Estee Lauder

Born future queen of cosmetics in New York in a large family of Hungarian immigrants Max and Rose Mentzer.In what it was, no one knows - whether in 1908, or in 1910, Lauder these details are not specified.She was the youngest in the family, the seventh after five brothers and sisters.His name she received in honor of the beloved Hungarian aunt, but was followed by spelling miracles do not allow to guess how it sounded originally.

Este very worried because of his Hungarian origin.Her parents are irritated, speaking in English with a strong accent.She wanted to become a real American, which was synonymous with success for her.It was not complex, going from poverty - Cinderella Este never was.It was a dream, exactly coincide with what is called the American dream.

secure childhood, father, regularly kopivshy money and quickly added to his tailor shop and even a small clothes shop, happy family holidays - it was all very nice.But it's not that, not that!Business owner Este beginning in his father's shop,

helping them to do business and making out windows.But the real joy for her event occurring shortly after the First World War, was the return of Uncle John Shottsa Mentzer, a chemist, is engaged in manufacturing skin care products.

His laboratory located in the old barn directly behind the parental home.Este curiously watched the bubbling liquid in the tubes and the fumes of crazy color.All, it was decided once and for all: it is the scientists will invent, produce and sell creams with your name.

Este Nyutaunskuyu entered high school, and graduated with distinction.In January 1930 Este married Joseph Lauder, a successful businessman, fashion store owner.All the while, her experiences continued: in the kitchen, in between preparing meals, created creams, lipstick and powder.And once Este put their cream into her purse and went to the nearest beauty salon House of Ash Blondes, to organize the first free demonstration in the history of cosmetics.

- you want to get a haircut or a manicure - a friendly woman turned to her.

- And a manicure, and to see the manager.We have already talked a few days ago - calmly replied Este.

Bluff pure water, but a few minutes later the manager chastised employees free to impose on clients face creams Este.In their request, of course.Managing not mistaken - was a lot of wishing.The trick worked: the women who refuse to free services ?!A few days later the fighting creams women there was no end - a fundamentally new advertising product was a great success.One month to the Estee Lauder asked several owners surrounding salons.Six months later, her creams used not only in the county, but also throughout the New York, for example, in the prestigious Upper East Side.

Every year sales grew.Passion for women cosmetics Lauder acquired epidemic proportions.The secret of success was very simple: on the presentations, each (or rather, each) was getting a little free sample - a little powder, a little lipstick and so on, and penetrates to the Estee Lauder gratitude, and its products - confidence.Then demand appeared, in the end, ensured the inventor of this advertising know-how of the global name and fabulous profits.

Lauder travels to resorts.In Miami, it knows in person and on behalf of every worker and every manager of the local hotels.It suits in the spacious halls of the presentation of their creams, sells them his own doing makeup, whenever providing clients as much personal attention as possible.Almost all met personally.In the winter she visited clients at home, where in between playing bridge does make their girlfriends.Soon Estee Lauder enters the lists welcome guests almost all known ladies of New York.

In December 1942 Este spends all day in a small cafe: there she discusses with her husband prospects of the new family business.She has needed help of an experienced and reliable man - the husband approached for this role as well as possible.Areas were divided as follows: Este engaged in marketing, Joseph is responsible for finances.

they do first yourself and released only four products for skin care (cream for problem skin, Cleansing Oil, rich multi-purpose cream, nourishing lotion) and several species of decorative cosmetics (face powder, turquoise eye shadow, bright redlipstick).It was the first complete line of Estee Lauder cosmetics.Soon she developed for this particular line of greenish-blue packaging.Color, known as the "Lauder blyuyu" perfectly in harmony with the interior of any bathroom.

Estee Lauder insisted: big business there are no trifles.She watched every penny, eating in cafeterias, use public transport.She noticed that many women buy cosmetics in between times, along with other goods.And she began to open their corporate offices in the prestigious and fashionable shops, where they sold expensive clothes and accessories.Este personally selected and trained salespeople.Workers at each new department took her a week's training - she did not want to lose customers because of the sellers, who all day hanging on the phone or pointless spinning the mirror.They should be friendly and attractive.They should not only talk in detail about each product, but also to show all of its features by example.

In 1953, Lauder invested $ 50 thousand. In samples that are sent free of charge by mail.The result - thousands of new customers.But despite the success, the money for a real laboratory lacked.Creams are still produced in the kitchen.However, not at home, but in a rented corner of a huge kitchen of a restaurant in Manhattan.She and her husband was ground dried herbs into powder, mixed them with oil, sterilized jars with boiling water, tied bows on packages.Everything was done by hand.The chef was fascinated by the blond Este.Cute fat man did not realize that cherished in his kitchen ancestress future empire.

There, in Manhattan, Estee Lauder and prepared the first large consignment - by order "Sax" a huge store on Fifth Avenue, which has many branches in other cities.So about Estee Lauder learned outside of New York City - she began to receive orders from stores across the country.By the early '50s Este opened its offices across the United States in the prestigious shops "Field Marshal", "I.Magnin "," Neiman Marcus "and" Bonwit Teller. "The opening of a new department in the "Neiman-Marcus," the first day of 1954 was accompanied by the launch of the first slogan of the company.Under pleasant musical accompaniment voice Estee Lauder offered to "begin the new year with a new face."America was finally conquered.It remains to conquer Europe.

The hardest thing was to conquer the European market with its strong perfume traditions and well-known brands.However, Estee Lauder happened.She just came in one of the most famous Parisian stores of cosmetics, "Lafayette" and slammed the floor with a large bottle of their new perfume.After a few seconds at the perfume department began to spread a wonderful fragrance.Initially stunned buyers only looked at each other, but after a few minutes hooligan could not fend off the questions: "Yes, this is my new perfume - a beaming smile, repeating ona.- This Youth Dew, and my name is Estee Lauder.You've never heard my name? ยป

course, here her name nobody had ever heard.And she knew it - in good old Europe, suspicious of everything American.But not for long - she said.The main thing to remember the name, and this wonderful aroma.For she had come to Paris to break up in the most famous department store bottle with their latest and, as she thought the best spirits in the world.

Before you break a bottle of perfume in the "Galeries Lafayette", Lauder has carefully studied the habits of the European public.Feminism, the democratization of views emerging cult of youth, gaining momentum high fashion - all it had to work for her.Its bold, almost avant-garde action in the perfume department attracted the attention of journalists.On what she hoped - Lauder gives interviews to fashion magazines.

In the late 60s she creates and cosmetics for men - the collection "Aramis" (if a woman can wear a man's suit, why a man can not use a cream ?!).French, followed by Germans and Englishmen appreciate the novelty.

The 70th Lauder instantly responds to the European off "green" movement and creates a collection of "Clinic" - the first complete line of cosmetics, oriented to reduce allergic skin reactions.It is more than 100 cosmetic products for all occasions - from wrinkles, bruises under his eyes, on skin irritations.Later, the largest specialist in the field of cosmetology Lawrence Appel found that the cream Swiss Age Controlling Lotion and Night Repair, stimulating cell repair, is really the best of what there is in this class cosmetics.The European public is also noticed - cream and lotion are ahead in terms of sales for other products for skin care.Success was deafening.

sports, classic, exotic flavors - for all tastes.Elegant men's colognes gamma.Lauder arranges balls, dinners, parties, cocktails, which comes up with enticing name of "Rich and Famous".Noisy gatherings with the indispensable participation of journalists held in her home in Manhattan, in a villa in St.Jean Cap Ferrat in southern France, in an elegant London apartment, in a house in Palm Beach in Florida.

Press operates without misfires: "The most beautiful men in New York praised the new collection of Estee Lauder", "The First Lady of New York very fond of the new fragrance Estee Lauder."A further award was the first place in the competition, a growing success.And Europe has recognized that the American Estee Lauder really knows how to make perfume.

Today empire Estee Lauder described dry figures.In 1998, revenue amounted to $ 3.618 billion network of 30 thousand beauty salons, bearing her name, and an untold number of branded divisions spread across the globe -.. Who the Estee Lauder, known in more than 100 countries.Her company employs more than 15 thousand. Man.The numbers can also try to express and the main achievement Lauder - in the field of advertising.Enough to give 1 milligram of spirits or 2 grams of cream, then to buy liters of spirits, and creams - pounds.

Now the world headquarters of the Estee Lauder Cos.It located on the floor of 40m General Motors in Manhattan.Here the world is very big business combined with the world of Estee Lauder - collected, refined, the dream of every office business woman.Estee Lauder Cosmetics today is the "parent" company for more than 17 brands.

Estee Lauder died on Saturday, April 24, 2004, at his home in New York.