Lilya Brik - the muse of the poet

Lilya Brik, the muse and lover of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, was the great happiness in his life, and the greatest tragedy in his life.She became his "lady of the heart" and "queen", was able to so much influence on his work, which is still considering by what Lily looked up to the top of the famous poet of fame and created from it that Mayakovsky, what we know.

Brik was not beautiful.Small stature, thin, stooped, with huge eyes, she seemed to be a teenager.However, it was something special, feminine, that so attracted men and those forced to admire this amazing woman.Lily is well aware of and used her charms at a meeting with every man she liked.

«She could be sad, whimsical, feminine, proud, empty, unstable, smart and whatever" - recalled one of her contemporaries.And another friend described the Lily, "She solemn eyes

On the day of the meeting with Mayakovsky, she was already married.Lily became the wife of Osip Brik in 1912, perhaps because he was the only one who has long seemed indifferent

to her charms.Such a man she could not forgive.Their married life at first seemed happy.Lily, who was able to decorate any, even more than a modest way of life, the ability to enjoy each pleasant trifles, was responsive and easy to talk to.

They were going home with Osip artists, poets, politicians.Sometimes guests had nothing to treat, and in the home Brik were fed tea and bread, but this did not seem to notice - it was in the middle of charming, awesome Lily.The fact that a spouse flirts with guests and sometimes behaves more than immodest, insightful Osip tried not to notice.He knew that no jealousy, no scandals, no reproaches to keep near his wife would not be possible.

This lasted until 1915, until one day my sister Lily Elsa has not resulted in the BRIC house of his close friend, budding poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, with whom she was in love and with whom I connect my future life.However, this fact Lily seemed to be ignored in the day in a special way was nice and cordial to the new guest.And he admired the lady of the house, gave her his best poems on his knees to ask for permission from Lilechka dedicate them to her.She celebrated the victory, and Elsa, burning with jealousy, could not find a place for himself.

Brik begged to take it "permanently" Mayakovsky After a few days, explaining his desire that "irrevocably in love with Lily Yurievna".She gave her consent, and Osip was forced to put up with the whims of flighty wife.However, finally the apartment BRIC Mayakovsky moved only in 1918.Thus began one of the most celebrated novels of the last century, "the three of marriage", rumors of which spread rapidly among acquaintances, friends, and in literary circles.Although Lily all explained that "with Osei intimate relationships have long been completed," a strange trio still lived together in a tiny apartment under one roof.A judge divine Lily nobody even dared.

Many years later, Lily says, "I fell in love with Volodya, as soon as he started reading," A Cloud in Trousers ".I fell in love with it at once and forever. "First, however, she kept him at a distance."I was frightened by his aggressiveness, growth, unrestrained, unbridled passion," - Lily admitted, adding: "He hit me like an avalanche ... He just attacked me."

Love poet Lilya Brik was not surprised.She was completely confident in their charms, and always said, "It is necessary to convince the man that he is a genius ... And let him that is not allowed at home.The rest will make good shoes and silk underwear. "

In 1919 Mayakovsky and the Briks moved to Moscow.On the door of their apartment, they hung a sign: "Brickey.Mayakovsky. "But Lily did not think to be faithful to the young poet.She wound up more and more novels, and her lover is increasingly went abroad.He spent several months in London, Berlin, and especially in Paris, that Lily is very happy about it.It was there that lived beloved sister Elsa, who closely followed the Parisian poet's life and reported to Lila about his love affairs.In telling his sister about the "affair", Elsa always added: "empty, Lilechka, do not worry."And she calmed down briefly and continued to enthusiastically read the letters and telegrams to her suitor.

Mayakovsky met with women held with them at all times and always came with new friends in the shops, be sure to buy something for the beloved Moscow."The first day after arrival devote your purchases - the poet wrote from Paris to Moscow, - ordered you bought a suitcase and a hat.Mastered the above, I Play pajamas. "

Lily replied to this: "Dear schenenok, I have not forgotten you ... I love you terribly.Rings do not shoot your ... »

Mayakovsky returned from abroad with gifts.From the station he went to the BRIC and the whole evening Lily tried on dresses, blouses, zhaketiki, rushed with joy on the neck to the poet, who was elated with joy.It seemed that his sweetheart belonged only to him.However, the next morning the poet again went mad with jealousy, beat the dishes, broke furniture, cried and finally slamming the door, left the house to "wander" in his small office on Lubyanka Square.Wandering did not last long, and a few days later Mayakovsky once again returned to the BRIC countries."Lily - element - soothes Vladimir Osip cool - and this must be considered."And the poet again calmed down, promising his beloved: "Do as you like.Nothing ever does, and my love for you will not change ... »

When friends Mayakovsky accused him of being too submissive Lilya Brik, he emphatically stated:" Remember!Lily Y. - my wife, "And when they allowed themselves to sometimes poke fun at him, he replied proudly:" In love there is resentment »

Mayakovsky tried to endure the humiliation of all, just to be next to his beloved muse!.And that, confident in his own power over the fan love, sometimes acted too harshly.Many years later, she confessed: "I love to make love to Osei.We Volodya locked in the kitchen.He was eager, like us, scratching at the door and cried. "It takes several days, and the poet could not stand again.

summer of 1922 Brik and Mayakovsky were resting at his dacha outside Moscow.Next to them lived a revolutionary Krasnoshchokov Alexander, with whom Lily began a rapid, although not a long novel.In the autumn of the same year Mayakovsky began to demand from the beloved to break off all relations with a new lover.At this she was offended and said he did not want to hear any more of it reproaches and kicks him out of the house for exactly three months.Mayakovsky put themselves "under house arrest" and as Lilechka told, they have not seen exactly three months.

New Year poet met alone in his apartment, and on February 28 it was prearranged, the lovers met at the train station to go on a few days in Petrograd.That morning, the poet rushed to Lille, knocking on the road all the passers-by.Seeing her at the train station, in a fluffy coat, beautiful and perfumed, he grabbed her and dragged her into the wagon train.There, excited and happy, Mayakovsky avidly read his new poem "About That".Devoted he did, of course, Lila.

In 1926, after returning from America, Vladimir Mayakovsky said Lila, there survived a torrid romance with the Russian emigrant Ellie Jones, and she is now waiting for his child.Lily's face did not express the slightest regret.She did not betray his excitement, demonstrating lover only indifference and composure.Such reactions Mayakovsky could not wait.

poet went mad, tormented by jealousy and tried to forget Lily, meeting with other women.Once, when he was vacationing in Yalta with another girlfriend Natalia Bryuhanenko, Lily seriously feared for "Volodin love" to her.She sent a telegram to the beloved, which desperately begged him not to marry and return "to the family."A few days later, Mayakovsky arrived in Moscow.

autumn of 1928 he went to France, ostensibly for medical treatment.However, faithful Liling friends told her that Mayakovsky goes abroad to meet with Ellie Jones and his little daughter.Lila was disturbing.However, she always used to achieve their goals.True to form, determined and resourceful Brik started a new adventure.Again she asked her sister, "not to lose sight of Volodya", and Elsa, to somehow pull from Mayakovsky American, introduced him to a young model houses Chanel, Russian emigrant Tatyana Yakovleva.

sisters were not mistaken.Shortly after meeting with Tatiana Mayakovsky I forgot about Ellie.However, he fell in love with a new acquaintance, so he decided to marry her and bring her to Russia.Enthusiastic and passionate, he dedicated a poem Yakovleva.This meant for Lily Brik only one thing: to Mayakovsky, it is no longer a muse."You are the first time I delivered," - said Vladimir bitterly Lily, when he returned to Moscow.And the first time he did not explain anything.That Lily could not survive.

In October 1929 she was invited by his friends and arranged a lavish party.In the middle of the night Lily allegedly accidentally spoke about his sister, from which recently received a letter.This letter is a tricky mistress decided to read aloud.At the end of the message Elsa wrote that Tatiana Yakovleva marries a noble and very wealthy viscount.Vladimir Mayakovsky, hearing the news, turned pale, got up and left the apartment.He never realized that Tatiana was not going to marry the sisters provernuli another adventure to Voloden'ka stayed with Lily and could continue to work productively.

Six months Brickey went to Berlin.Mayakovsky was escorted to the train station, and a few days at the Lily and Osip awaited telegram from Russia: "This morning, Vladimir committed suicide."It was April 14, 1930.He left a note in which the words were among other phrases: "Lily, love me."

In July of the same year, the government issued a decree in which Lili Brik accrued pension of 300 rubles and wastes half of the copyright in the works of Vladimir Mayakovsky.The other half was divided between the relatives of the poet.

Lily, although experienced the death of a beloved friend, but explained to her with an enviable serenity: "Volodya was neurotic, - said Brick - as soon as I knew him, he was already thinking about suicide."

In the year of the death of the poet she was thirty-nine years.She had lived a long and interesting life.Immediately after Mayakovsky's death, she divorced Osip Brik and married Vitaly Primakov.When the order was executed, Lily has entered into a second marriage - with Basil Katanyanom, literary scholar, who studied the life and work of Vladimir Mayakovsky.Brick stole Katanyan family and lived with him for nearly forty years.

Ossip died in 1947.His death Lily experienced in a special way."I loved, love and will love more than a brother Oshu, more than her husband more than her son.It is inseparable from me ", - she admitted, adding that would be given up everything in life, if only Osip went live.When she gently asked, refused to Lily Y. by Mayakovsky, not to lose Osip, she nodded.

Lilya Brik died in 1978.She died after drinking a large dose of sleeping pills.Muse of the poet, and here remained true to himself: she defines the end of their own destiny.

Until the last days she took off the ring, donated by Vladimir Mayakovsky.On a small modest ringlet it was engraved with the initials of the three letters Lili - Lili.When she rotated it in his hand, thinking about the poet, letters merged into one word - "love."Lilya Brik never left the memory of the accident, her beloved poet.