Favorite flowers on your balcony

nice to have a summer residence, full of flowers, but unfortunately, the majority of women work, and areas falls on the weekend or during a vacation that you will agree, quite a bit.And not everyone has a villa ... And as you want to warm time of the year was filled with bright, rich colors bright colors!Let's try to grow flowers on the balcony or loggia?

Create small or large flower garden - it depends on the size of the balcony or on the ability to release him from any different "right" things, which often fill our balcony.

better to you, no one will decide that it will be for the flowers, and where they stand - in pots or grow in a hanging flower pots, or maybe you just have an open balcony or loggia, and you want to decorate it hinged boxes.There are many options, but one chooses and decides for himself.

What can be said about the colors of the flower terrace design?There are several common features - it is necessary to choose plants with shallow root system, timely watering and make a little b

it higher doses fertilizing.

Still it is necessary to protect the earthen room from overheating, it is especially important when the pots are all day in the sun.You can do this: put the flower pots in a box and fill the space between the pots and the walls of the box light expanded clay or peat.

To save water can be added to the land of the hydrogel, and zamulchirovat soil in peat pots, coconut substrate.

Plants in pots for good growth and flowering in need of regular care: watering, fertilizing, spraying, pruning excessive regrown shoots, removing the yellowed leaves and withered flowers head, loosening the soil, periodic examination for the early detection of pests and diseases.Spraying in the morning and evening is very refreshing plants and air, and water the better the settled water.

can alternate between fertilizing with mineral fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

very convenient to use for dressing room and balcony plants (and seedlings), liquid fertilizer, prepared on the basis of processing and concentration of vermicompost - a natural product of vital activity of earthworms with a full set of micro-and macro.It is recommended for root and foliar application, as well as for soaking seeds.Concentrated liquid fertilizer diluted with water and used according to instructions.

Still need to figure out which way to leave your balcony.On the sunny side, you can successfully grow annual flowers: marigold, alyssum, snapdragon, ageratum, petunia, aster, portulaca, salvia, verbena, tsinniyu, Nemesia, celosia, melkotsvetnye chrysanthemum, carnation, mignonette, phlox Drummond, dimorfoteku, mesembryanthemum, lobelia, kohiyu, Gazania, nasturtium, stocks, godetsiyu, undersized scented tobacco, dwarf dahlias.

Penumbra tolerate annuals: ageratum, balsam, lobelia, mimulyus, petunia, marigold, mignonette, nasturtium.Larger than the sun will be in the penumbra flowers viola.Well on this not too sunny balcony room will feel fuchsia, tuber Begonia, Impatiens Waller, begonia blossom forever, ivy, Tradescantia, pelargonium.

If you want to not only color, but also something useful, tasty, you can remember and all spicy and healthy grass.On a warm and bright, the balcony if you wish, you can grow herbs: parsley, basil, onion, chives (chives), marjoram, rosemary, sage, coriander, mint.

Feel free to experiment - create floral arrangements for your taste and discretion, accumulate experience.

If you grow basket plant in hanging baskets or pots (petunia, lobelia, tuberous begonia, turnbergiyu, pelargonium plyuschelistnuyu, fuchsia, nasturtium, etc.), Use light drainage and soil to minimize weight and provide structural strength fasteners, and of course,think about yourself!

necessary to plan everything so that you are comfortable to care for flowers, levitation yet somehow we are not subservient, but bruises and bumps - a frequent phenomenon.Yes, and if watered, not seeing where lesh, it is often necessary to wash the floors that you will agree, a special joy brings.

glazed balcony or loggia significantly improves the conditions of detention of plants, can significantly extend the growing periods, protecting them from both the spring and autumn frosts and the wind.

Of course, if there is a small balcony glazing standard "hruschobe", but still with shelves on the side walls, the magnificent garden with wicker furniture and flowers, and pine, both from specialized magazines on floriculture here, most likely, to receiveit'll be hard.

Even if you are able to land on the balcony at only a couple of all, even the most unpretentious flowers, still, every night, coming home from work to look mini tsvetnichok will improve your mood.And this is important - so it worked out perfectly!

experience and ability will come gradually, and if you wish, you can, of course, you can create even a tiny balcony of your own charming flower garden.

Do not be afraid to experiment, the only way to find the optimal solution, a little perseverance, imagination and on the balcony flowers bloom!