Home flowers and your zodiac sign

you love flowers home and dream to turn his apartment into a greenhouse?Great!The benefits of indoor plants can not be overestimated, and grow from the leaf luxury flower - a pleasant experience.But not all flowers grow equally well, do not help the fertilizer, change places and transplanting.What's the matter?Maybe you have chosen the wrong colors?It is said that if you choose plants on a horoscope, they will grow easy on the eyes, and will never get sick!

turns out that each sign of the zodiac has its own plants, and what - see for yourself!

OWEN .We gardeners of this sign is always a good feeling: aloe, geranium, jasmine, asparagus, cacti, but with violets, roses and lilies he has more complicated.

TAURUS .In the flower garden in full flower lovers of diversity: well grow ivy, ferns, primroses, lilies, daffodils and roses.But the orchids in his house, most likely, will show its whimsical nature.

GEMINI .Their delight jasmine, violets, beautiful flowering begonias, gloxinia.But hyacinths and da

ffodils - not their flowers.

CANCER .Most of the flowers they take root well.Especially plants with thick, succulent leaves: Crassula, stonecrop, peperomiya.It is not recommended to plant only geraniums.

LEV .It is best to grow: boxwood, laurel, cypress spurge, decorative foliage begonias, aloes, geraniums, marigolds, chrysanthemums.Lilies, daffodils and orchids are unlikely to justify the time spent on them time.

VIRGO .People of this sign daffodils, lilies, amaryllis, clivia, haemanthus will blossom, one after another.Good grow vines.Begonias and fuchsia should not start - they require too much effort and attention.

SCALES .True friends florist this sign should be scented flowers: rhododendrons, roses, geranium and iris, cyclamen, primrose, saxifrage.Violets, cacti and azaleas grow best not to, they will not grow the same way as that of your friends.

SCORPIO .He was the most suitable rosemary, narcissus, jasmine, Proleski, euphorbias.But with roses and chrysanthemums messing around is not worth the effort does not give results.

SAGITTARIUS .Irises and daffodils is unlikely you will enjoy its beauty, but the azaleas and fuchsias will perfectly feel at your home.

CAPRICORN .Florist with this zodiac sign should start with primroses, violets, you can even take up the cultivation of potted roses.With the geraniums and cactuses better not to experiment.

AQUARIUS .It will be well grow geraniums, cacti, euphorbias, saxifrage, carnation, jasmine, orchid.On roses and lilies, perhaps the effort is not worth spending.

FISH .They cacti will feel great.In general, the choice of a fish - grow well almost all the flowers, especially moisture-loving.But to aloe, ivy should be treated with caution.

This data can be especially useful for novice gardeners who are still going to build your home garden.But what to do if the home flowers that you like so much and that you are going to settle in his home, not among the recommended?Dont be upset!If you really want to grow a particular plant, and you will not regret it time and effort, it is required to respond to your concern!