Astrid Lindgren

«Andersen of the day", "witch from Sweden" - so called Astrid Lindgren in her home country and abroad.Like the Danish writer, fabulous works Lindgren close to folk art, which is palpable in connection with the fantasy life of truth.A fabulous, magic born in the books Lindgren from the game, from the inventions of the child.

Children playing, always invent magical stories, imagine themselves heroes of the most extraordinary adventures.And came up with the children, their dreams live in fairy tales.For children from books Kid and Carlson, who lives on the roof, writes fun and mischievous friend of Carlson.Pippi Longstocking from the novel-tale princess fancies himself a Negro, and plays a strong, rich, well-liked girl.

Almost all his books Lindgren dedicated to children (only a few - to young people)."I did not write books for adults and I think that I will never do it," - stated emphatically Astrid.She, together taught children with books heroes that "If life is not out of habit, the whole life will be

a day!»

November 14, 1907 near the town of Vimmerby in eastern Småland, in a peasant family was born a girl, which is still in school years jokingly called"Selma Lagerlof our town Vimmerby".This girl was Astrid Lindgren.And it was called Selma Lagerlof because addicted in early childhood to the reading of books by Mark Twain, Andersen's fairy tales, Topelius and other writers, Lindgren herself invented tales and horror stories about robbers and war.

rich girl fantasy manifested in her school compositions, early attracted attention and earned her fame "Selma Lagerlof."It is important that the materials for their stories, just as for future works, Lindgren drew from the surrounding her life."All of our experiences and the game reflected in my books" - later wrote about himself, his sisters and brother Lindgren.And the reality of her childhood was fabulously wonderful and at the same time severe.

always remember it pictures of nature Småland.I remember and monuments of folk architecture, distinguishing the town Vimmerby.And yet the child is likely to have seen the future writer depicted in the story "The island Saltkroka" abandoned villages Småland, abandoned people.On peasant farm is played and the action of her books about Emil i Lönneberga, in a provincial town - books about the famous detective Calais Blomqvist ...

After school, Astrid Lindgren began working as a journalist in a local newspaper Wimmerby Tidningen.But two years later, leaving, for various reasons, a junior reporter, he left.Lindgren moved in 1926 in Stockholm, where he served for several years as a secretary in the office.But in the capital, it has retained a remarkable ability to combine a story with the truth in many composed by her fairy tales and stories.And the action of the majority of her books, including the novel-tale "Mio, my Mio!" And "Kid and Carlson", played in Stockholm.

Astrid married her boss and became the mother of two children, and later the grandmother of seven grandchildren.According to Astrid Lindgren's "Pippi Longstocking" (1945) came into being, first of all, thanks to his daughter Karin.In 1941, Karen became ill with pneumonia, and every night, Astrid told her bedtime stories sorts.One day the girl ordered the story of Pippi Longstocking - a name she invented right there on the course.

In 1952, Lindgren became a widow and has since lived alone in Stockholm.Summer in Furusunde writer spent on the banks of the endless blue sea, the archipelago among which "dared, - she said - not to describe before lived there for 30 years," in the book "On the island Saltkroka".When asked about what it tastes, the writer usually replied: "I love the solitude and love books.I love my job.I like the theater and the cinema.I love to travel and love to come back after the trip home ... and I also love children ... »

When the book about the Kid and Carlson was first translated into Russian, guys, the readers of one of the Moscow children's library, written by Astrid letter Lindgren that they, too,loved her heroes - "the world's best Karlsson" and the Kid, who knows so well to be friends."I received your letter - written by Astrid Lindgren, answering one girl - and believe me, he is very happy.I've never received a letter from Moscow ... In the summer I live in Furusunde, which is located in Stockholm's archipelago.My house is near the sea shore, and I see the ships that come to Finland, and from there to Russia near where you live.Now we have the moon is shining, I wonder if it shines with you?I am very glad you liked Carlson ... »

Many asked Astrid Lindgren write a sequel to" The Kid and Carlson ".Everyone wanted to know whether Carlson arrives when the kid comes back from her grandmother.That's what Lindgren said: "I eventually write a sequel, but it will not be soon, because first I have to write a lot of other books."Those who then corresponded with Astrid, have long grown up and have their children were able to read the continuation of the book.And many were able to and communicate directly with the writer.

Lindgren several trips to Moscow.In 1965, at the festival of children's films, among which was shown and the film "Baby Chёrven, Boatswain and Muzes", shot on her script.And in 1989 with the premiere of the play "The Brothers Lionheart", at the same time, in Russia, it was awarded the Gold Medal of the International Leo Tolstoy.

Astrid Lindgren wrote many other books for children, and was the author of several programs on Swedish television, wrote a number of scripts for film and theater.It is estimated that if the entire edition of books by Astrid Lindgren put in a vertical stack, it would be 175 times higher than the Eiffel Tower.But it is impossible to calculate how many generations of children will read, love and wait ... good, nice ...

Carlson for his funny, smart and good books she twice received the international award - the medal of the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.