Caring for plants in the spring and summer .

Spring comes.If you are serious about plants, then you know that it is time to prepare them for the summer.From April to September the solar heating exceeds the consumption of heat, so often need to ventilate the room.

spring sun can bring harm to the plants in bright sunny days, it is better to temporarily rearrange in dark places.And from May to August, the room can be very cool, so it is recommended at this time ornamental plants put into the air.

in plants that are not ready to bloom, cut the old, the sick and the long stems at flowering - shrub form after flowering.

In March you can start transplanting houseplants, but experts do not recommend to transplant is well growing and flowering plants.Not recommended as a good-looking plants to transplant, it is better to do it next year.In such cases it is necessary to replace only the top layer of soil.

Young plants in small pots is necessary to repot 1 time per year, more adults or planted in tubs - every two years, but the use of fertilizers, in th

e second case, every 4 - 5 years.

What flower pots to choose?Now produced not only clay pots, but also plastics and propylene.Recent cheaper and easy to clean.If you are using a new clay pots, they should be soaked in water for 1 - 2 hours, so they soaked and did not take the water when watering.

If pots are used not for the first time, they should be disinfected in a special solution (eg, in a weak solution of copper sulphate) 1 - 2 hours, and the tubs are often used for transplanting plants, scalded with boiling water, and you must burn with a blowtorch.The pot should definitely make the drainage to the roots of plants under irrigation is not rotten.

Now select earthen mixture.For each plant, it is individual, and over it is best to consult with experts, or refer to the literature.Now the flower can be transplanted.

next stage of training - this is the correct watering.In spring and summer the plants need to be watered every day, but this should be done early in the morning or late at night, so that the water does not evaporate quickly from the surface of the soil.

It is necessary to take into account the weather conditions, if the day is hot and clear, then it is necessary to water more if dull - less.Water the flowers on the edge of the pot, the settled warm water, so that it does not impinge on the leaves, otherwise they may be sunburn.Just transplanted plants watered less frequently, flowering plants need abundant watering.

Now about spraying.It is especially important in the summer, as it increases the humidity indoors and helps to fight pests.Experts recommend to spray the leaves of plants, not only from above but from below.

summer we often open the balconies and windows, which can lead to dust the plants.At this time of year especially flowers should be kept clean.Leaves are best to wash with warm water and a soft cloth, it is desirable to do it once a week.

summer with vigorous growth and flowering plants, they need feeding.