Everyday family life

experience my family life is still small - one year and two months, but I've already faced with so many problems, I do not know what to do next.When I get married, everything seemed simple and clear: we love each other, and therefore everything will be incredibly good.

Thanks to the parents, we have practically no material problems.Work and wages we have a good, even despite the crisis, the situation is stable.It would seem, live and rejoice.I was happy for a while after the wedding.But it turned out that family life - it is not so, as it seems to us, the girls before the wedding.

I thought that everything will be as it was, only better, because it will not have to leave.And that can be a great happiness, when a loved one next to you?Some poet, I do not know, said: "Face-to-face person can not see ..." Here we have it so happened that when we started together all the time, to the fore got out some little things, which I had not seen before.Moreover, they are annoying awful!

I understand that it does

not matter, but if every day unpleasant, spoiled the mood.And I do not like the way he eats like my things scatter like scratched at the table directly, and even asked me to scratch.Before the wedding, he was so discreet, intelligent, and now at home relaxing on the most ever.And when I made a remark to him, he said in response that the house each person should be himself.

So I now wonder, for whom I married, if he - the same as at home, and not what it was when courting?And I wonder what would happen next?Currently there are no children until the housework I have a little time-consuming, and I work until we can go somewhere, go ... And if the child will be, so I will be tied to the house for a few years!

I read a lot of women in your magazine stories and just horrified - such a grim picture of family life is drawn.And infidelity in it, and indifference, and drunkenness, and a lot more then.As such it turns out - married so bad?So what does it for life?Do all the good - it's up to the wedding, when you fall in love, meet, you believe in any miracles and happiness?And then, after the registrar all somewhere I disappear ...

I am afraid of your thoughts, but often wonder that I did not like the way we live.Do not like the fact that my husband pays little attention to me, he stopped to give a pretty trifles, as soon as that can safely leave me and go off to friends, do not hesitate to me completely (about some things a shame even to speak aloud).Yes, I understand what he wants and relax, and personal time, and friends too.And I have a girlfriend, but such a sudden change - it so happens ??

Friends say that all or even predict that it will begin to change.At first I laughed, and then I saw him, drunk on New Year's night, hugging and kissing with my girlfriend.I have since her friend can not watch, but he arranged for the scandal.So he did not take seriously, he says that this is a friendly and because they drank like drinking all justifies and forgives.

That is brewing I have a question - what is a family life?Is it consists entirely of just such situations and problems?And this woman, as they write in your journal, has yet to endure, to do everything in order not to lose one's attraction, and keep up a trail, and that everything in the house to-date information, and work, and growing cultural, and so on?

What should a man then?He will pick your nose at breakfast, while I in front of him in a seductive'll turn?And to solve - like - not like?And if this bored, so go to the other, because the polygamous men are justified?

And it all around so live - this horror that ?!Well this is how much life ahead, and all without clearance ?!No, I understand that there are weekdays and holidays in family life.But why so few holidays and more and them less and less ??Why all sides insist that the wife should keep the husband should be wise, patient, resourceful?Where and how this debt had accumulated?