Feng Shui and indoor plants

The apartments are now a lot of houseplants.Some housewives simply fall in love with flowers, greenery filling all windows and balcony.Other flowers somehow dry, get sick, they do not grow.The idea that the flowers feel the mood of the hosts and react to the situation at home is not new and, as studies show, is justified.

Plants - amazing creatures, and every person they have special relations develop.They feel when they love and enjoy it, or wither and fade - just like home.Plants in an apartment not only improve the energy space, but also create additional energy.

Potted plants - a sort of nature in miniature, they symbolize the prosperity and health.On .rasteniya window filtered the bad energy, at the head of the bed to improve the state of sleep, in the corner of the room - do not allow energy to stagnate.

must not only keep in the house sick or dead flowers and trees.If your house has artificial plants - watch for their cleanliness and timely change faded or damaged items.

melancholic and phleg

matic be settled down in her apartment plant, blooming bright - red, orange, yellow flowers.Choleric and sanguine more appropriate flowers bluish, violet, white tones and soft greens.Violets, tea roses, chrysanthemums - calm discourage the desire to "pull the dogs."

tsiperus, dieffenbachia, philodendron normalize humidity, soften it.They are well placed in the kitchen.

Just lazy, regardless of temperament, it is better to breed aloe, cacti and ornamental palms.Cacti are good in that, along with extreme unpretentiousness have a strong energy, and they are able to pick up a heavy negative energy.

Ficus has always been one of the most favorite houseplants, and not without reason.It is perfectly quenches aggressiveness and anger, creates a favorable atmosphere in the house and promotes harmony in relationships.

Most ficus compared with a vacuum cleaner, which cleans the space from the dust of our worries.In the recent past the ficus was a symbol of bourgeois life, but now more and more plants of this family are returning to homes.

Ficus love bright room, moderate watering and frequent spraying, especially when operating heating.Traditional healers are advised to have a ficus childless women who dream of a child.For a plant to care how the baby (so it is advisable to grow ficus itself or take it very young), talk to him, talk, sit, and we can hope for a miracle.Of course, provided that in addition to Ficus apartment periodically man appears capable of becoming a father, and women's health in order.

have geraniums powerful, positive energy.To recuperate after a hard day, it is recommended to sit next to the geraniums.But next to the bed or in a small bedroom, a geranium to put it is not necessary.If long inhale its essential oils, you can head ache.

Tradescantia - power indicator of well-being at home.Where the bad energy, it begins to turn yellow and lose leaves.Tradescantia Move to another place - and the plant will grow luxuriantly again.

And, of course, for the plants must be correctly and continuously care, sparing no effort and time, then they will respond to your concern and fill the house with joy and good humor!