Family : what it should be ?

family relationships can talk endlessly.Rights classic, arguing that only look like a happy family, but probably not all of it is easy, if the number of divorces is increasing year to year.What you need to keep the family strong, prosperous, happy?Is there some general "recipes", following which each couple will achieve the desired result?

Let's try to imagine a modern model of a happy family.To begin with, it should be a family of adults.It's not about age, but about identity, about the sense of responsibility, an understanding of their role and duty in relation to the partner.In such family responsibilities are evenly distributed, no one is serving, and care about each other.No one no one commands or dictates, and with understanding.In such a family, there is no housekeepers and cooks, dishwashers and nurses, "fat wallets" and "stone walls", artists of all desires and "toys" and so forth. In this family, the duties are not divided into male and female, and everything is solved and done together.In su

ch relationships there is no way (and desire) to deceive, to use each other, because it immediately becomes apparent.

This family psychologists are called affiliate.And this is true because the husband and wife act as equal partners with full rights and responsibilities.But with all sense of reasonableness of such a family model, they occur much less frequently than we would like.The reason is simple - not all couples are ready for this: men and wants women's work put the blame on the woman, and of the men to take time off, because we have equal rights, and women begin to require compliance with the men of their notions of prosperity, relationships, distribution of responsibilities, etc.


in addition, understanding of the partners of equality are often brought to the point of absurdity, and not taken into account the quality inherent in itself belonging to one or other sex: because women are more careful, attentive to detail, tend to order them genetically laid a maternal instinct,and the skills of maintaining focus, therefore, is it more convenient to take on chores around the house, while a man who is physically stronger, have to take a heavy housework, and the protection and promotion of the family, what, in fact, theyWe are doing since prehistoric times.

If a husband and wife - a strong independent personality capable of not to aggravate contradictions and become a partner, then such a family can survive many crises and problems and go through life safely and confidently.And important condition - to learn how to give each other and negotiate.Maybe it will not work overnight, but it is exactly what the efforts of two loving people who want to build a happy family, will not remain without result.Create a family is a snap, but fill it with kindness, warmth, understanding and love - much work, but nothing is impossible if you wish!