Sofia Kovalevskaya

Sofia Kovalevskaya (née Corwin-Krukovskaya) did not believe in astrology.Her passion was mathematics since childhood, and later no less a passion she began to experience literature.She knew FMDostoevsky, who made the proposal, however, does not she, and her older sister Anna.Anna has rejected the proposal and decided to stay on friendly terms with the great writer.

Kovalevskaya said she inherited a passion for science from praprapradeda, the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus;love of mathematics, music, and poetry - from the mother of his grandfather on his father's side, astronomer Schubert;personal love of freedom - from Poland;by gypsy grandmothers - the love of vagrancy and inability to obey the accepted customs.The rest - from Russia.

At age ten, she learned almost by heart thick algebraic problem book.My father was sure that the child is "just dry brains".But mistaken, Major-General Korvin-Krukovskiy.His daughter, passed in eight years the entire course gymnasium, went further and began to individ

ual classes with students Marine lieutenant in the Navy Academy Alexander Nikolayevich Strannolyubski, who is remembered Kovalevskaya, "not ozlilsya when I told him I was going, except mathematicsto engage more physiology, anatomy, physics and chemistry, on the other hand, he agreed that a mathematician too dead, and advised not to devote himself exclusively to science and even to do practical work. "

It would shine could go to any Russian university, but not enrolled - the floor was not the same, and that "gender" in the basis of higher education of girls is not taken.My father also had a serious prejudice against "women scientists."There was only one: to go abroad to study.But there was a need for this "residence permit".It can also be obtained, if to someone to sign.That is, to enter into a marriage.

And, having achieved her father's permission, Sonia spring 1868 year signed for a young scientist Vladimir Kovalevsky.She wrote to her sister Anna: "It's a shame that the" brother "of Vladimir Kovalevsky not Mohammedan: he would marry if at all" sisters "in spirit and would free them!"He whom she called "my brother," did not recognize the fictitious marriage, believing it real.

wedding was played in the family estate Korwin-Krukowski - Polibino.From there, the couple went to St Petersburg.But the sense of "completely different life" appeared only in April 1869 year abroad in Heidelberg when Kovalevskaya battered professor finally admitted to listening to lectures on mathematics and physics.

Soon Russian student became a celebrity in Heidelberg, which did not know the ancient university city.One biographer Kowalewski writes: "The professors admired her ability to grasp and absorb the material on the fly were amazing working with all the tension, she quickly mastered the initial elements of higher mathematics, opens the way to an independent study.".

its first independent study had a complex called "On the reduction of a certain class of Abelian integrals to integrals of the third grade elliptical."It very accurately Kovalevskaya argued that the cross-section of the rings of Saturn should take the form of an oval.

brilliant science of perspective, no comparison did not go with what was happening in his personal life.Perhaps it was a sign of the zodiac under which she was born, perhaps something else.Here at biographers are divided.

Some refer to her husband, also a scientist, but this is not dazzling as his wife.Write about it, that he was a man of too soft, of those who are called "without a king in his head."However, the wife he loved and in rare moments of intimacy called "sparrow."He hoped that "sparrow" abandon science and give yourself the whole family."Sparrow" science did not throw, and this led to quarrels and recriminations.

Several times he went out of the house;I tried to do business: publishing, real estate business.Success in any of these cases have not yet reached.From Sofina inheritance were a pittance, in which she blamed her husband.In addition, she became pregnant, and hated her stomach, nausea, your depression ... He went to Moscow.

April 16, 1883 the newspaper "Moscow News" said: "In the morning the maid furnished rooms" Nobless "routine began knocking on the door of one of the rooms occupied by the last year of the Moscow University assistant professor titular adviser O. Kovalevsky, but despiteto strengthen knock comment was received Immediately it was given to know the police upon arrival that the door had been broken into Kovalevsky was lying on the couch dressed, with no signs of life.. on his head he wore gutta-percha bag strapped under the chin ribbon coveringthe entire front part of the face. "Kovalevsky died after inhaling chloroform.Before his death in a letter to his brother he asked: "Write to Sophia, that the everlasting, my thought was of her and how much I have wronged her, and as I ruined her life ..."

Upon learning of her husband's death, she was four days of nothingI ate.On the fifth fainted.Several months passed before she was able to return to their studies in science.January 30, 1884 Kovalevskaya read the first lecture at Stockholm University.June 24 the same year, she was officially notified that the "appointed professor for five years."

Four years later, on 6 December 1888 the Paris Academy awarded her the prestigious Bordeaux.Next, the Swedish King Oscar II prize consisted of CZK 1,500 and increase in rank among friends.They are now called her "Professor Sonia."

November 7, 1889 Kovalevskaya became a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.She came to Russia in April 1890, but it did not allow for an Academy meeting, stating clearly that the presence of women "is not customary in the Academy."It was not taken into account that Kovalevskaya - Corresponding member - the obvious rudeness.

Sofya returned to Stockholm, where he soon engulfed her hobby literature.She wanted to move on paper everything that happened to her in life.It wanted to understand the sharp turns of fate, in itself.its soul is required to return home at least on paper.She writes novels, drama, memoirs.These works brought her wide fame.

She gained a loved one.They became the namesake of the famous sociologist and Maksim Kovalevsky.They met in Stockholm.She saw in it "a wanderer-alone", the same as she did.

Kovalevsky was a rich man.He gave her his villa not far from Nice.The villa was so amazing that today may cause some envy.Kovalevskaya biographers describe in detail the decoration of coastal homes, say, with what pleasure Sofia was sunbathing on the beach, staring at the clouds.Maxim came often.They walked together and talked a lot about the sublime, sleek: literature, poetry, music ... they were going to play a wedding in June 1891 ...

But February 10, 1891, the year Sofia Kovalevskaya died in her sleep.It was the 42nd year.The day before she died, she told Maxim that is required to write the novel "When there will be more deaths."