Kirillovna Alexander Vorontsov - Dashkov

February 1841 ... Mardi Gras.What a darling balls on Oil in St. Petersburg!Count Ivan Illarionovich Vorontsov-Dashkov gives the ball a great special: like a diamond shining in the middle of his beautiful wife, the first "socialite" capital ...

Here and memories of those who visited the Ball: "Today - Shrovetide Sunday - folle journee (crazy day - fr.) is celebrated for the first time in t.Vorontsov.200 ranks in an hour, and, after breakfast, they immediately will dance and then will have lunch and in the evening at 8 o'clock in the reinforcements to him Bells of another 400 people who are expected, however, only dancing, cards and dessert, dinner will not be asand other houses before the day it did not happen. "

And then another addition: "At yesterday's evening ball Vorontsov was a big surprise for the public and for the owners themselves - is the appearance of the Empress, which is full this winter was not any one particular ball.She arrived at 9 am, and leaving at 11, I left her still there.Howeve

r, it was only a spectator, but not a party to dance.The Emperor came with it.Both Grand Dukes were in the evening and the morning. "

Suddenly august personages seen in a whirlwind of dance Lermontov.Ball became fatal for him ... of the royal family were decidedly unhappy, some of them made several attempts to approach him, but he apparently escaped in a whirlwind of music and dance with the lady of the house.Count Sologub, I saw it, caught Lermontov and whispered in his ear, so he quietly left the ball for fear that it would be arrested.The owner passed, thrown, "Do not arrest me!" Yet Kirillovna Alexander was forced to take him through the inner chambers, and the poet fooling around and do not let the beauty ... But "it was considered extremely daring and indecent, that the officerdisgraced, serving his sentence, dared to come to the ball, which included members of the royal family.Besides, it seems, only arrived on the eve of the poet did not have time to come "to the authorities" to all who should ... ".

Alexander Kirillovna poet had a weakness.Back in 1840, he published in "Notes of the Fatherland," a poem about it, "the portrait of»:

How kinky boy, playful, festive, like a butterfly in summer Value Empty words in the mouth of it full of greetings.She likes long time can not be: As the chain, she was unbearable habit, it escapes, like a snake, and Porhnet umchitsya like a bird.Tait young foreheads By the will - and the joy and sorrow.In the eyes - how to light the sky in her soul as dark as the sea!That true breathes it all, it's all there in pretense and false!Understand it is impossible, but it is impossible not to love.

Portrait of beauty was truly luxurious.About it said the poet and distant relative of the MNLonginov "I hung a framed one of the rare instances that already now the lithography obtained from the original hands, courtesy of the secular women of that time."

Kirillovna Alexandra, nee Naryshkin, really had an easy character and good nature, while maintaining a eternal mystery.Charming and mysterious was her appearance: average height, brunette with expressive dark eyes are almond-shaped slightly slanted Mongol-like and slightly oriental style was on her face.And while wasp waist and graceful movements.

«Lady Fashion", however, was boyishly mischievous.Contemporaries remembered that he had never in any woman could not find such a connection of good taste, elegance, grace with a genuine gaiety, liveliness, almost boyish mischievous.Everything about her was boiling and sparkling eyes shone, and she was a rush and a surprise.

About her all the time telling some stories: that she tore from his diamond necklace to help women in need, then sent back to the daughter of the Emperor's play, which she had deigned to send unaccompanied invitation.Later in Paris, she has spared no jokes about Louis Napoleon, all of them passed from mouth to mouth, and irritated by the future emperor at the ball in his palace with a hint of cold and asked her how long she intends to stay in Paris.And then he got the calling answer: "And you yourself, Mr President, for a long time are going to stay here»

In his memoirs, the main gossip era defined type "socialite" in connection with it: "The St. Petersburg society, a society in imitation of Parisfor the first time when there were lions, or the so-called upper class ladies, distinguished in the light of his or luxury, or position, or your mind, or beauty, or, finally, all of this collectively, and most importantly, lots of their fans ...

Fromthese ladies Vorontsova-Dashkova over all deserve the name of a lioness, if it is understood in the broadest sense, which gave him time French society.She had no rivals.The dances at balls, which she loved, she was especially charming ... Her beauty was not a classic, because her features, strictly speaking, were not correct, but it was something indescribable, that the most like aclassic beauty.

thing that impresses in it, especially all those who knew her: it is its simplicity and ease of ... If we add to the characterization of the Countess that she had a rare wit and ingenuity, it is clear is that it rightfully occupies first place among young women in St. Petersburgsociety, and this right from her no one disputed.I was presented to her on the big ball at the Austrian ambassador my friend, one of the most zealous of her fans, Stolypin (for some reason nicknamed Mongo in society.) - A young man of rare beauty "

She had a sensitive heart, hidden behind the shell "secular butterfly."On the day of the duel Pushkin, who was often at their house and liked to come to him on the balls, she, riding, first met Pushkin, who was riding on the island with Danzas, then - on their way to the same Dantes with d'Archiac.The heart of the scent of a terrible, if someone suggested - it is no accident, misfortune be.Alexander Kirillovna rushed home.What to do?Where to send?Who warned, lest the fight?"Arriving home, she spoke in frustration that Pushkin was certainly a misfortune."Heart Veshchunov.She ran to ask her husband to do something.He abruptly told her that she was too young to understand the issues in the male honor.

Fate seemed always drove her poets - Pushkin at first, then Lermontov.For Pushkin, she was a little girl, when Lermontov wrote a poem for her portrait - she turned 22. Another writer, V. Sologub, at the time of her secular success, wrote: "A lot has happened to me to meet women in my lifetime is much more beautiful, perhaps,even more clever, though the Countess Vorontsova-Dashkova differed extraordinary wit, but I never met any of them, such a compound of good taste, elegance, grace with a genuine gaiety, liveliness, almost boyish mischievous.Living Key beat in her life and to revive all of its surroundings ... Many women have tried to imitate it, but none of them could not seem to be what she was in reality. "

in love with her was Stolypin, a relative of Lermontov and loyal friend, called him Mongo.He was a model of generosity and secular chivalrous spirit, besides the extraordinary handsome, whose appeal is proverbial.All the ladies of high society were crazy about him, and called the "Stolypin beautiful" and "favorite of women."

«The beauty of it, brave and, at the same time, wherein a sort of tenderness, would be named from the French« proverbiale »(fabulous, the proverbial - fr.).He was equally good and dashing pelisse, and a lambskin shako Nizhny Novgorod Dragoon, and finally, in the guise of a modern lion, which was pretty, but in the best sense of the word.The amazing beauty of the outer shell was worthy of his soul and heart.Call "Mongu-Stolypin" means for us people of the time, the same as to express the concept of embodied honor, nobility, pattern, infinite goodness, generosity and selfless readiness for the service by word and deed.He was not spoiled brilliantly from secular success, and he died is no longer young, but the same kind, all favorite "Mongo", and none of the lions did not hate him, despite the danger of rivalry.Say a bad word about him could not have anyone come to mind, and decided it would be for something monstrous. "

However, he was not handsome living room: "Cancel the courage of this man was beyond any suspicion.And so it was great respect for this courage and impeccable nobility Stolypin, that when he once refused to duel, which was called, no one in the officer's circle did not dare to speak reproachfully words, and the refusal, without any explanatory notes, was adopted and respectingthat, of course, could not take place in relation to the other person: such was the reputation of this man.Several times he entered military service and re-retirement (1842), and re-entered the service of the Crimean campaign ... Bravely fought at Sevastopol, and after the war he retired and then died in 1856 in Florence. "

Alexei Stolypin always defended Lermontov was his guardian angel, twice accompanied him to the Caucasus, protected from slander and evil enemies, translated into French, "Hero of Our Time", was as second in two duels of the poet, includingand tragic, closed his eyes dead friend, in general, have been faithful and loyal to him to the end.I believe that it was true, and his admiration for beauty.

Alexander and Alex - socialite and secular lion.Their relations were predetermined, but apparently flattered Sasha Mongo adoration and obedience, because even the observer novels Prince Vyazemsky wrote with regret that their relationship evolved over time "in a long porabotitelnuyu and disturbing communication".However, because it did not work out ...

Vorontsova-Dashkova after her husband's death to everyone's surprise in a year became the wife of a French doctor Baron de Puayi.It was a real, all-consuming love that comes to a woman of forty years.So unusual it was for the aristocrats of high society, rich and proud that this has generated a lot of different rumors and speculation in the community.

Especially because she had died six months after the wedding.We got some vague rumors that supposedly she died in poverty, that her husband was robbed, but she died in a hospital for the poor.These were passed on by word of mouth stories were so vivid that another poet Nikolai Nekrasov wrote the poem, a vivid picture of the life and sad "socialite" - "Princess»:

conquer the princess, the chain places.But the chain is not, obedient whim, Never fall in love, cast indifferent: She was someone else's happiness does not cost anything - and if lost, will double celebration!Heart if it was beating too quietly Ile circle it was unworthy of passion, only no one in the young summer Breast her love was not warmed.... And left alone memory: that with great taste .. Yes dressed in stanzas negligent Russian poet, inspired by her wonderful two verses ...

Alexandre Dumas, on the contrary, said that de Puayi dearly loved his wife and!She was devoted to her until the end of her life.It is known that de Puayi reading the French translation of the poem of Nekrasov and arrived in St. Petersburg on business, I wanted to bring the poet to a duel.Only through the intervention of friends Nekrasov duel did not take place.

We do not know exactly how, but we know that in Paris, ended his days "socialite" with a kind heart and a mysterious fate, which seemed a bright flash of light illuminated a few Russian poets ...