Loneliness.Spring dreams

Spring dreams ... What are they?Strange question - the dream of a woman in the spring?- Of course, about love.Dream great and small: and the youngest, a little girl, and those about whose age delicately "who are over ..." they write.Someone remembers the feelings gone, and someone just a foretaste of something huge, vsezahvatyvayuschee, schemitelno fine, which will be to surrender with all his generous soul and unspent.

in the bushes outside the window will soon sing the nightingales.But not yet melted snow, and only here and there visible thawed liberated from the ground cover with occasional greenish grass shoots first impatient.

I do not dream dreams ... I guess the professional "dushevedy" would explain this clever words, but I think it's because I stopped dreaming.And, perhaps, forgotten how to do, I do not know., Recently I seem waited spring with a special feeling because it was starting to feel well is my favorite.And his anxious looking forward passed me, pulling out into the world unknown to

most any new faces feeling fabulous delights of this life.

But every fairy tale comes to an end sooner or later.No, the tale always ends soon!The most interesting place to be able to come up with new twists in the fates of the characters and live together with them in their own way.And my story was over too soon, but here I am not making this up for her a happy ending, because now we have the protagonist different fates.

Before, when I did not feel so keenly the loneliness, I felt that it is the people who suffer, without a loved one nearby, most vividly dream and invent a fortune.Now I'm not so sure, because I do not just do not want, and I can not think of anything.

And how can you come up with something that will be better than those already experienced with him alone?She was ravishing tale of mutual love without looking back, without fear and without reproach, without any hope for a common future, but this is even more acute in their feelings, eager for excitement, but short, like life itself.

Loneliness - is not an empty bed.This is an empty soul.Bitterness and confusion, pain and resentment, jealousy and suffering - it's the eve of loneliness, it will pass, and it was then comes the emptiness.That is now the loneliness in which no goals and aspirations, passions and desires, dreams and hopes.

I already know that you can get used to the pain and even stop her feel.But is it possible to get used to the void?This I have yet to learn.It is said that when God wants to punish the person, it gives him a good memory, but the people are arranged so that, by virtue of the instinct of self-preservation difficult and unpleasant memories stacked in the depths of the soul, so that they were unable to ascend again to hurt without a special occasion.

My memories are already there ... at the bottom of the soul, and I try not to think about the past, filling the lives of everyday bustle, work, some chores, appointments, worries.Here are all reminiscent of him, hear the melody, the first spring drops, heartfelt poems, books, movies, familiar places, things seem to still keep your favorite scent.But these memories do not wake any emotions - smooth, calm, empty ... no!

Ā«Love is long, but life is still long," - the words of a song you can not throw.Gone love, but there was an opportunity to see the sun, waiting for the coming of spring, participate in all earthly matters.Only need to find at this point in the life of some charm.Who knows, maybe in a scorched suffering an empty heart will break the germ of the will to live.And then I will once again dreaming dreams of spring ...