Sarah Bernhardt

Cara Bernard won the widest recognition and worldwide fame as a great stage actress.Her performance on the stage was brilliant, viewers are deified, critics have written about her rave reviews and poets dedicated poems to her.

Sarah was the daughter of the beautiful unmarried courtesan.His mother almost did not pay her any attention.Sara grew up a sickly child, she suffered from childhood tuberculosis, and doctors predicted that she would live long.

In 16 years, the girl wanted to become a nun.The then her mother's lover, Count de Morny, half-brother of Napoleon III, and decided, however, that because Sarah can get a good actress.He used his influence at the court and at first gave Sarah the Conservatory - acting school of the French government, and two years later helped her get into the famous theater "Comédie Française".She was forced to leave the theater in 1863, after a fit of anger hit another actress.

emotionally unpredictable, extremely thin, with a mop of unruly curly hair, Sarah has made a

resounding success of the first in the theater "Odeon", playing a major role in one of the plays of Alexander Dumas.Each new role Sarah go well, "perfectly polished skeleton," as it was called detractors, better than the previous.She gained recognition and fame, and in 1880 established his own theater group and began to travel around the world with their own theatrical productions.

Despite its ever increasing glory, Sara and could not get rid of the fear of each output on stage.In each performance she invested all of herself without reserve.Her nervous excitement was always so great that sometimes at the end of performances after the closing curtain Sarah fainted.

Until the end of his life, Sarah was never able to recover from tuberculosis, which suffered from an early age.From time to time it had fits, and then she coughed blood.But, despite its fragility, Sarah was extremely strong-willed.It is very little of time to sleep, a lot of work.They said that it would be enough energy for ten.Even after 1915 she had a leg amputated, she continued to work and act almost until his last days.Sarah Bernhardt died in March 1923 at the age of 78 at his home in Paris.

Contemporaries claimed that Sarah in his life have been thousands of love affairs.The very "Divine Sarah" once said: - "I was one of the greatest lovers of his age."Sarah's mother, incidentally, is expected to make her a courtesan, but independent girl refused this role, calling it "a very profitable form of work."

first affair was with the 18-year-old Sarah with Count de Keratri, but the first man who really won her heart, became Prince Henri de Ligne.In 20-year-old Sarah from Arnie he was born the son of Maurice, who until the end of her life, she gave all her love.

first and only time she married in 1882 for Jacques Aristides lady, the Greek diplomat, who was younger than her by 11 years.Aristides, whom contemporaries described as something in between Casanova and the Marquis de Sade, openly flaunted his infidelities and got great satisfaction if he could humiliate Sara publicly.They divorced after a few months, but in the last months of his life, Sarah carefully took care of his dying of morphine and cocaine.Aristides died in 1889.

Eccentricity Sarah was widely known.One of its many quirks was widely advertised coffin of rosewood, who accompanied her on all trips.As the doctors said that even at a young age, Sarah was soon to die, the girl persuaded her mother to buy the coffin, to avoid being put in the event of death "in some freak of nature."Sometimes Sarah slept in the coffin, and it was repeatedly photographed in it.

Shortly before the First World War, the writer Octave Mirbeau asked Sarah Bernhardt when she was going to stop loving.She said: - "When I stop to breathe I hope that I will continue to live as always lived my source of energy and vitality lies in their complete subjection to my woman's fate..."