Maria Savina

"You are very attractive and very intelligent - which is not always the same, - and to speak with you - orally or in writing - very nice" - confessed to Turgenev in one of his letters to M.G.Savinoy.The combination of intelligence, talent and beauty captivated many.However, no less attracted to Maria Gavrilovna its sociability, cheerfulness, ability to behave in society, coupled with the internal independence and dignity.But all this was given Savina is not easy, it was one of those who he creates himself, stubbornly and persistently sculpts his human form.

future prima Alexandrinka was born in a family of actors, but actors pale, untalented, who chose his craft by accident, not by his heart.With parents, she felt lonely, unloved and useless.Her father, Gabriel Nikolaevich Podramentsov as a teacher of calligraphy and drawing, captivated by the easy success that had in amateur theatricals.Throwing gymnasium and changing the name to the more sonorous - Stremlyanov, he decided to storm the stage scaffoldi

ng.His example was followed and his wife - Maria Petrovna, and not having to cast a craft or special aptitudes or abilities.The family, which had already two daughters, moved from Kamenetz-Podolsk in Odessa.

maternal love Mary did not know."In addition to slapping, abuse, accusations of doing nothing, I have nothing of her be seen, and every year has been worse," - later recalled Savina.Therefore, it is probably not very upset that the parents she talked very little.In eight years, the girl was sent to a private boarding school, and then in a boarding school girls' school and at home, it appeared only on Sundays.

From about the same age Maria learned theater, and not just as a spectator.She appeared on the scene a little Esmeralda, portrayed girls and boys, she sang songs.And once Masha Stremlyanova even earned the right to their own benefit.

However, its first successes were short-lived.In the mid 60's in search of fortune family moved from place to place: from Odessa to Kiev, from Kiev to Smolensk.But, in the end, the parents separated, my father took Masha, leaving his wife the younger daughter Elena.

Maria at this time on the stage is not performed - clumsiness and awkwardness of adolescence appearance it terribly oppressed."As you know, thirteen most ungrateful age. I was very thin and terribly dark, narrow shoulders, long arms, short-cropped blond hair, irregular features, his feet in the big (growth) shoes, ugly stitched on the fashion dress (always cottonand, therefore, and crumpled), long gooseneck and fingers in the ink's my portrait, -. remembered the actress -. even her eyes rescues, but they looked always so frightened or too shone, and the proteins were (and remain) blue,what nurse called me a gypsy and his mother cub. Up to fifteen years, I was sure that like me there is no monster in the world, and the immediate (ever) on the stage and had no thoughts. "

But everything flows, everything changes: from the angular teen Masha Stremlyanova turned into an attractive coquettish girl, have already begun to realize the charm and feel the craving for a scene.Study it ended still in Odessa, and she spent her time between theater and reading books.Father still wandered, fumbling with a daughter, who was torn to play more insistently.

Finally, due to the absence of one of the actresses in wandering troupes, she began to give the role.And in fifteen years in Minsk Masha got her first engagement.Formally, it is already considered to be an actress, but who she was to study acting?The mother and father, clearly overestimated its capabilities in the theater field, or in rare visiting guest performers?And Maria Gavrilovna herself begins to build their lives.

Striving for autonomy and independence, it goes from father to Smolensk, and then enters the mother's protection Kharkov entreprise Dyukova.She has experienced a lot: the humiliating position of a chorus girl, a feeling of powerlessness and helplessness in a strange city, poverty and loneliness, have pushed it to an early failed marriage.

At sixteen, Mary goes to actor Nicholas Slavici, the stage Savina.At some backroom intrigue, he took it away, and the girl was alone among hostile to her people took this action as a sign of high feelings, as a man with a dubious reputation - for the noble knight and protector.Alas, it was waiting for a rude awakening.

SLAVICH really had a military bearing and good manners, left over from a past life.He was a nobleman and served as first officer in the Navy, but lost a large sum of public money, was convicted, stripped of rank and expelled from the service.Lost everything, cursed his father, he decided that the youth and expressive appearance - the goods which are the easiest to sell on the stage.And SLAVICH not mistaken - took him to the theater, but the whole game is built on the actor's newfound most primitive stamps.

young wife had opened in her husband more and more "dignity".After their move from Kharkov in Kaluga it without changing old habits, I spent time over wine and cards.And to strengthen their own position in society encouraged courting wealthy admirers for his young wife, who irritated his naivety and inexperience.

to family scandals and lack of money to add another.Having the opportunity to play, seventeen Savina work wear: afternoon rehearsing at night teaching role and alter the costumes.But the money is still not enough.Arriving in Nizhny Novgorod during the fair, it takes on casual work in the theater.But this happens to be a turning point in her life.At the young actress he drew attention to one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the time P.M.Medvedev and invites her to his troupe.Nobody famous actress like pull the winning ticket, once in a truly creative atmosphere, which did not dare even to dream.

During the time spent in the company of Medvedev, she not only played a lot, but had the opportunity to learn a lot.Thanks P.M.Medvedevu A.I.Shubert and her natural talent as if entered in the right direction.And, of course, perseverance, diligence Savina also gave its fruits.She meekly withstood the frantic pace of life provincial troupe, playing for five years in Kazan, Saratov and Orel hundred and fifty roles.

Its success has not been easy and casual, the young actress has achieved thanks to its iron discipline and daily work.But at the same time on the stage looked so close and organic that it even later compared with the winged goddess of vaudeville - Barbara Asenkova."Behind the scenes of old men, contemporaries Asenkova, my name is Varya, assuring that in all remind her; Levkeeva dying blessed me her portrait, why the memory of this great Vare I became even more expensive," - wrote later Maria Gavrilovna.In the meantime, the first success gave her the confidence and freedom.

She easily went from dramatic roles to amusing divertissement and parodies, and the audience were delighted by her energy and youthful energy."Modest, quiet, but with a sly little eyes, with a ringing melodious voice, all graceful, fragile, she was charming in operetta and comedy", - said the actor V.N.Davydov.

tasted the sweetness of triumph, the young favorite of the public will never want to lose it.By the independence and autonomy added a significant share of vanity, the constant desire to be first, always and everywhere.And this, perhaps, not the most positive quality, however, will help to achieve the desired constant Savina and in life and on stage.

But is it a heightened sense of self-esteem injured by family problems, which it is burdened more and more.Not only that, in the company barely tolerate her incompetent, swaggering and lazy husband, he still manages to quarrel with his wife as she respected Medvedev.In the end, the wife kicked out of the theater, and with him had to leave and Savina.

In 1873 they went to Saratov, where it was received with joy, and it - on request.Finally Maria Gavrilovna and patience snapped: finally broke with her husband, the first time she felt truly free and ... happy.Savin becomes the mistress of the Saratov Theater, undivided premershey.

first actress of the troupe is subject to a great deal: in her repertoire appear Sofia and Lisa in "Woe from Wit", Maria Antonovna in the "Inspector", Polina in "plum".Offstage too, the young artist throughout desirable, because it is sociable, charming, elegant and witty.It attracts high society, she loves balls and charity nights, always concerned about their toilets, and does not shy away fans, whose number keeps growing and growing.Savin drawn to luxury and splendor ...

Saratov finished the first season, Maria Gavrilovna went to St. Petersburg.In March 1874 she played several roles in the Noble Meeting, which were seen the press and, more importantly, an actor Alexandrinsky Theatre A.A.Nilskim who organized her debut at the Alexandrinsky.The troupe also took debutante unfriendly - one extra competitors and never encouraging.

success of the new actress grew quickly: it took the audience about it in newspapers, she even won the approval of the Crown Prince heir.As a result, August 16, 1874 with Savina contract was signed, and since then it has forty years did not part with the Alexandrinsky scene.

With each new role actress increasingly asserted itself, bringing their game that managed, despite his youth, to experience the reality."Scene - my life" - these words are often repeated actress began her original motto.Yet for Savina work was not completely fanatical service, as, for example, or for Strepetova Yermolova.

It was by no means a recluse, was well aware of the power of their charm, intelligence, beauty, and love to conquer and captivate not only on stage, but in life.And wishing to be fascinated, of course, lacked the capital and St. Petersburg.But too insistent suitors usually had to deal with recalcitrance and willfulness independent beauty.Immolation and patrons, colleagues quickly realized that a number of them are no longer timid debutante and a strong personality to be reckoned with.

Subject formation will be the main female character in the scenic works of the actress.Turning point after numerous vaudeville was the role of Helena in the play N.Potehina "One Day".It builds on the success of its game in the "tinsel" A.Potehina chosen actress for her first benefice January 7, 1874.Since then, the detractors and opponents had to finally come to terms with the situation Savina as the first artist of the Alexandrinsky company.

Savina meanwhile has already felt the downside of success.Management fees for raising occupied darling of the public prohibitively much.Two years after the debut of actress Alexandrinsky body he could no longer withstand incredible loads, and one day she fainted right in the action.SPBotkin doctor who found her severe nervous disorder, kidney disease, and the initial stage of asthma recommend to go to Italy.Taking the six-month vacation, Savina went to Florence.

very complicated her life divorce case, which dragged on unbearably.Becoming, finally, finally free from the shackles of married, Savin wanted to mingle in society, but the Upper Light took her with enough arrogance.But the circle of Petersburg intelligentsia accepted unconditionally as their own.Among Maria Gavrilovna's friends were artists, doctors, lawyers, and journalists.She constantly talked and corresponded with writers: Turgenev, Ivan Goncharov, Ya.P.Polonskim, A.N.Maykovym, V.V.Stasovym ...

Savina was thin and sensitive interlocutor withgratefully drew in dealing with these outstanding people missing her knowledge."My university - my friends" - liked to repeat an actress.But she herself, with diligence and inherent curiosity, read a lot, got acquainted with the artistic novelties mastered the French language.All accumulated Savina brought to the stage.

And of course, a very special place in the biography of Savina takes her meeting with Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev.In 1879, busy looking for pieces for his benefit, Maria Gavrilovna accidentally stopped at the "Month in the Country" .Novy frenetic applause turned into a stream at the end of the play in a storm of national enthusiasm - and the glory daze, generally friendly clique unexpectedly merged twoexpensive for native art name:. Turgenev, Savina "

names of these still sound together and biographical books and performances devoted to the history of the two famous people author was fascinated at first glance, the actress will always remain in the memory day of them.first meeting.

the last four years of Turgenev's life were lit pathetically anxious and sadly hopeless feeling to Savina. He came to her performances, she was read his works. They walked around St. Petersburg, met in Paris, wandering along the shady alleys of the Savior. "in a largeleather armchair (his mother), Ivan Sergeyevich was sitting, and at his feet, on the same bench, I sat and listened to (happy!) "Poems in prose" ... "- recalls Maria Gavrilovna.

Savina perfectly understood the feelings felt for her a great writer, to whom she reverence, and therefore blamed herself for having unwittingly stir his soul, not being able to respond in kind.What Turgenev responded sad joke: "You have just needlessly blamed himself, calling me" my sin "Alas I they never will.".

However, poetic relationship with Turgenev did not rule entirely earthly love in Savina Nikita Nikitich Vsevolozhsk - Life brilliant guardsman, adjutant of one of the grand dukes.Their complicated affair lasted about five years, accompanied by numerous secular gossip.

even greater criticism caused their marriage made in 1882 - it Vsevolozhsky had to resign, for which he will always blame Savin.However, to leave the stage, as demanded by her husband, Maria Gavrilovna could not even for financial reasons: all the debts left by his riotous life sprees, women, cards and bounds, now became their common debts.

long now deducted from her salary, while the family life became unbearable."You have to treat their dogs better than me - wrote Savina husband -. For God's sake, spare me the humiliation You're free, do what you want and forget about my existence.".They parted, but before Vsevolozhsk demanded from his wife false document stating that he paid her debts and surrounded the luxury - all this gave rise to the humiliating gossip and rumors.

collect will in a fist, Savina tries to forget about everyday catastrophe plunged into work.She plays in the plays "Chad Life" Markevich and "Tatyana Repina" Suvorin.In the 90 years she has a lot of successful plays in plays by Ostrovsky: Eulalia in "slaves," Vasilisa Melentyeva in the same play, in Parasha "warm heart", Lebjadkin in "Late Love", Seraphim in "Do not get along"Vera Filippovna in" The heart is not a stone. "

In 1903 again is a favorite Turgenev woman - Natalia Petrovna in "A Month in the Country".But Anton Chekhov actress is not a fan: abandons the role of Nina Zarechnaya in "The Seagull" and agrees only on Sasha and Sarah in "Ivanov".Nina also played Komissarzhevskaya Vera Savina which saw a dangerous rival, although the authority and leadership of the first actress were still so strong that she had nothing to fear.

Yet to start to take their mid-1900 years.The transition to the role of age to her, accustomed to shine and charm, is not easy.Once again, the Savina has to overcome, but not the circumstances and its own internal resistance.

She manages to overcome this threshold, however, even playing Mrs. Warren in George Bernard Shaw's play, Ekaterina Pavlovna in "slave" or Gnedich Karenina in Tolstoy's "Living Corpse," she looks too youthful.Life Savina though not boiling at this time, as before, but not in place, it just seems to be more calm and stable.

In 1910, the actress becomes a common-law wife of a rich man, chairman of the Society of Russian shipping company Evgrafovich Anatoly Molchanov.In addition to the theater Savina continues to work in the first socio-professional actors union, the initiator of which was herself.On the basis of Russian Theatrical Society was founded in 1894 (now the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation).

Maria Gavrilovna escaped the fate of those actresses, creative life ending much earlier than the end of physical life.