Civil marriage?Think of the children !

When I listen to the supporters of civil marriage, then remember myself, because I too once foaming at the mouth to prove that people should connect love, not a stamp in your passport that if people love each other, then nobodyforce to leave, at the time, as official marriages crumbling here and there.

Good times ... And now I can swear for criminal idealism and naivete, which has no name.Yes, good to talk about love, while you are young, healthy and in love.And there you have no more worries, but to nurture their love and revel in it.But all this until a certain time until the life you will not turn his back.I'll tell you what ended my civil marriage.

Just like many others, I had sincerely believed that the main thing in a relationship - it is love.Of course, I knew that every family, with the registration or not - it is also a lot of responsibilities, but does not bother me at all.We lived in a civil marriage 3 years, and well-lived, quietly, happily, were not going to leave.

First we rented housin

g, and then saved their money, I still took the money from their parents, and we bought his apartment.It was so great that just wanted the family to be complete, and we had a baby.And all would do, but something happened, about what they like to write a romance novel - my husband (though he is a husband ?!) fell in love with another woman.

And that, according to the canons of civil marriage is now his love beside me does not hold, it's understandable.But the other one was smarter than me.She is a civil marriage did not agree, moreover, it has put a condition that is getting married, if so, where to live, and all the rest - as in humans.

And it is here that all the "charms" of civil marriage, I felt myself.It so happened that I, and the child had been prescribed with my parents.Yes, we bought an apartment together, but all these years, my salary was three times more than he had, and a decent amount on parole have added my parents - it was their savings for old age, sickness.

When buying an apartment husband has issued itself.I, as learned, began to ask questions, and he shamed me for disbelief and said that will revise the common property at the first opportunity.But until we brought it in order, until the hedged, somehow it was forgotten.But when he asked me to leave the child in a communal, and all at once emerged.

I to lawyers, and they say, they say, gather evidence of the General Management and so on.And who collect them?In a rented apartment, we moved several times, with the neighbors do not know.Friends common - all of it.When I approached them, they asked me not to confuse them into a story.And we lived once closed, is it - is rarely talked with anybody.His parents were told that I told them no, and not his wife, and, girlfriend, and the child - still need to see whose it was.

Everything is so disgusting!I tried to talk to him, but he became as zobmi.Solid only that the child will have to pay alimony.It is clear - he has a white Salary such that pampers the child support is not enough.And then she called his new wife, and threatened that if I do good out of the apartment is not swept, so it will be worse.We went to live with the baby to my parents, and when they returned, the door was on the new locks.His wife came out, handed the keys to the room in a communal apartment and said, that I forgot the address.

And when I entered the room, she saw that there are things of the crib, cot, suitcases with our clothes and an old table with a stool in the kitchen.On my calls, he does not answer.I went to work for him - he retired, but at home, in that once our apartment living strangers who do not know anything, and bought it through an agency.

I was left with the child, without shelter, without things.I even said that I was glad that this kennel in a communal apartment they gave me.Instead, a good two-bedroom apartment in a new home?And rejoice?And my parents were left without a penny of savings, and I'm on zero - all took in the situation and the child.

But tell me, "you do not think about yourself, think about the interests of the child!" At the time it seemed that thought.But in the end it turned out that I was a single mother in law, because they do not want to lose the benefits.Housing I do not have things there, and my savings, and parents - too.There is only a little girl and a bitter experience.And that I did not tell how much dirt on me during this time, and poured his parents, his wife and himself.

Well, I for his stupidity and thoughtlessness received in full, but I also punish their child.Of course, it is better to have no father than this, as she went, but we now live in very cramped conditions.About the apartment can not dream until a little money will not give parents.A child grows up - he was more and more needed.

So live how you want marriage, if to you it is fun, but if you stop to think about the future, about the children, you need to get smart enough to provide them with all the provisions of the law.After all, in the west to contract marriage, and do not say that it interferes with love and so on.Because they are smarter and realize that love - love, always want to eat!