Sea robber - Anne Bonny and Mary Read

Anne Bonny was born in 1690 in a small Irish town of Cork.She was the illegitimate daughter of a successful lawyer enough.When she was five, her father William Kormek with Anna went to America and settled in the British colonies in South Carolina, becoming a planter.Tam and Anna's childhood.

character of the girl was heavy.The case when it is in a fit of rage stabbed his servant.Only the authority of the father saved her from prison.In addition to the sixteen years it has clearly revealed a tendency to all sorts of adventures.And then one is not perfect for her father the day he learns that Anna is going to marry a sailor named James Bonny.Father indignation knew no bounds.But neither persuasion nor threats did not help - in secret wedding still took place.And shortly thereafter, the father of the bride Anna puts out the door, which she did not upset.

However, the newlyweds to live on something it was not.So they decide to go to the Bahamas in the new "capital" of pirates - New Providence.As you know,

not to catch fish.But to become a pirate, we must also find the right leader.And such a leader, in the end is.

His name was Jack Rekem nicknamed - "Calico Jack".She got it because of addiction to the bright clothes.This most famous Jack still that enjoyed great success with women.And his meeting with Anna was fatal.As soon as he saw her, Jack was kindled passion and, without hesitation, went on board the ship.The assault was a success - the defense surrendered quickly.

With her husband, too, the issue was solved quickly, though, as it is not exactly known.According to one version, Jack just bought his Anna, on the other - she just left him.Anyway, it officially remained lawful wife Bonnie.Soon

around Calico Jack and Anne has a team of several dozen people.Now was the right ship is needed.Here, Anna showed far female mind.Dressed in men's clothing, she disguised as a sailor, who wants to engage in the ship visited several ships in the port of Nassau (the capital of the Bahamas).The required ship was found.

And a few days later, at night, the Pirates made their way aboard the ship, capturing the team by surprise.Raising the sails, they came out into the open sea right under the muzzles of the guns of the fort, covering the entrance to the harbor.And in the afternoon on a captured sloop called the pirates "Dragon", the black flag was hoisted.Pirate odyssey began.

I must say that Anna did not admit comrades that it is not really a man.According to the laws of pirate women could not be on the ship.So she called herself "a sailor Andreas."However, the complexion is quite like a man: well-developed physically, she is perfectly able to use almost any kind of weapons, even heavy halberd, which only a very strong fighters could fight.In addition, Anna showed admirable courage when it came to blows.Plus, it has worked very well and the head.And drink rum "sailor Andreas" was really not against it.

This went on for several months.Then one day, "Dragon" took a small cargo ship.One of the team members asked to take it to the members of the pirate crew.Permission was granted.When you join the "brotherhood" sailor called himself Mack Reed.It would seem that there are special?In general, it seems to be nothing but a couple of months, Jack noticed that his "wife" paid sailor Reid much more attention than the other team members.

In Jack soul originated darkest suspicions.And once calling a sailor to himself, he demanded an explanation from him.What was the astonishment Calico Jack's, when it became clear that "the sailor Mac" too - not quite a man.And his name, or rather her, Mary Reed.So on the same ship it appeared just two women.

Born Mary in London.It is not known whether it was, as Anna, the illegitimate child or the father died shortly after her birth.Whatever it was, Mary was brought up only to his mother, who taught from an early age the daughter of a simple truth - in this world, it will have to rely only on herself.So education was entirely male.

At fifteen, Mary, disguised as a boy enters the warship cabin boy.Soon, however, she ran away from the ship and enlisted for military service in one of the French infantry regiments in Flanders.There she served for several years, took part in several battles, showing courage and bravery.In the army she married cavalry officer.The secret of your gender Mary, of course, had to reveal, and to military service in the time it was finished.

Soon, however, Mary's husband was killed in battle.And then she was again dressed in men's clothes, went to the regiment under a different name.But after a while she deserts and hires a sailor on a merchant ship going to the Antilles.There she sailed as a sailor on different ships until they meet with the ship Rekema Jack.

After this explanation, Jack, of course, relieved.Soon after one of the fights of the secret of Anne and Mary was discovered.But as both have proved to be the case, as the real filibusters, the team decided - so be it!However, the pirate community was extremely democratic in regard to religion, origin or race.Nominated could only possessing personal qualities, titles and money does not matter.In it lies one of the secrets of successful actions filibusters.

And for our heroes once again pulled severe pirated weekdays.Boarding and raids on the coast alternated with drunken orgies and debauchery.Short lived, as it should be to live the pirates' stolen, propyl - in prison, that is, into the sea. "

But then came the unlucky day November 2, 1720.On that day, instead of another "merchant", loaded with goods, sloop Rekema met most sworn enemy pirates - English royal frigate.Unlike the hulking galleons to leave him it was almost impossible, but the chances of winning the battle was also very small - ship of this type combines high maneuverability with great firepower.Plus frigate team were professional soldiers of high class.Therefore, after the first volley of a pirate ship lost speed and was boarded.

Anna and Mary fought desperately.Before they were caught, they managed to kill three of the attackers and wounding seven others.But the rest of the team had almost no resistance, relying on the mercy of royal justice.As it turned out, it is in vain.

Soon on arrival in Jamaica, the trial of pirates.While the royal justice was not pampered variety of sentences.No exception, and this Court.November 19th, 1720 All pirates, except Anne and Mary, were sentenced to death by hanging.When the judge, following the tradition, asked the accused whether they be called the reason for which they should leave the life, the two of them suddenly uttered another standard for judicial sentence: "Your Honour, we are asked for our womb."In other words - because of pregnancy.

fact that two pirates were women, for the court was completely unexpected.Even more surprising was the fact that both doctors confirmed the pregnancy.So Anna and Mary received reprieved.Before the execution

Jack Rekem achieved last meeting with Anna.However, she did not want to talk to him.Contemptuously spit in his face, she said: "If you had fought like a man, you would not be hanged like a dog!»

subsequent fate of Anna covered with darkness.It is known that in prison she gave birth to a child, but what happened to her after the birth - history is silent.Perhaps, she managed to escape, or to pay off, perhaps the sentence was carried out.Documents, alas, have not survived.

Mary Read less fortunate.Shortly after the birth, she died from a severe fever.Shortly before her death she said: "I am not afraid of the gallows.If the pirates are not threatened to loop all the cowards who on the banks robbed widows and orphans, have joined them, and an honest pirate fishing would cease to exist! »

Thus ended the story of the two most famous women pirates.Yes, they have proved that there is still one area where women can compete on equal terms with men.But is it good, really?Frankly, the special confidence in it ...