Yulia Yulia Zhadovskaya

July 1, 1824 in a family of large official Yaroslavl province Valerian Yulia Zhadovskaya daughter.When he saw the girl for the first time, her mother immediately lost consciousness, and the midwife, birth attendant, long and furiously baptized.The spectacle was clearly not for the faint-hearted - from the baby was missing his left hand and the right hand of five fingers managed to form only three.Here's a cripple and was on the white light Yulia Yulia Zhadovskaya.

Now we can only guess that was the reason that pregnancy does not develop normally.A young mother believed that it is God's punishment for the fact that she was married to Valerian (he already had a bride).Woman beheaded myself day and night, and it is not surprising that shortly illness brought her to the grave.

Father was too busy to deal with her daughter, especially because he was engaged in arranging private lives.And her daughter did not remind him of the unfortunate current marriage, he sent her to her grandmother in the Kostroma regi


I must say that the old landowner, too, is not very happy appearance in the house of cripples.Although a piece of bread granddaughter she reproached, but special attention is not paid to her - the girl was on her own ...

She learned to read and was very fond of this occupation.Then she tried to write letters and gradually mastered penmanship.When my grandmother got sick, Julia was sent to Kostroma to his mother's sister, who is not just loved literature, but she published her articles and poems.As the aunt niece paid enough attention, she became an idol for girls.Under its influence, and Julia herself began to write poetry.

Convinced that the niece sufficiently prepared for further study, aunt arranged for her in a private guest house.Here, of all things Julia fell in love with books and literature.An important role was played by her teacher - Peter Myronovych Perevlevsky.It was a very special young man.The son of a deacon, he initially followed his father - entered the seminary but, having studied for a year, I realized that it was not his path, and became a student of the Pedagogical Institute of Moscow University.

Julia somehow he liked immediately, and Peter began to give her attention.He picked up the literature that was read schoolgirl, discussed with her news book world, formed the aesthetic taste.They were detained and after school, and one teacher confessed disciple of love.This evening was the happiest in her life!After all, she loved him, too, for a long time ...

But these were the days when between the "titular councilor" and "the general's daughter" no marriage could not be.Valerian Yulia Zhadovskaya heard that Yulin choice - a former student of the seminary and not a gentleman, forbade her daughter to even think about marriage.Bathed in tears, she confessed to the beloved, that from now on and forever it will not affect neither the man's hand.It will remain faithful to him and will love him all his life, even from a distance.

Looking ahead, we note that Peter Perevlevsky made a brilliant career.He has written several books on syntax and grammar, and in July 1851 he was appointed associate professor of Imperial Alexandrovsky Lyceum.At the end of the same year and was determined by the Secretary of the Council of Lyceum.In addition, Peter Myronovych was the publisher of cheap books of Russian writers to their works can be found not only rich, but also ordinary people.

Undoubtedly - Yulia Yulia Zhadovskaya was his faithful friend and companion.And Peter went for his Yulechka constantly in the early years.She moved to his father in Yaroslavl, he was right there.The father took her to Moscow, and a week in the capital was also Perevlevsky.They have for a long time maintained correspondence, he continued to follow its aesthetic perfection, and often was the first reader of her poems.Whatever it may write in any poem, I felt a sharp pain.And because there was something pathetic in its nemudrenyh revelations.

sad picture!Thick cloud Sweeps of the barn Outside the village smoke.Unenviable area: Lean ground, Flat neighborhood Squeezed field.Everything as if in a fog, all as if asleep ... In the slender coat Peasant stands, shakes his head - Umolot bad, I think, wondering: How is something to be winter?So the whole life passes Hardly there, and death comes, with her end of the works.Communion patient Country pop, bring a pine coffin from neighbors, Otpoyut sadly ... And old mother for a long time over the grave will wail ...

And Yulia tried to portray itself.Unrequited love that was strangled in his prime, the inability to be with a man for whom "you can give everything!" Is not that sad because of the fact that life is arranged so unfair?

In something Yulia Zhadovskaya lucky.Her work is noted well-known publicist and writer Michael Pogodin, who willingly printed her poems in "Moskovityanin" magazine.She admired Nicholas Dob, one of the most prominent Russian writers of that era.But Vissarion Belinsky was not touched poems crippled young woman robbed of her even love, he did not share the general enthusiasm creative poet.And surprised that it all be in the same poem dedicated Brullov except puppy enthusiasm?

thou know, my friend, I saw Bryullova!When I remember, whether I was ready to cry, so a sense of sweet soul, my full trust, so the meeting with the genius she is shocked, I do not forget all his life a welcome this meeting, neither the workshop he nor inspirational speech.And I see the wonderful series of paintings Yes, he dreams and his thoughts - the lord.All images are available to him and obedient to all breathes, moves under the brush-giving.I'm in front of him stood in silent supplication; my tongue in vain sought speeches and words - I could only repeat: Brullov!Bryullov!

More - more.Attention was drawn to a certain paucity of words and rhymes, unpretentious design, simple story.However, the female half of the empire, these unpretentious verses enjoyed great success.Sometimes in poetry - the simpler, the better.

And then under the influence of "Petya" Julia began writing prose.Here she suffered all the same simple plot: unrequited love, broken dreams, maiden loyalty.In the story - an unhurried course, "sparsity", a kind of predictability ...

The older you get Valerian Yulia Zhadovskaya, the more he found clues and nagging for her daughter.whether he is proud that it has become known?If yes, then I tried not to show the form.In public, he did not give her daughter the descent.

longtime friend of the family, his personal doctor, an older widower with children, somehow could not resist: - "And you hunt, Julia Valerianovna such humiliation to endure?Marry me, yes and moved me ... ".But what about the girl's oath?Upon reflection, Julia decided to take this marriage.She really became easier.

But in 1866, suddenly died of her dear friend - went to the other world and her husband Peter Perevlevsky, four years later.Writing was not for anyone ...

A quintessential poetry Yulia Yulia Zhadovskaya could be the following poem written by her during the life of Peter Mironavich Perevlevskogo.

The brighter the noisy feast, fun conversation, But on my soul sad heavier stinging pain of heart disease, and the voice of the far left by other I distinctly heard ... Oh, pale and thin, I can see your image, exhausted by poverty!Among the satisfied individuals, amid the roar of jubilation He to me is with the seal of suffering left on it fruitless struggle with the enemy, poverty and samoyu fate!Perhaps, at this hour, when for dinner lush I was walking among the other my foot inaudible, you, hungry and weak, in desperation silent, Lying alone, in tears, in the attic of the deep, And I'm not able to help, and no power!And, full of longing deep and voiceless, I INI head, hearing nothing, under the yoke of the secret of my despondency among this windy, selfish aristocracy I was ready to sob awkward and out of place! ..

Valerianovna Yulia Yulia Zhadovskaya died August 9, 1883.Two years later came her four-volume works.That's the way life is - many poets begin to love after their death ...