, to the theater, do not reduce to a restaurant, etc..

And if a husband came home from work exhausted and falling asleep before his wife could not meet her sexual appetite or want to relax on the weekend, it is generally perceived as the collapse of family life and seeing love.

But just think - because there are men who are on duty for a long time cut off from their families.It sailors, geologists, fishermen, hikers, and, in recent years, many men become builders, migrant workers, to feed his family.So, these men can not love, or they are doomed to live a life profession itself without a family, because women are not able to wait for them and be faithful?

And such women - patient, honest, for a long time waiting for their husbands, a lot.I myself have a husband - a fisherman, and with it our partin

gs and meetings during the years of living together does not count.But never in my marriage I had not even flashed the thought that you need to find another man who every day will come home at six o'clock, and on weekends to go for a walk with me.

I will not say that it is easy - because it is not true.Waiting is hard!It is difficult to handle, and one in the house with the children, household and other problems.But even more difficult - to worry about it, as if that did not happen, because the sea is not joking.But I always know what he thinks about the next flight home, me and the children, he believes, and knows, as I expect, and how I'd be happy meeting.

Maybe love is different?There is love, for which separation is not afraid, and there are - that can not withstand the test.Just like her husband to work, strive to provide for the family, to make her life better, if he is not sure of his rear, in the fact that his wife believes awaits him and that she understands and never to doubt his love?

Once again - hard to wait.Loneliness of the long days of exhausting.But the best remedy for all of this - it is work and patience.You do not need to sit in idleness - then day two, or even a week will reach!I do not want to offend anyone, but it seems to me that in the absence of her husband and his inattention complain about women who do not know where to go.

Even when work, family, children do not occupy the full, you can still find something for everyone, and not pull requirements tired husband to run somewhere, do something.Are you all day sat at home, and it worked.And who knows how many problems and trouble it had fallen on this day.Yes and sit every day at home, dealing only with the TV, go mad.In cases time flies faster, a lot of impressions on the people distracted from their own disturbing thoughts.And for the most better not to relax and not to be dismissed, and then come back, and the husband does not know!

monument "sailor's wife" has long appeared in Odessa.It's not just, not only sailors, I think - it is a monument to all the women who know how to wait and believe, to keep the family hearth and love.And I wanted to add this: your man chooses a woman herself, she decides to marry him or not.And blame her, but himself, no one, if something goes wrong.