Not family, kindergarten !

Young now ripen early and rush to do everything very, early marriage so nobody will be surprised.The majority of early marriage is on standby because a child.So it turns out the family - two children waiting for the third.It happens so that for various reasons, the future husband and wife are completely adapted to any family life, or for an independent life in general.

course, easier to take and to forbid!But the good of it will not.Firstly, children simply do not obey, and secondly, if they are waiting for the addition of the family, the prohibitions, early abortions can cripple a young life, not to mention health.And, if you think you can find some positives in early marriages.This is a chance, though, and at this price, but getting older, lesson, feel the responsibility and obligation to the other person, to the family.

shortcomings in early marriages, of course, more.The most important thing - the two young men, actually still children, were living in households in which all of them have done and

decided by parents.Naturally, through marriage, they expect that someone will continue to decide their life and family issues, with each side waiting for this unconsciously by the other.

If parents eliminate and stop, or simply can not nurture the young family for various reasons, it may happen that the couple, in the end, realize that she does not wash dishes, and bread does not grow on trees.Then they still learn to be adults, and will overcome difficulties together, we have to remain together.

If this does not happen, the recriminations and disillusionment not keep you waiting.Family life becomes a series of charges, passing the buck to each other, scandals and quarrels.And if in such a family is growing toddler, then, most likely, will have to raise his grandparents and the young family will fall apart.

turns out that nothing can be done, but must reluctantly watch as "family kindergarten" is cooked in its own juice and spends years in the showdown, which is still destroyed from the everyday worries and problems?Of course not!Parents should not suffer, hold up his hands, cursing and blaming children.We need patience and wisdom to correct their own mistakes and learn, teach their adult children independence and those things that are normally vaccinated in early childhood: the ability to do housework, take care of yourself, cooking, keep the family budget, take care of a child and live togethertaking into account the interests of another person.No need to replace the children in their lives, to make their case for them, to solve their problems, maintain and take care of small things.Even the error is not so zealously guard, because experience sooner or later have to acquire - by itself it does not take out of nowhere.

Well, the young have to grow up faster.As long as love is alive until drawn to each other, you need to learn to do everything together, together in consultation with each other without resorting to outside help, not running away with every difficulty to her mother for help.This is just a fairy tale wedding feast always ended - in life after the wedding, life has just begun!If you can get involved, it means that your family has taken place!