Proper fertilizing houseplants

Plants bring us not only benefits, but also joy.And so it is insulting and pathetic is when a sudden home flowers begin to grow poorly or hurt.For sure you will find many useful tips florists experts for home care of plants.These tips worth considering if you want to see their home colors are always beautiful.

for proper growth and development of domestic plants is important not only light, well-chosen soil and watering, and regular feeding minerals.When buying fertilizer for house plants need, first of all, pay attention to the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.If

contains more nitrogen fertilizer, it will facilitate the rise of the foliage.For flowering plants more suitable fertilizer high in phosphorus, which promotes buds tab.It is made about once a month.For the overall development of plants suitable for fertilizer with approximately equal amounts of all three elements.These fertilizers are fed according to the instructions, usually every 1-2 weeks.

Without proper nutrition the plant

can not be long enough to build up a beautiful aerial parts begin to hurt and eventually wither altogether.Therefore, they developed a lot of very different types of fertilizers and fertilizing, which are necessary for normal growth and development.Their composition is usually composed of three main components (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and a plurality of micro and macro.Optimal proportions of all of these materials are designed for different plants species.

use organic and mineral fertilizers for plant nutrition.But as in a residential use organic undesirable for various reasons, the most preferred is mineral fertilizers.

These fertilizers are balanced on the composition of the various elements of power are to dekorativnolistnyh for flowering houseplants.Applied to the soil of their very simple: it is necessary to dissolve the above instructions in the amount of fertilizer in an appropriate amount of water, stir and can be watered.Such feeding is easily and quickly absorbed by plants.The lack of them only in the fact that they are short-lived, and therefore they need to make on a regular basis throughout the growing season.

When fertilizing houseplants do not forget that

- before watering the plants with a solution of fertilizer, be sure to throw soil clean water to full saturation

- plants transplanted into fresh soil is not fertilized at least two months

- sick andweakened plants can be fed only very weak fertilizer solution, and it is better not to fertilize, because their roots are unable to absorb fertilizer and can suffer

- feeding is made only during the growing season (spring-summer), excluding them in the dormant period.