Is there life after marriage?

country and at the same time a terrible regularity, I began to notice from school.In 90 years, we have worked all your favorite teacher, a young and beautiful woman, in the form of twenty-five.I still remember her long brown hair, which she usually braided into a thick braid, or left loose to the waist.

for us, not yet mature girls, it was ideal that combines intelligence and beauty.We loved listening to her interesting stories, discussed at recess perfectly ironed and pick up clothes, perfect makeup, emphasizing the features of her face.

We have long known that it is soon to be married, and, finally, the happy day arrived for her.Only still I remember that he came as if passing.

And then everything changed, but will not change immediately, but gradually.Occasionally she began to appear excessive outbursts of anger and irritability, which she did not hide in front of his students.Less smiles that after two years, and all have come to "no."Dress it became the principle "that arm will fall," and the fr

eshness of the person she did not even gave makeup.And the changes we have already discussed, from under the teacher's desk can be seen completely unshaven legs, or just contaminated clothing.Having children did not spoil her figure, but certainly occurred in the five years the events have changed it beyond recognition.

¬ęSad Story" - the reader will say.But I will say more: the story would be just "sad" it happen with women units.But there are so many, each just starts behaving differently.Someone stops to pay attention to the figure before the birth of children, some no longer bother choice of clothes, and many are no longer simply take care of yourself.

In my life there were a lot of such examples, and, alas, only a few married women are still retained their beauty or grooming elementary.Someone explain to himself such a provision fatigue, unwillingness to do something or make a "faster", for example, to dress for work or an appointment.

There are cases when a married woman is confronted with its past and present photographs, as though with the layout in the journals "before" and "after."But after seeing the difference in the photographs, some women after that is just starting to fall more into melancholy, and the other, oddly enough, do not notice the change, though "all is as it should be."

Riddle "marriage" and the transformation of the women interested in me for a long time.It looks like a woman with a "sense of accomplishment" decide "relax."But only the question: "From whom or from what?".Is "life"?It turns out that we live up to the marriage and there is no life after this?