I want to hurt !( Letter to the editor )

Hello, dear editors!

I have got to you randomly, looking for recipes for cooking and stumbled upon "Resentment" and the article "Do not hurt me ...!".The last article touched literally alive.Let me explain why.

have my old friend, ten years she's with me, "frank and trusting," ten years she trusts me and the Council, and I know that soon it will hurt.Because that will express all that had accumulated in my heart all these years.Yes, she is friends with me, but she trusts me everything I just sick of her confidence.Ten years I listen to how she was not lucky with his mother, what envious her friends (and the woman she is very wealthy), which soulless her business partners, a jealous husband, what clever and talented in her children, not childrenher friends - Losers and lazy.

And I also have children, and I understand what she's saying about my children.And also I have an elderly mother and I have already said that my friend calls it "surviving from the mind of an old woman."And I'm afraid it comes to

me with the next portion of her "credulity".I try hard not to tell her that she was a bad daughter, because I do not appreciate everything that has been done until now her mother.She is a good wife, because the husband has every reason to be jealous of her.It is a bad friend, because I did not say nothing about his girlfriend a single warm word.It is a dishonest business partner, because it tries to do less, and then otskandalit share more.

And even then she gasps his other friends that she was wrong in me that I repaid with ingratitude for all the years of our friendship.Let tells how offensive my words were.

Yes, I want it to offend, to at least once, and she felt heartache.And though she thinks that changed my attitude to her why she had not noticed.And I did not change, just my patience is exhausted.Maybe I will do a bad deed, but I'm free.Just do it needed sooner rather than endure so much time, for fear of losing a girlfriend.

Would you say that I am wrong ??And she??She is right??And though she considers herself unjustly offended!