Plants for clean air in your home

The benefits of houseplants can talk endlessly.Home flowers not only create comfort in your home, as part of the interior, but with the help of house plants can reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the air of a city apartment.This is especially important for residents of large cities, which suffer from lack of clean air, especially in summer.

To air your apartment was fresh and clean, you need to find the right house plants.In this case, it is necessary to take into account the features of each of them.Each plant is useful in its own way, but all together they will be invaluable to your home.On some of them we will tell you today.


This plant with beautiful flowers perfect for your kitchen, bathroom and toilet, because azalea has a unique feature - it is better than all other plants absorb ammonia, which is found in dishwashing detergent and many other cleaninghousehold chemicals.


If you started repairs in the house, without chrysanthemums you can not do!Chrys

anthemum perfectly absorbs trichlorethylene - a substance found in paints and solvents.The freshly painted room should put it this flower.


This house plant is known to all.Ficus different varieties are often found in home flowers lovers.But few know that everyone's favorite ficus known above all as a great absorber of formaldehyde, the sources of which are home almost everywhere - in the insulating gaskets in wallpaper glue, almost all modern packaging materials, not differing environmental friendliness.Therefore, ficus is suitable for all types of premises.


This plant - simply unique!You should be aware that the modest Chlorophytum oblazali unique absorbent properties: it eliminates formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, making the air in your apartment more fresh and less allergenic.It also can be put in any place apartments.

Ivy Ivy

too often bred amateurs houseplants.It turns out that the ivy is best to cope with benzene - a solvent, often found in paints, inks and detergents.It can be placed in the kitchen and hallway.

Take care of clean air in your home.This is especially important if a family has small children or people who suffer from allergic diseases.